Site Update! #9

Hello, my friends!  2018 is winding down as I look forward to closing out the year on a relaxing note and simply exclaim my thoughts on “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm” and the legacy that’s it’s left 25 years after its release.  After that, I’ve made my plans for 2019.  As such, here’s what I have in mind for the first half of the calendar year.
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Giri’s Half-Dozen: A “Big Hero 6” Retrospective (Part 1)

Hello, my friends.  Superhero teams are a good way to find synergy within a group of crime-fighting protectors, but it’s time that I bring in one that has a bit of a Japanese twist.  In honor of this particularly gallant gathering celebrating its 20th Anniversary and the fact that its own movie already has a season of animated TV delight under its belt, I think it’s the perfect time to commemorate the occasion as I proudly present…
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C3 Halloween: Dracula’s Revenge #2

Happy Halloween, my friends!  The spirits are soaring high, the fallen leaves are swirling ’round and the children of the night are on the move to get their proper goodies.  Over here, the celebrations have reached its zenith.  As such, welcome to the last entry of the…
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