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C-Cubed Comic Book Review: “Bill & Ted Are Doomed”

Hello, my friends.  As we prepare to make our own unique journeys towards a better future, there’s still one piece of the past that I must presently take care of before I join the masses for a rocking good time.  With a legacy franchise putting out another mini-series, I’ve decided to close out 2021 by reviewing this “non-heinous” tale called…

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Site Update! #15

Hello, my friends.  2021 has been our recovery year and while the vicious plague is still lingering, we’ve been making strides to combat it in order to return to some semblance of normalcy.  I’ve enjoyed helping you all through these rough times and I look forward to making sure that you’re entertained with my thoughts.  As for 2022, I’ve got some plans in line for the whole year.  In terms of what I have in store for the first half, let me share what I’m looking forward to review.