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Site Update! #16

Hello, my friends.  While the world continues to spawn several events that range from bizarre to shocking, I’ve been helping you get through these awkward times with my opinions upon various projects from our superheroic past.  While I gather my thoughts on Blue Beetle’s moment in the DC Showcase spotlight, I’ve already lined up what I’ll be covering throughout the second half of 2022.  On that note, let me share the various films & comics that I’ve set my sights on.

July will be seeing lots of fireworks flaring up.  However, there’s also going to be some fierce fisticuffs flying as well, especially since one tragic moment will lead to the superhero community spiraling out of control amongst itself.  With another video game getting the animated movie treatment, I’ll be checking out how it handles its translation and decide whether it properly handles its source material as I check out the adaptation of “Injustice”.

August sees a return to superhero anime as a Feline Fatale’s attempt to steal a particular jewel will put her in the crosshairs of a certain member of the Bat-Family, a fiendish crime boss, a famous worldwide organization of human officials and the criminal underworld as well.  What’s a cat thief to do when all of these various sides are closing in on her?  Well, I’ll see how her journey holds up in my mind as I take on “Catwoman: Hunted”.

For September, I’m back in the Retrospective chair once again.  As for the franchise whose comic book history I’ll be tackling, it’s a famous fighting game series that began within the humble arcade before it evolved over on home consoles.  Despite the controversies that hung over it during its early days, it’s gone on to become a legendary franchise among gamers.  As such, I’ll be joining in on the celebration as I talk about the various comics that’re all about “Mortal Kombat”.

October has the spooks and souls of old returning to these hallowed halls.  In terms of what I have in store for Halloween, I’ll be tackling a film franchise’s third movie in a different light.  To be specific, it’s an adaptation of one particular pitch that was ultimately rejected.  On that note, I shall share my opinions on the five-issue mini-series called “Alien 3: The Unproduced Screenplay”.

With November, I’m keeping the anniversary light shining brightly.  For this month, we have a famous ninja being resurrected by a devious sorcerer.  From there, his vengeance quest will take him towards a tournament that has Earthrealm’s fate hanging in the balance while some familiar faces look to prevent Outworld from conquering their home.  We’re heading back into the animated movie battlegrounds as we delve into “Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge”.

Finally, December will allow us to ring in some festive cheer.  Instead of a Holiday-themed story however, we have the familiar tournament changing locations as Earthrealm is once again under threat by Outworld, while our familiar ninja specter goes on his own journey for a powerful artifact that’ll see him come across the sibling of his famous adversary.  I’ll be closing out the year on a spirited note with “Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle Of The Realms”.

As always, this list is subject to change.  May we all find some sane stability within our lives and live in a world that’s less chaotic than the years that preceded us.  While we continue to strive for that goal, may you also stay safe in whatever way you can.  Until then, stay in love with your inner geek as I see you all around the C-Cubed!

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