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“Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm”: 25 Years Of An Underrated Legacy

Hello, my friends.  We’ve reached the end of 2018, but there’s still time for me to bring up one last piece of comic book media before we close out the year.  For this one however, this won’t be a review.  Why exactly?  Well, despite being initially missed when it first came out, this has gone on to become recognized within the character’s fanbase and even among the comic book populace.  As such, I’m ready to give some “casual” thoughts on a little film called…

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Site Update! #9

Hello, my friends!  2018 is winding down as I look forward to closing out the year on a relaxing note and simply exclaim my thoughts on “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm” and the legacy that it’s left 25 years after its release.  After that, I’ve made my plans for 2019.  As such, here’s what I have in mind for the first half of the calendar year.