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Site Update! #4

Hi, everyone!  Hope you enjoyed my various reviews from this past year, since I’ve got some big plans for 2017.  Of course, it’ll include the three films that the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line has in store for us.  However, there’s also a project or two that I want to try my hands on.

Now that the Marvel Animated Features is taken care of, I would like to tackle another series done by the Big Red company.  However, it’s actually four anime series and a pair of anime films.  For the first time on this site, I’ll attempt to tackle each of the TV series before I handle its films.  Come 2017, Marvel Anime will have its day on this site.

Also, I’d like to work on a retrospective.  One particular media franchise will become 30 years old in 2017 and it had a stout run with various comic companies.  As such, It’ll be my personal “Prime Directive” to tackle RoboCop’s run in comics.

Look forward to all of this in the coming year as my thoughts and analysis become a reality here on the C-Cubed!  See you soon!C3 Chronicle!

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