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Site Update! #1

Welcome to the very first site update.  Now that I’m officially caught up on the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line, I figured it’s time to let you know of some of my plans for this particular blog.

First up, the review series that looks at every single film in the DCUAOM franchise was originally a monthly project.  Now that I’ve managed to reach the series’ forefront, I should be able to post newer entries shortly after the film’s release.  To fill in the time, I will definitely look at all five shorts in the DC Showcase series.  That way, the line as a whole can ultimately be complete.

Also, I’ve gathered up loads of comic series.  Whether they’re based off a familiar franchise or various series starring a particular superhero or superteam, I look to do some retrospectives on those.  I hope that it’ll bring some public attention to titles that are deserving of that kind of love.

Finally, I’ve also been thinking about looking at various mini-series and one-shot comics in no particular order.  As before, it’ll bring some much-needed consideration towards them.

May my love for comic books allow me to expand my blog towards bigger and better analysis on and in-between the panels.  I’m looking for to my upcoming projects and I hope that you’re there to experience them.  Until next time, C U Soon at the Casual Comix Critique.

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