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Site Update! #6

Hello, my friends!  I’m back to give you an update as to what I’ve got planned for the remainder of 2017.
For August, I’ll be reviewing the Marvel Anime series called “Blade”.  Because of what I’ve got planned for the rest of the year, I’ll review the two movies and close that particular review series out as my way of opening 2018.

Believe it or not, the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line (the main reason I started this site as a blog to begin with) is turning 10 years old on September 18.  Seeing how far I’ve come with this site & in the style of Superhero Rewind’s Capt. Logan doing the exact same thing with his first entry (interesting how our first reviews were on the same film), not to mention that it was announced that the series was going to revisit “The Death & Return of Superman” story arc with two films (“Death of Superman” & “Reign of the Supermen”), I’m going to celebrate the 10-Year Anniversary and revisit “Superman: Doomsday”.  With the source material in my possession for a long time now, I’ll be able to better tackle it than when I first looked at the film back in 2013.

October will see another Halloween-themed review of a comic book mini-series.  In honor of the release of a Castlevania series on Netflix (which has already been given a 2nd season, even though it was released in July), I’ll tackle the five-issue series “Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy”.  Like the “Lake Erie Monster” and “Dracula vs. King Arthur”, each issue will be released on a weekly basis (every Tuesday in October) leading up to Halloween.

Even though the film will have been out for a while by the time I get around to review it, I’m dedicating November to a review of “Batman & Harley Quinn”.  As for when I’ll get around to looking at its comic book tie-in on my sister series, I’ll plan that out for 2018.

Finally, December will see me bring the rest of my RoboCop comics Retrospective to a close.  It was a massive project already, but I’ve enjoyed learning about Alex Murphy’s various ventures within the numerous panels.  To close out 2017, I’ll look over his series from the three other companies and give my thoughts on RoboCop’s comic book run as a whole.

Even though all of this could change at an unexpected moment, this is what I’ve got planned.  Hope you all enjoy what I’ve got coming down the pipeline.  Until next, see you around the C-Cubed!

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