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Site Update! #10

Hello, my friends.  As of this post, I’m currently working on my “Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five” review.  I’ll have my full thoughts on that particular film and have it present by the time we close out the first half of this calendar year.  To keep you occupied, here’s what I’ve got in store for the second half of 2019.

July has historically been a time for big blockbuster films to come out into theaters.  While a particular movie series did have its sequel come out during the Summer, its inaugural outing originally debuted in February.  Nevertheless, we’ve arrived at an interesting crossroads with our featured property.  Having already reached its 30th Anniversary and with its long-awaited third film slated for a 2020 release, I decided to dedicate this month by doing a retrospective look at the numerous comic adventures featuring our favorite dudes from San Dimas: “Bill & Ted”.

August will see another timely milestone roll around, though more towards a movie based on a long-running fighting game series.  Thankfully, this particular anime flick has a comic book adaptation for me to work with.  As such, I’ll be able to celebrate its 25th Anniversary by covering the six-issue, screen-to-page translation of “Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie”.

September will see us venturing back into the New 52 Animated Universe (or the “DC Animated Movie Universe”, as it’s officially called) as we head back to Gotham City to see our Caped Crusader actually smitten over a particular feline fatale.  However, a sinister figure is looking to destroy the Dark Knight and everything that he stands for.  It’s about time that another Jeph Loeb tale got the adaptation spotlight again as we delve into “Batman: Hush”.

October sees me continuing the comic book tradition of Halloween.  For this particular year, I’m keeping the constant theme of anniversaries alive-and-well as I also keep up the tie-ins that our four-cornered panels have with cinema.  Don’t lose your brains on this one since I’ll be celebrating the 15th Anniversary of a particular zom-com by looking over the adaptation of “Shaun Of The Dead”.

November will see me making a brief return to the New 52 Animated Universe in order to take care of some unfinished business.  Even though our haunted souls will be at rest following Halloween, there’s a certain venture involving our favorite Hellblazer that I haven’t gotten to yet.  Helping a dear friend free his daughter’s soul from the evils of the occult is what Johnny will be dealing with as I tackle the spin-off project known as “Constantine: City Of Demons”.

Finally, we get to December as I look to close out both the year and the decade on a high note.  Since we can never have enough of a partnership between comics and movies, 2019’s conclusion will see me tackling another film’s venture into comics.  However, this won’t be an adaptation of the flick as it’s more about where our rag-tag group of sci-fi actors have gone off to following their cinematic adventure.  The NSEA Protector’s crew will “never give up” and “never surrender”, so neither will I as I delve into a pair of mini-series forever linked to a sci-fi comedy that’s celebrating its 20th Anniversary.  That’s right, it’s the comedic love letter to the Star Trek fanbase known as “Galaxy Quest”.

So, there you have it.  As we head into the 2020s, there will be more anniversaries to celebrate and more ventures with the D.C.U.A.O.M. to explore.  Not to mention, there’s also other properties for me to check out in order to keep things fresh around here.  I’ve already got a couple of ideas in mind for the first half of 2020, so stay tuned to see what I’ve got coming down the pipeline.  Until then, keep on checking out my content as we push towards the future.  As always, see you around the C-Cubed!

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