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Site Update! #11

Hello, my friends!  We’re nearing the end of the year and the 2010s in general.  2020 is shaping up to be a bold new time with media vetures to explore, memories to reminisce upon and further projects to work on.  I have the first half of this calendar year mapped out, so let me delve into what I have in store to start out with.

January has us fully entrenched in the Winter season and for some of us, our favorite brand of professional pigskin will be engulfed within the playoffs en route to the Super Bowl.  Believe it or not, this particular association is having a centennial celebration.  As such, it should be interesting to delve into their first comic book venture.  Since someone decided that this sports association needs to be protected, we’re going to delve into the ventures of “NFL Superpro”.

February sees me delivering some love to some butt-kicking ladies.  Since the famed DC group of streetwise heroines are going to get their own movie this month, I figure that it’s only fitting that I educate myself on the team’s first media appearance outside of comics.  Let us revisit the early ‘aughts and delve into their short-lived appearance on the small screen with my thoughts on the TV show known as “Birds Of Prey”.

For March, it’ll begin my personal preparation to say good-bye to a long-running movie series.  With 20th Century Fox now permanently nestled within the House of Mouse, I’ll begin preparing for the final film in their X-Men movie series by revisiting its early days and delving into the many tie-in comics related to the inaugural entry simply known as “X-Men”.

April will bring about an X-Citing time as “The New Mutants” will finally make its way onto the big screen and cap off Fox’s two-decade run with their famed film series.  I’ll be doing my part my capping off my two-part look at the franchise’s set of tie-in comics by delving into those related to the sophmore entry sees the X-Men united known as “X2”.

After quite a fortuitous absence, May will finally see me returning to the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line.  While Batman and Superman have had plenty of ventures within the New 52 Animated Universe, the third member of the famed Trinity hasn’t been able to shine away from the Justice League.  It’s time to rectify that as the Amazing Amazon herself will find her family ties put to the test as she looks to redeem a certain young lady away from a villainous path.  It’s a tale that’ll put Diana against several organized felons in a thick fight-to-the-finish known as “Wonder Woman: Bloodlines”.

From there, June will see the unexpected resurrection of a long-dormant side series.  As we delve into more of DC’s back catalog of characters, we’ll find ourselves recruited alongside a familiar figure of World War II as he fights an unusual fight upon the grim battlegrounds.  Who better to help the DC Showcase shorts march back into the spotlight than “Sgt. Rock” himself?

As always, this list is subject to change.  I’ll be working hard on my thoughts upon the Galaxy Quest comics, so look for these reviews to pop up and help ring in the New Year (in addition to the new decade) in style.  Until then, see you around the C-Cubed!

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