Marvel Comics

C-Cubed Comic Book Review: “Venom Prequel Comic”

Hello, my friends.  Marvel has had a long and winding history when it came to adapting its comic book properties into films, be it in animated form or in live action, whether they be straight-to-home video or given a theatrical run.  Not only that, but various movie series centered on a particular group of characters have also come about throughout the vast history of the comic book/superhero film genre.  While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest and most successful media franchise of them all, other studios have tried their hands at adapting the Big Red M’s numerous properties.  One primary example is Sony, who acquired the Spider-Man film rights in 1999 and have had their ups-and-downs with the Web Head and his plethora of supporting players & opposing fiends.  For this article however, we’ll be focusing on a piece of tie-in material that’s dedicated to a vicious being who’s been a fan-favorite ever since his official debut in 1988.  With his solo sequel officially on the horizon (at the time of this review), let’s revisit his inaugural outing and check out a comic that’s connected with the film simply known as…