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Site Update! #12

Hello, my friends.  Despite the insanity going on within our world, I’m still going strong and giving you my thoughts upon the various forms of comic book-related media.  Before I delve into what I have planned for the rest of 2020, allow me to share my thoughts on the first half of this turbulent year.

From the strong need for equal rights stemming out from a tragic incident to a global pandemic engulfing the planet and forcing us to either reschedule, postpone or even straight-up cancel what we originally wanted to do, 2020 hasn’t exactly been a year worth cherishing.  Needless to say, the C-Cubed wasn’t resistant to these chaotic times.  If you look back at my previous update, then you can see how this plague has forced some major rescheduling after only two months into this particular year.  With the Coronavirus forcing a temporary shutdown of our movie theaters, thus causing “The New Mutants” and other major films to push back their release dates, my “Wonder Woman: Bloodlines” and “DC Showcase: Sgt. Rock” reviews were moved up by two months as a result.  Not only that, but I was originally going to make my “Superman: Red Son” review in time for July, yet that also got the two-month bump up as well.  Now that certain movies seem to have solidified themselves within particular time frames, things should be as they’re scheduled.  As such, let me finally get to what I plan on doing for the remainder of this chaotic year.

July will see me bring a respectful end to 20th Century Fox’s signature X-Men film series in time for their aforementioned final entry.  As such, the fight against a bigoted military official will see me unite the tie-in comics for the sophomore entry known as “X2”.

August shall bring about the dog days of Summer, as well as a time to celebrate a particular film franchise based upon an originally-created superhero.  With Sam Raimi’s unique creation ready to reach his 30th Anniversary, I’ll ring in the celebration by doing a retrospective look upon the numerous comics involving “Darkman”.

September sees me bringing about another kind of end as the DC heroes of a particular movie universe will finally stand up to Darkseid.  However, the titanic fiend will rattle the Earth and shake their foundations to the core.  As such, it’ll take an unlikely formation of gallant figures to finally bring him down and I’ll be delivering my thoughts upon the flick called “Justice League Dark: Apokolips War”.

October brings about the return of ghoulish figures from days gone by.  To ring in the Halloween season, I’ll spend the majority of this month reviewing a four-part tale that sees classic, elderly monsters rising up to prevent a disastrous act from falling upon them.  For the fourth straight year, IDW Publishing will be bringing the spooks with “Grumpy Old Monsters”.  After all of that, I’ll have an independent-sized surprise for Halloween itself.

November shall bring about the continued vibe of the supernatural as an artist will be helped in dealing with his own inner demons in order to fully grasp his own legacy, if it doesn’t kill him first.  As such, the DC Showcase will highlight a character from the greater Sandman universe known as “Death”.

Finally, December will close out the year with an uplifting sign of hope in his early growing stages.  Before he became the signature Man of Steel, Kal-El will be developing his values, ideals and heroic persona in order to forge his eternal identity as “Superman: Man Of Tomorrow”.

As I always say in these updates, this list is subject to change.  Here’s hoping that 2020 doesn’t bring about any more major kerfuffles with the pandemic or anything else of that magnitude.  Anyway, here’s hoping that you stay safe during these insane times and I’ll see you around the C-Cubed!

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