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DC Universe Animated Original Movies (Part 36): Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

Hello, my friends.  No matter what kinds of turmoil life throws towards us, our familiar bonds will find a way to weather the tide and endure those massive hardships.  As such, it’s time for a familiar heroine to take the spotlight once again as I welcome you to another entry of…
DC Universe A.O.M.

Needless to say, our Amazing Amazon has seen some kind of popularity growth during the 2010s, mainly during the second half of the decade.  While she was somewhat featured in 2016’s highly-divisive “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice”, her solo film would get released the very next year, becoming a smash hit with both critics & audiences, launched Gal Gadot into superstardom and even provided her own ’80s-era sequel for 2020.  In the meantime, let us head back to the New 52 Animated Universe/DC Animated Movie Universe.  While she has been very active throughout this series, she hasn’t been able to shine away from the World’s Greatest Heroes.  Thankfully, she’s finally allowed to take part in a solo venture where family ties will stand front-and-center.  In that vein, it’s time for us to delve into…

Our Title Card!

Debuting at New York Comic Con on October 5, 2019 and released for Digital Download on the same day before coming out on DVD, Blu-Ray & 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray on October 22, this Sam Liu & Justin Copeland-directed project brings an original story written by Mairghread Scott to the small screen.  So, what kind of family-threatening terror will our familiar heroine face?  Let us venture on and find out.

Our story begins five years ago (2014, to be exact) with a Boom Tube opening up and a small group of Parademons flying out from it.  Their presence has been spotted by a pair of fighter pilots, one of whom is Capt. Steve Trevor (voiced by Michael Westen himself, Jeffrey Donovan), as they attempt to discern their identities.  However, the beings get the drop on them as one Parademon easily takes out the accompanying lieutenant.  Afterwards, the remaining beasts proceed to engage him as Steve is barely able to fend them off.  One of the Parademons even climbs through the underside and rams its head into the cockpit before projecting a small batch of fire onto him.  Fortunately, he had his handgun at the ready as he fires a headshot at the being, dislodging it from his jet.

Unfortunately, his plane has taken too much damage and begins to plummet towards the water.  Sudden, the falling aircraft passes through a particular barrier as he suddenly sees an island appear before him.  One familiar woman sees his plane approaching as it splashes down before Trevor ends up hitting his head upon impact.  As he slowly plummets towards a watery grave, he soon notices a lady swimming after him before he passes out.

Later, he wakes up within a basking purple glow before seeing the woman who saved him.  After learning that her name is Diana (voiced by Rosario Dawson), he soon finds out that his left arm was burned before she places his limb within the glowing beam.  She then informs him that he’s on Themyscira, the island home of the Amazons that’s been “hidden for centuries from the gaze of man’s world”.  Soon enough, his left arm is completely healed as she says that this wondrous device is simply known as the Purple Healing Ray.  He thanks her for helping him out, but says that has to leave since the Earth is being invaded by demons and that he has to warn his superiors about it.  Even though Diana saw his aerial battle and took note of him fighting against impossible odds, she tells him that he’s the first man and outsider to ever set foot on the island.  As such, he’ll be held within the Cells of Justice until her motherly queen and the Amazon Senate decide his fate.  Despite him saying that he didn’t do anything wrong, a pair of Amazon guards proceed to take him off to his imprisonment.  As he’s being taken away, he says that somebody has to stop the growing invasion.

Later that night as Steve unsuccessful attempts to converse with a nearby sentry, Diana suddenly emerges now wearing the familiar uniform as she knocks the guard out and uses the key bracelet to open his cell.  After informing him that the delegations didn’t end in his favor, she says that she’ll make sure that he gets home.  From there, she punches a massive hole in the wall before jumping down alongside him.

As they head towards the water, Diana says that she’ll personally sail him back to his people.  Just as Steve says that he can do it himself since her mother would get mad, she says that she saw his fight against the Parademons and that her help is greatly needed.  She goes on to explain that the gods have fortold of the day when Themyscira’s champion would be called upon to give protection upon man’s world, even saying that her mother told her how “An Amazon does what is right, no matter the cost”.  Suddenly, they’re approached by Queen Hippolyta (voiced by Cree Summer) who tells her daughter to return the sacred armor that she’s wearing and put Trevor back in his proper holding cell.  As Steve makes his way down to the docks, Diana says that she intends to help him return to his people.  With her mother unwilling to compromise, they proceed to draw their swords and engage each other in a brief duel.  In the end, Hippolyta defeats her daughter and says that if she leaves, she’ll forever forfeit her eventual right to become the Amazons’ Queen and be eternally banished from Themyscria.  When she asks her girl if she’s willing to throw all of that away, Diana takes out the Lasso of Truth and wraps it around her own wrist before telling her mom to ask her again.  With her daughter’s decision made clear, Hippolyta proceeds to tearfully head back inside while the Amazons close the gate behind her.

Afterwards, Diana hops onto a boat with Steve as they proceed to sail out.  She then says that once they go past Themyscria’s edge, they’ll never be able to return and that she’ll be alone.  Fortunately, he assures her that she’ll never be lonely.  From there, they pass through the outer barrier as the island proceeds to vanish from sight.

Sometime later, we shift over to Washington, D.C. as Diana, Steve and his assistant named Etta Candy (voiced by Cindy Hayes herself, Adrienne C. Moore) are on their way to the humble abode of Dr. Kapatelis, who’s an expert on ancient cultures.  Meanwhile, Dr. Julia Kapatelis (voiced by Toula Portokalos herself, Nia Vardalos) and her daughter Vanessa (voiced by Octavia Blake herself, Marie Avgeropoulos) are prepping their house for Diana’s arrival.  As Julia goes to “check the expiration date on the potpourri”, the doorbell rings as Vanessa proceeds to answer the door.  After giving an awkward introduction, Diana actually offers to help her sweep.  Just then, Julia comes in and gracefully welcomes her inside.  From there, she gives the broom back to her daughter and offers her a house tour.  As such, the scene ends with Diana assuring Vanessa that she can relate to having a strong mother.

We then cut to the next day as Vanessa reads a vampire novel in her bedroom before she’s met upon by Diana.  Because of how much of a big deal she is to Julia due to being an actual piece of “living history”, Diana is asked by Vanessa if she misses her home.  She says that while she does, she still intends “to make the world a better place” by first learning about American culture from Dr. Kapatelis.  When Vanessa asks if she can just do that, Diana says that everyone gets a choice on what they would like to do with their lives and it’s what she wants to do, no matter the outcome.  She then asks Vanessa what she would choose to pursue with her life, to which she exclaims that she doesn’t have much of a choice since her mother wants her to become an archaeologist just like she is.  When she’s then asked what she could become if given the chance, Vanessa exclaims that she would like to be “anything else”.  Just then, Julia comes in and tells her daughter to prep the table for dinner.

From there, we have a montage where Dr. Kapatelis is extensively teaching Diana about their culture.  However, she’s devoted so much time to this that she’s not paying any attention to Vanessa and her own academic accomplishments.  As such, her cheerful personality slowly gives way to a more goth presentation as she doesn’t even want to be in the same room as Diana anymore.  As Vanessa mopes within her room, she notices a note slipped under her door as she discovers the message to be from Diana who assures her that things “will get better”.

Later, Julia, Vanessa and Steve have been gathered by Diana who’s finished her personal education of American culture as she proceeds to present the uniform that she’ll wear for her crime-fighting venture.  While Julia is hesitant to describe her thoughts, Vanessa immediately describes the outfit as “totally embarrassing”.  Diana says that she’s here “to protect man’s world” as Dr. Kapatelis says that there’s multiple ways to help out.  Just as she starts to mentions a job offer from her boss Dr. Cale, Trevor says that Diana has already been on several missions, is about to have an official meeting with the U.S. President and that the media has already given her a code name.  She adds on that while she could help out with her job situation, her superhero career is what she chooses.  As Julia gives her blessing, Diana proceeds to hug her and Vanessa as a sign of thanks.  From there, the scene ends with Vanessa asking Diana what her code name is.

Following the title card, we shift to present day as Wonder Woman is fighting against a group of masked thieves who attempted to rob an armored truck.  During her takedown, Steve contacts her and tells her to meet him over at the Hall of Justice once she’s done.  However, the last thug holds a woman at gunpoint.  Fortunately, Diana swiftly uses her Lasso of Truth to yank the perp away and subdue him with an elbow strike.

Afterwards, Wonder Woman meets up with Trevor over at the rebuilt Hall of Justice.  Despite her recent victory, she feels a little down as she explains that she used to pride herself on being “special” and “unique”, but didn’t know that it wasn’t “always a good thing”.  He tells her that it always is “to the right people” before letting her know that an old friend has resurfaced.

Later, they arrive at her apartment where they not only find Etta waiting for them, but also Julia as well.  However, the reunion isn’t entirely cheerful as Dr. Kapatelis says that something bad is happening to her daughter Vanessa.  She’s discovered some e-mails within her daughter’s office over at Cale Pharmaceuticals as Etta wonders what Dr. Cale’s own medical company would want with archaeology.  Julia explains that her innovative business with the highly-successful pharmaceutical is vital, though it seems that Vanessa is looking for more money outside of the company.  As Wonder Woman looks over the e-mails, she discovers that her past friend is about to sell an artifact that belongs to Dr. Cale with Julia adding that Vanessa would wind up in jail if she gets caught.  As such, she asks Diana for her help.

We then shift to nighttime over at a warehouse where Vanessa is about to make a shady dealing.  Just then, she’s met upon by Dr. Maru a.k.a. Doctor Poison (voiced by Courtenay Taylor), her armored sentries and even Dr. Doris Zeul a.k.a. Giganta (voiced by Kimberly Brooks).  Vanessa then asks where Doctor Cyber is since she’s the one whom she’s dealing with, to which Doctor Poison assures her that she’s here as a representative and that Cyber is “keeping an eye out” on the proceedings.  Vanessa proceeds to show the snake-shaped artifact and is about to make the deal.  However, Poison gets contacted by Doctor Cyber (voiced by Ayla Sayyad herself, Mazhan Marnò) who warns her that “a super” is approaching them.  Believing that Vanessa has set them up, Doctor Poison orders her henchmen to kill the young woman.

Fortunately, Wonder Woman arrives in time as she uses her bracelets to fend off the gunfire.  After they ceasefire, Steve and Julia arrive as she tells her daughter to return the case to her boss, but Vanessa essentially tells her to butt out.  Meanwhile, Doctor Cyber tells Doctor Poison to get out.  From there, she tells her soldiers to take out “the agents” while Giganta goes after “the hero”.  While Trevor and Dr. Kapatelis are forced to take cover from the opposing gunfire, Giganta proceeds to inject herself before growing to a titanic size.

From there, she delivers a powerful punch onto Diana.  Wonder Woman manages to push Vanessa out of the way in time, but the resulting shove caused her to lose the suitcase as Doctor Poison manages to acquire it and make her escape.  Meanwhile, Steve and Julia are pinned by the opposing bullet barrage.  As such, he tells her to stay put as he sneaks off and manages to force a large amount of boxes upon the fiends.

Back with Wonder Woman, she manages to withstand the fierce fist before retaliating with a series of swift strikes.  Just as Diana notices that Doctor Poison is about to escape, Giganta takes advantage of this misdirection to smack her away before noticing Vanessa.  With her friend in danger, Wonder Woman flies back into action and proceeds to wail away on the foe, concluding the fight by grabbing onto Giganta’s hair and slamming her into both the wall & the ground, causing her to shrink back to her regular size.

Just as Trevor meets up with her, Doctor Poison’s agents recover and being to open fire.  Fortunately, Diana noticed and protects him before promptly defeating the armored goons.

However, tragedy strikes as she hears Vanessa cry out “No!’.  While Steve stays put to properly arrest Giganta, Wonder Woman horrifyingly discovers that Julia was fatally shot.  From there, she passes on within her daughter’s arms before Vanessa blames Diana for bringing her mother here in the first place.  Wonder Woman tries to comfort her, but Vanessa refuses before tearfully running off.  Shortly afterwards, Trevor ends up learning about the tragic incident.

Sometime later, Dr. Kapatelis has been laid to rest as Diana mentions that Vanessa didn’t attend the funeral.  Steve says that she wouldn’t have had to apologize anyway, since he extensively investigated and found out that Julia wasn’t hit by a stray bullet.  However, Diana blames herself for not protecting her and exclaims that she’s “failed two mothers”.  He then cheers her up by mentioning that they’ll do everything that they can to make things right for Vanessa. Unbeknownst to them, she’s watching them through a discreet camera.  Doctor Cyber and Doctor Poison then tell her that they find this “cheap sentiment” deplorable and that it’s just not fair before the artifact is placed next to her.  With nothing left for her in her previous life, Vanessa fully commits herself to their scheme.

Following a quick scene where Diana takes one last look at a picture with her past friend before she and Trevor take their permanent leave of the now-former Kapatelis residence…

…we then have another quick scene where Vanessa takes part in a procedure that ends up physically changing her in a radically different way.

From there, we shift over to the fictional Middle Eastern nation of Qurac as another deal is going down.  A “Lead Bandit” (voiced by Ray Chase) arrives with his men at a particular compound and is looking to follow through on a delivery for both villainous doctors.  Vanessa approaches and tells him that she’s been ordered to accept their distribution.  However, she tells him not to worry about his payment as she shows off her new enhancements by using her razor sharp claws to fend off his gunshot and stab him in the gut before taking him out with a fatal slash.

Back in America, Wonder Woman is in the middle of combat training as she handily defeats an entire group of practice robots.  Just then, Steve and Etta come in and inform her that they’ve found Vanessa.  She was discovered by a spy satellite over by the Qurac border smuggling in some “medical equipment, tech & artifacts” for both Doctor Cyber and Doctor Poison.  Diana says that because Vanessa wasn’t given much options, they need to tell her that she’s not alone in the world.  From there, Trevor asks Candy if he can get them some properly discreet transport, to which Etta essentially assures them that she can.

Later, Wonder Woman and Steve take off in an “Invisible Jet” as they activate the cloaking device and head out to Qurac.  From there, Trevor asks Candy if she “stole” this plane from the U.S. Military, to which Etta slyly admits by saying that “there’s no such thing” before ending communication.

Sometime later, they’re within striking distance as Steve shares his personal enjoyment of flying once again.  When Diana says that he’s never flown with her before, he mentions that she was in a relationship with Superman.  She then tells him that she’s no longer romantically attached to the Man of Steel as a particular smile dawns upon his face.

Shortly afterwards, they arrive in Qurac as they proceed to infiltrate the compound and take out the rooftop sentries.  From there, they arrive at a door that’s accessible via a keypad.  Trevor proceeds to shoot it up as the malfunction causes the entryway to open, allowing him and Wonder Woman to head inside.  As the intruder alarm blares, they’re approached by a gun turant operated by Doctor Cyber which they immediately evade before making their way further into the compound.

Meanwhile, Vanessa and the armored soldiers are placing their prototype on board their plane as Doctor Cyber tells Doctor Poison that their compound has been breached.  However, Doctor Poison says that they need more time to get airborne.  As such, Vanessa offers to stay behind and take care of the intruders.  With a nodding approval from Poison, she heads out to buy more time.  However, Doctor Cyber says that she’s not ready since she doesn’t have her upgrades.  Doctor Poison tells her that while Vanessa’s expendable, their prototype isn’t.

By the time that Diana and Steve reach the hangar, Doctor Poison has escaped with the prototype as she’s stunned to see Vanessa standing in their way.  However, she reveals to them her new form and identity: Silver Swan.  From there, she attacks Wonder Woman as Diana asks why she’s doing this.  Vanessa says that she felt less-than-perfect by comparison and that both Cyber & Poison helped her reach that unattainable level.  Ultimately, she has Wonder Woman at her mercy and prepares to finish her off with her cybernetic wing.  Fortunately, Trevor recovers and fends her off with his gun, forcing Vanessa to shield herself.  From there, Diana takes advantage by grabbing her leg, throwing her towards the wall and then ram into her with enough force to knock her out.  Afterwards, Steve checks up on Vanessa and assures Wonder Woman that she’s OK before asking if they should notify the Justice League.  Diana assures him that it won’t be necessary since her friend isn’t “in her right mind” and that they need to find someone who’ll graciously help her.  As such, Trevor contacts Candy and asks her to search for a bio-tech expert who has access to high-tech facilities.  From there, she comes across their lone option: Dr. Cale herself.

We then cut to sometime later over at Cale Pharmaceuticals as Wonder Woman finally meets Dr. Veronica Cale (voiced by Penelope Barrington, Claire Simms, Dana Gordon, Rosalind Price and Janine Skorsky herself, Constance Zimmer).  She tells Diana, Steve & Etta that Vanessa’s cybernetic implants aren’t natural implants and that it’s actually “the expression of a techno-organic virus”.  Because her outfit wasn’t grafted onto her, the virus is literally turning her into her namesake.  Even worse, Dr. Cale is unable to stop the disease as it threatens to replace Vanessa’s human make-up before Wonder Woman realizes that it’ll kill her as a result.  Veronica says that she could heal her, but they’re slowly running out of time and she doesn’t have the proper medical equipment for the job.  Diana then remembers the Purple Healing Ray back on her homeland of Themyscira.  Unfortunately, she can’t remember where it is, neither does Trevor as he explains that her island has a defense mechanism that makes anyone forget its location once they leave.  However, Wonder Woman says that she’s willing to find it again in order to save Vanessa’s life.  As such, Veronica offers to help out, providing that she gets brought “back something nice”.

She proceeds to lead our main group to Julia’s former office as she explains that finding Themyscira was Dr. Kapatelis’ pet project before taking their leave.  From there, Diana, Steve and Etta spend the next several hours looking through Julia’s vast research, but are unable to find any notable leads.  During their search, Trevor comes across a book concerning Perseus’ triumph over Medusa and that it contains various notes on Medusa cells.  Candy then mentions that they’re not looking in the right place.  While she does bring up Veronica’s comment about this being Julia’s pet project, Etta explains that this was something that Dr. Kapatelis was working on before she ever met Cale.  As such, they realize that her most vital notes must be at the bottom of the stack.  After Wonder Woman lifts up some heavy boxes, they soon discover a trunk and they open it up to find a book all about the Temple of Pasiphaë.  Diana describes her as an “Oracular Goddess associated with mazes” who helped “people see the future”.  Wonder Woman then says that if her shrine is still around, then it could help them find Themyscira.

From there, they take off in the Invisible Jet towards their destination.  They ultimately land within a cavern before coming across an underground temple.  However, they soon find out that they’re not alone since they’re met upon by Barbara Ann Minerva a.k.a. Cheetah (also voiced by Kimberly Brooks).  From there, Wonder Woman tells her comrades to get inside before engaging her feline foe.

While Steve and Etta discover a literal labyrinth that they’ll have to navigate through, Diana continues her fight against Barbara.  Despite sustaining a facial cut, Wonder Woman ultimately defeats her with a specific punch that sends her to a broken column, where she proceeds to get pinned.  However, Cheetah proceeds to mention that Doctor Cyber and Doctor Poison have formed their own Villains Incorporated in order to take down Diana, giving out hefty paychecks to anyone who joins.  As such, she takes out a familiar syringe and injects a particular toxin which proceeds to beef her up into a more vicious version of herself.  From there, she proceeds to beat up Wonder Woman with her abnormal agility and vicious strikes.

Meanwhile, Trevor and Candy are making their way through the maze.  During the trek, Etta gets a suspicious feeling about a possible connection between Pasiphaë and mazes.  Just then, he hears some approaching footsteps as he saves her in time from the wall bursting inward.  Suddenly, they’re approached by a Minotaur (voiced by Lt. Worf himself, Michael Dorn) as Candy finally realizes that Pasiphaë gave birth to one.  As such, they run for their lives before ultimately coming across a dead end.  Fortunately, they dive out of the way before the Minotaur rams right through the wall and even plows into several more.  When Etta asks how they’re going to reach the maze’s center, Steve notices the newly-formed entryways are providing an easier route towards their destination.  As such, they lure the Minotaur into helping them out.

Back with Wonder Woman, she continues to fend off Cheetah as best as she can.  However, she’s not able to land a single blow while Barbara is able to slash away at her.  Fortunately, Diana manages to turn the tide as she tosses Cheetah into the jet and closes the hatch.  With Barbara’s agility no longer able to help, Wonder Woman proceeds to take advantage of her close quarters.

Meanwhile, Trevor and Candy have used the Minotaur’s beastly strength in their favor as they finally reach the maze’s center.  However, the beast still has enough strength to continue on.  Back at the jet, Diana has finally defeated Barbara.  With her foe tied up within the Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman heads out while Cheetah struggles in truthful agony.

Back in the center of the labyrinth, the Minotaur still attempts to attack as Steve takes out his handgun and orders the being to stand down.  Suddenly, the constant head-ramming takes its toll as the Minotaur collapses.  Shortly afterwards, Diana flies in to meet up with her comrades.  From there, they approach the fountain as she fills the goblet up with water, asks the Greek Gods for the location of her home island and proceeds to drink.

Just then, she starts to choke and falls down before she suddenly sees flashes of particular images.  In addition to Themyscira, she also gets flashing images of her mother Hippolyta, her friend Vanessa, a particular fish and a venomous snake within the ravaged island.

From there, Wonder Woman recovers and tells her friends that while she did see various images, she can’t make them out and that she still doesn’t know where her original home is.  Just then, the Minotaur wearily gets up and attempts to attack.  Trevor draws his handgun in defense, but Diana stops him and realizes that it’s guarding the shrine.  As such, she picks up a broken pillar and slams it into the fountain.  As a result, the Minotaur snaps out of his defensive mood and falls to his knees.  Wonder Woman assures him that he doesn’t have anything left to protect.  As thanks for freeing him, the Minotaur vows to pledge his life to her.  She pledges to do the same thing for him before realizing that he doesn’t have a name.  Steve then suggests Ferdinand, to which the Minotaur likes and proceeds to adopt the moniker as his own.  Trevor then says that they still don’t know where Themyscira is, to which Diana suggests that they head back to Cale Pharmaceuticals in order to make sense of her visions.  From there, the scene ends with Candy receiving an unhappy text from Dr. Cale.

Later, our main team arrives back at Cale Pharmaceuticals as Veronica reveals that some of Doctor Poison’s compounds have her company’s insignia on them.  Not only that, but that same logo was discovered when she ran some tests upon Vanessa.  When Wonder Woman mentions that it’s not their lone problem, Steve says that they had some unwanted company over at the shrine and that Cale’s people were the only ones to know its location.  Veronica denies that suggestion and says that Vanessa’s the lone person to ever leak said information.  Diana says that Vanessa only went through with her operation out of heartfelt pain and the belief that her mother died with utter disappointment in her.  Ultimately, Veronica decides to help out her ex-employee as she asks for what they should do next.  Wonder Woman brings up her visions, which included “strange fish”.  Dr. Cale says that the Mediterranean Sea became over-populated by various species of fish that “have been reduced to tiny pockets”.  However, Thermyscira could possibly be the one spot in said area where all of the various species are able to properly meet.  As such, she brings up various fishes as Diana begins to narrow them down with what she saw in her visions.  Ultimately, they’ve found their location as Veronica mentions that it contains a seamount with the high-probability that an actual island is located there.

However, Doctor Cyber pops up and thanks our heroes for locating Thermyscira for her.  By hacking into Dr. Cale’s private server, she’s taken all of her access codes and has prevented her from summoning her security team.  Wonder Woman says that the medical staff and the Amazons have done nothing to her, but Doctor Cyber says that it’s not about revenge, but about money.  She elaborates by mentioning that the Amazons have exclusive access to amazing technology that she wants before concluding her transmission by mentioning how killing them is all a matter of “good business”.  From there, she puts the whole floor on Contamination Lockdown as Veronica mentions that the entire level will be incinerated.  From there, Doctor Cyber wakes up Silver Swan as she uses her sonic scream to break out of her chamber.

Vanessa then flies into Diana as they smash out of the building and proceed to fight each other.  Wonder Woman tries to tell Silver Swan that her own implants are slowly killing her, but Vanessa believes that she’s only interested in taking her powers away in a similar fashion to how she lost her mother.  After Silver Swan gets rammed down towards a building, she retaliates and blasts Diana with her sonic scream before a struggle ensues.  Wonder Woman tells her that this isn’t like her, to which Vanessa says that she wants this.  Diana then attempts to question her decision since it’s not going to bring Julia back.

Meanwhile, Steve, Etta and Veronica attempt to escape before the entire floor gets purged in flames.  However, the blast doors come up to hamper their progress.  Fortuantely, Candy came prepared with a mini-explosive as she activates it, throws it onto an exterior blast door and blows it open.

Back with Wonder Woman, she manages to punch Silver Swan into a building before flying back over to save her friends.  Vanessa manages to reemerge, but gets told by Doctor Cyber to use this to her advantage and escape.  Meanwhile, Diana manages to take both Candy & Cale and fly them towards an adjacent building.  However, time has run out as the entire floor proceeds to blow up, forcing Trevor to jump out.  Fortunately, Wonder Woman manages to save him.  From there, Veronica says that there’s no point in searching for survivors since the level is now cut off from the rest of the building.  Diana then says that both Doctor Cyber & Doctor Poison have declared war upon the Amazons, to which the time has come for her and her comrades to help fight back.

As such, Wonder Woman and company arrive back at her apartment where Ferdinand is comically prepping a salad.  From there, they make their way into her personal armory as Diana decides to wear the sacred armor.  With Steve’s weapons prepped and Etta ready to help out, they board the Invisible Jet and begin their flight to Thermyscira.

Sometime later during the flight, Candy mentions that their upcoming fight won’t end well for Wonder Woman, since it’s possible that she won’t be able to return with them.  As such, she encourages Trevor to provide “a little motivation”.  From there, he heads over to talk with Diana who tells him that this has been a bit stressful.  He assures her that their upcoming mission is minuscule compared to the kind of threats that Darkseid has brought before and that if things go really well, then she can become the Amazons’ queen.  However, she says that it won’t happen, especially since she took the sacred armor and the lasso.  She explains to him that after he departed for the boat, she fought her own mother in sword combat and still feels the motherly shame from her action.  She goes on to exclaim about the moniker of Wonder Woman that Man’s World has given her and that she feels that she hasn’t entirely lived up to that title, even saying that the lives of both Vanessa and the Amazons can’t be worth less than hers.  He then says that they can’t be worth more than her, since she means a lot to him and asks her to not be too hard towards herself.  She then says that he means a lot of her as well before they proceed to share a kiss.  Afterwards, Etta lets them know that they’re closing in on their destination.  As they fly through the protective barrier, they soon discover Thermyscira to be under attack.

We then cut over to Doctor Cyber and company as they continue to blast away at the front gate.  Hippolyta orders her fellow Amazons to fight back against the intruders as the archers fire away at the enemy craft.  However, they stand no chance against the conventional weapons as they get harmed by the constant missile barrage.  Doctor Poison then detects an incoming craft as Doctor Cyber tells Silver Swan to fend our heroes off.  Afterwards, she tells Doctor Poison to get their Prototype ready.

From there, Vanessa detects the Invisible Jet and slices her claws into it, disabling its cloaking device.  She then hits the craft with her sonic scream as Diana decides to confront her.

Meanwhile, Doctor Cyber has finally destroyed the front gate.  With the Amazon Archers waiting to fight back, Doctor Poison proceeds to unleash the Prototype.  As it emerges from its capsule, it turns out to be the infamous Gorgan herself: Medusa (also voiced by Cree Summer) as she proceeds to turn the archers into stone.