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Site Update! #2

Hello, my friends!  While we continue the push towards the main film’s release, it’s hard to imagine that we’re one weekend away from its supplemental and expansive mini-series debuting on Machinima.  That’s right!  Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicles will finally see a release.  As such, I’ll be creating a supplemental series to “A Lampe Look At The DC Universe Animated Original Movies” in order to properly talk about each part.  Upon seeing the release schedule for the original three-part series, I’ll release a review a day after the proper episode has come out.

Seeing how there’s also a comic book series that will also tie into the main Gods & Monsters film, I’ll use that as the perfect way to start reviewing actual comics.  As usual, I’ll be reviewing the actual film in my main series.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to work on my review series that looks at every entry in the Marvel Animated Features series.  I look forward to seeing this blog grow and expand with my creativity.  See you here on the C-Cubed!C3 Chronicle!

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