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Site Update! #13

Hello, my friends!  Hope you enjoyed a surprise bonus that I included where I gave 20th Century Fox/Studios’ X-Men Film Series a proper sendoff and ranked my personal favorites.  Well, 2020 has been an historic kind of hectic for us all.  As if America’s past racial sins that we’ve chosen to ignore for a long time, only for these repeated mistakes to strike back in a big way & force us to finally make necessary changes wasn’t enough of a major event, we had a global pandemic that kneecapped the majority of opportunities to enjoy the public events that we originally wanted to attend this year.  Needless to say, this has definitely been a collection of 366 days that we’re not going to look back on with absolute fondness moving forward.  Thankfully around here, the only major thing that happened was a minor reshuffling of reviews.  As we prepare for 2021, we aim to make this a major rebound year.  While I prepare to close out 2020 with a review of “Superman: Man Of Tomorrow”, I’ve already planned out several things for the coming year.  As such, let me share what I plan to have come down the pipeline for the first half of 2021.

January will see me tackle the Dark Knight again.  This time however, he’ll get to return to the fun world of anime as he and several allies & adversaries will suddenly find themselves within feudal Japan.  As for what they’ll be up to within that specific time period and for how it handles my critical mind will be a peculiar chronological journey for me as I tackle “Batman Ninja”.

February shall bring us an anniversary of sorts from beneath the oceanic depths.  Even though this was created from the same men who brought us the hit Superman show “Smallville”, it was sadly never given the chance to prove itself due to a network merger.  Thankfully, it’s become available to the public.  With “A.C.” having gotten more cinematic exposure since then, I’ll go fishing for my thoughts upon the pilot episode for “Aquaman”.

Starting with March, I’ll be in full-on catch-up mode in terms of the DC Showcase.  For this month, we have a supernatural being who’ll attempt to help a young & rebellious girl out of a hairy situation that she finds herself in, especially when it involves hippie cults, a haunted house and eerie experiences.  Find out what goes down in ghoulish fashion as I review “The Phantom Stranger”.

April will take us to outer space as a mining operation is about to take a turn for the worse.  Fortunately, our Earth-based archeologist-turned-cosmic space fighter will find himself up against this hidden terror as we also learn how he became the astronomical warrior that he is today.  Prepare to blast off on an otherworldly adventure starring “Adam Strange”.

May is going to finally see us caught up with the DC Showcase.  Unlike the rest of the entries, this one is feature-length and even lets us decide the ultimate outcome.  Even though we got a brief glimpse during the opening of “Batman: Under The Red Hood”, it’s time that we received the full story of how we got here as familiar voices return to deliver us the tragic tale of “Batman: Death In The Family”.

For June, it’s time that we finally take a break from DC and give the Big Red ‘M’ a chance to shine again.  With “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” coming out during this month, it’s time for us to revisit a tie-in comic that dealt with the movie’s inaugural outing.  As such, we will delve into the digital-only realm to check out what went down prior to Eddie Brock’s solo cinematic outing as “Venom”.

As always, this list is subject to change.  By the time I complete this list, the horrid evil that is Coronavirus should be vanquished and we’ll be able to enjoy anything and everything we want to do that involves us mingling with other people.  Until then, stay safe as I see you around the C-Cubed!

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