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Site Update! #17

Hello, my friends.  2022 has come and gone, so it’s time to look forward towards a brand new year.  2023 will mark the 10th Anniversary of this site and I’m personally amazed by both what I’ve covered & how I’ve helped this humble corner of the internet grow over that length of time.  So before I bring up what I’ve got in store in terms of review subjects for the first half of the year, allow me to share a quick rundown of the kind of things that I’ve covered over the past decade.

While initially starting off as my own means of talking about DC’s famous line of direct-to-home video animated superhero movies, I’ve grown to cover other DC-related media, various things from Marvel, comics that were published outside of the Big Two, various comic book retrospectives and even the occasional superhero TV program that’s popped up into my wheelhouse.  Needless to say, it’s been a wild initial decade and I look forward to bring you even more content over the next decade as well.  As for what I have in store for the first half of 2023, here’s some stuff that I have in mind.

January will shine some light upon the new year as we once again delve back into the TomorrowVerse.  It’s time for the Emerald Knight to take the lead, but it will be a different Earth-based figure who’s about to get drafted into the Corps in order to deal with an intergalactic war.  Despite the hectic nature of the situation, he won’t be dealing with this by himself.  As for how it all goes down, prepare for this bright day to glow within such a black night in a tale known as “Green Lantern: Beware My Power”.

February has us making one last surprise return to the DC Animated Movie Universe (a.k.a. the New 52 Animated Universe) as a certain Hellblazer will end up dealing with the consequences of an encouraging decision.  How will our supernatural-fighting bloke deal with this sudden turn of events and what do I think of it?  Come see why there’s no home-field advantage for this fight as I talk about the DC Showcase short called “Constantine: The House Of Mystery.

March brings in the iconic heroes’ youth as it’ll be up to them to stop a mind-controlling being from beyond the stars.  Can a pair of separate brothers be strong enough to endure such overwhelming odds that their endeavor will provide?  It’ll be time for a new generation to shine as we talk about “Batman & Superman: Battle Of The Super Sons”.

April takes us back into the comics realm as I take care of some unfinished business.  Our favorite gun-totting, self-healing and street-smart heroine will be tasked with trying to escort a young woman to safety after she’s witnessed a horrid crime.  In terms of what thuggish adversaries she’ll find herself up against and for how the journey played out in my mind, check out my review of “Painkiller Jane: Heartbreaker”.

May will see a modern-day media franchise celebrating its 15th anniversary.  With all of the heroes, stories and harrowing adventures that’ve unfolded over the years, I’ll be throwing in my two cents by beginning a brand new comic review series, particularly by covering every single book that’s connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  To start things off, I’ll suit up and talk about every single comic book tied into the first movie: “Iron Man”.

June brings us another anniversary concerning a comic-based media franchise, albeit one whose own releases have been far-more polarized across the board.  In a way, it still ties back to when I originally began this site.  I initially reviewed “Superman: Doomsday” back when this movie originally came out, so I’ll be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the DC Extended Universe by looking at the digital-only prequel comic to “Man Of Steel”.

As always, this list is subject to change.  Either way, I look forward to the new year that will be full of celebrations, further growth and constant strives towards a better tomorrow.  Let’s have some fun as I see you all around the C-Cubed!

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