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Site Update! #18

Hello, my friends.  Not only are we halfway through 2023, but I’ve also completed a whole decade of reviews upon my humble site.  What started as a personal attempt to share my thoughts upon every entry within the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line evolved into my own growth into talking about multiple movies and TV shows from both DC & Marvel, talked about singular comic stories from various companies aside from the big two and I even delved into the comic histories of various notable characters.  All-in-all, I’ve accomplished a lot and I look forward to another decade of sharing my opinions upon various comic-related bits of media.  As such, here’s what I’ve got planned for the rest of the year.

July has the summer heat in full swing and the pressure is on for our familiar detective.  This time around, he’s trying to stop a cinematically obsessed serial killer whose master plan will pose as the greatest challenge of our main man’s career.  It’s going to be another blood-soaked anniversary for this movie franchise as I talk about “A Million Ways To Die Hard”.

August is going keep the anniversary train rolling by means of my annual comic book retrospective.  This time around, I’ll be covering a Morphinominal history of stories told upon the printed page before it ultimately settled into its modern home over at Boom Studios.  On that note, I’ll be presenting the majority of the comic history of the “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”.

September brings us back into the TomorrowVerse as a Kryptonian cousin is trying to adjust to life on Earth.  When a mysterious group has its sights set upon a potentially devastating weapon, she’ll ultimately find herself joining forces with the greatest superhero team from the 31st Century in order for them to deal with this dilemma.  On that note, we’ll be delving into an animated movie simply known as “Legion Of Super-Heroes”.

October shall bring the chilling Halloween winds once again.  For this year, a teenage boy will find himself caught in the middle of a historic war that’s continued into the modern day.  Because of his connection to a Lycanthropic group, he’ll be bearing his fangs, striking hard with his claws and prepping to hunt down a devious society, all within a six-part tale called “Night Wolf”.

November will help close out the year on another noteworthy anniversary as a former drug kingpin had climbed to the top, only for his whole empire to fall apart and for him to be left for dead.  However, Tony Montana will find himself somehow clinging to life and he’s going to seek some furious vengeance en route to reclaiming his cocaine-filled crown.  Come join me as I talk about this five-part follow-up called “Scarface: Scarred For Life”.

For December, the year will close upon another story involving Tony Montana.  This time around, we shall head back to a time before the events of his film and find out how he managed to escape from his harrowing & hostile beginnings within Cuba in order to make his way towards Miami and carve out his own drug-filled kingdom.  Before we say Good Night to another calendar year, we’ll say Good Morning to a four-part narrative called “Scarface: Devil In Disguise”.

As always, this list is subject to change.  While we continue to gain ground upon a hopefully bright future for all, I look forward to continuing my quest towards providing you with my honest thoughts upon various comic book-related properties that I can get my hands on.  Here’s to you all closing 2023 out on a strong note while I see you all around the C-Cubed!

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