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Site Update! #14

Hello, my friends.  During the first half of our year of recovery, we’ve had a lot of various things happen.  Before I bring up what I have in store for the rest of 2021, let me share a few big events that’ve transpired in terms of personal changes.

First up, you may remember that during my article where I ranked each entry of 20th Century Fox/Studios’ X-Men film series, I brought up the fact that I also did reactions to each entry.  For anyone who hasn’t heard about it, Stardust has shut down in early June and thus, my other identity of StoryWatcher4 has been retired.  It was a bummer, since I had used that account for over three of its overall four years.  Whether or not the link to those reactions will still be up following the end of the month, we’ll see what happens and whether or not I’ll need to implement some kind of alternate way to show them.  Finally, the human race has made some significant progress in combating the pandemic.  Despite that, it was still able to cause one last delay.  I’ll get into that once I delve into what I have in store for the second half of 2021, but for June, I’ll be filling in this space with a review of “Batman: Soul Of The Dragon”.  Now, let’s get into what the rest of this particular year will bring upon my site.

July will see the return of the Emerald Knight around here, but with a twist.  While his lone cinematic outing didn’t have a strong amount of willpower within the eyes of critics and audiences, it still had its own series of tie-in materials.  As such, I’ll be checking out the additional adventures of particular corpsmen that exist within the realm of “Green Lantern”.

August shall bring us some spotlight attention towards a villain, as the dangers of his profession will threaten to destroy his family.  While our featured felon deals with the terrifying perils that await him for this venture, this tale also comes with a fascinating history as well.  As such, prepare to sharpen your assassin’s blade and line up your kill shot as we delve into “Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons”.

September brings us to a much-needed break from DC Comics.  In a project that I originally had lined up for June, I’ll be talking about something peculiar that I discovered.  With its sequel “Let There Be Carnage” scheduled to come out this month, I’ll be revisiting its predecessor and reviewing the digital-only tie-in comic for “Venom”.

October has the spooky spirits of old rising up once again, so it’s time for me to dig into the cobwebbed-filled graves of my comic collection and find some creepy comics to talk about in our build-up towards Halloween.  This time around, we’ll be letting a pair of mini-series stir the witch’s kettle.  To help set the mood, we’ll be introducing Moonstone to the site as I begin with “Vengeance Of The Mummy”.  Afterwards, the fine folks of IDW Publishing will once again contribute to my hallowed haunted halls with a late-night talk show host who has a spooky theme as well: “Aleister Arcane”.

November gets us to a thankful time of the year.  In that vein, I’ll be keeping up an annual tradition that’s going on a whole half of a decade.  For this one, we’ll be delving into the history of an indy-centric character who takes a lot of opposing abuse, yet soldiers through with a healing factor of her own.  For my Retrospective, we’ll be looking at Jane Vasko herself: “Painkiller Jane”.

For December, we’ll be ready to head into the New Year fully-restored and with the true hope of a better world ahead of us.  As such, I’ll be closing out the year by delving into a past property whose comic book history I’ve already explored.  Now that they’ve transformed their overall legacy from a duology into a trilogy and have fulfilled their longtime prophecy, there’s a particular tour that our rocking band went on in between their cinematic sequels that may leave them out in the cold.  As such, I present the boys of San Dimas as a gift to you all as I review “Bill & Ted Are Doomed”.

As always, this list is subject to change.  Here’s hoping that the world will get completely back to a calm normal and that we can venture to all parts of our planet without the fear of a raging plague overwhelming us.  Until the next update, see you all around the C-Cubed!

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