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Get In The Fatal Ring (Part 2): “Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle Of The Realms”

Hello, my friends.  Even though the initial contest has come & gone in triumphant fashion, there’s some devious grudges that’re still stirring and must be dealt with.  Not only that, but there can even be a greater evil that’s even worse than what one can possibly imagine.  On that note, I welcome you back to another entry of…

Last time, our main group of Earthrealm warriors took part in a fighting contest that saw their world at risk of being conquered by Outworld should they lose.  Fortunately, they would prevail.  During this, a yellow-clad ninja was murdered but was brought back in order to obtain a key that would help out a fallen Elder God.  He was even driven by vengeance as he confronted a foe whom he thought tore his family life asunder, only to realize too late that it was his resurrector that did so.  As such, it’s time for the next chapter to unfold in an animated tale called…

Released for Digital Download, Blu-Ray & 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray on August 31, 2021, this sophomore entry would also get a DVD release.  Just like “Catwoman: Hunted” however, it was only in Europe (in particular, Netherlands).  So what kind of terror will our main group of combatants find themselves in this time around?  Let’s prepare for Round 2 and find out.

We open within a raining city at night as a couple is running through dimly lit alleys with their baby before they’re blocked by a locked gate.  As the man takes out a switchblade knife to defend himself, his lady and their child, it’s soon revealed that they were being chased by a trio of Tarkatans.  Soon enough, they quickly surround the guy before they stab him to death with their retractable blades.  The woman then tries to climb over the gate, but a Tarkatan being intercepts her escape attempt before another one comes in from behind and impales her.  Afterwards, the creature takes her baby and attempts to eat it.

Thankfully, they’re interrupted by the arrival of the Thunder God himself: Raiden (voiced by Dave B. Mitchell).  He easily electrocutes the first two Tarkatans before the last one attempts to escape with the baby, but he manages to swiftly catch up and reclaim the child before he unleashes a powerful shock upon the monster, causing it to explode in a bloody mess.

Raiden then approaches the fatally-wounded woman who tells him that the baby is her son named Liu Kang.  With her final breath, she requests the Thunder God to let her kid know that he’s loved.  Shortly after she passes on, Raiden proceed to head out with the future fighter in his arms.

Following the title card, we then shift ahead several years later as a Shaolin Temple in under attack by a massive army from Outworld.  During the bloody commotion, several Tarkatans await inside a Siege Tower as they prepare to invade once they reach the wall.  Fortunately, a small group of Shaolin Monks were able to counter with their own bazooka as they incinerate every mutant foe within the structure.

Unfortunately, they’re immediately met upon by a winged demon as it manages to mutilate some of them.  Before it can proceed to attack the remaining monks, it gets sliced by a familiar hat as it turns out to be Kung Lao (voiced by Matthew Yang King).  However, the main gate is in danger of getting breached.  He swiftly makes his way over to it as he tells his fellow monks that as long as they still stand, they won’t let their temple fall.

The front gate then gets smashed open by a massive monster before it proceeds to mutilate several monks while also allowing other creatures to begin pouring inside.  Kung Lao and company proceed to fight those demons off before the former engages the towering being.  He grabs a staff from one of the foul creatures and throws it at the giant monster, successfully stabbing it in its right eye.  However, the injury doesn’t remotely slow it down as it manages to pin Kung Lao.

Suddenly, an aircraft flies in and rams into the massive being before it makes a crash landing.  From there, Kurtis Stryker (voiced by Matthew Mercer) and Mj. Jackson Briggs a.k.a. Jax (voiced by Ike Amadi) emerge and proceed to fire away, successfully shooting the various demons and forcing them into retreating.  Even when other creatures try to infiltrate the breached wall, Kurtis & Jackson are able to fend them off.  Shortly after Kung Lao joins them, Stryker is stunned by what he’s just gone up against.  Kung Lao then helps Jax realize where their fellow comrades are currently at.

Over within a wooden area outside of the battlefield, a wounded Outworld returns to inform his leader named Kitana (voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin) that even though they were able to penetrate the temple gate, they’re suffering some major losses.  As such, she devises a battle plan.  She’ll have Reiko (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes) & Kintaro (also voiced by Dave B. Mitchell) head towards the front end of the temple and lead the charge there, while Baraka & Jade (voiced by Emily O’Brien) take their creatures called TaiGore to the temple’s sides in order to completely surround their enemy.

Suddenly, they discover that they were being spied upon as Johnny Cage (voiced by Joel McHale) makes his presence known.  He then gets quickly surrounded before he tells Kitana and her group that he’s willing to negotiate their surrender.  They obviously don’t accept his offer as Jade wishes to smite him herself, but Kitana instead offers a counteroffer: Surrender his absolute loyalty towards Outworld’s emperor.  With him smugly refusing, the Tarkatans are then ordered to head in and smite him.

Suddenly, one of the mutants has his head get entirely blown away as Johnny tells them that he brought his “girlfriend” to this meet-up.  Kitana then throws her razor-sharp fans at Cage, who easily dodges them before he’s pursued by more Tarkatans.  Soon enough, their heads get shot off by the skillful sharp-shooting of Lt. Sonya Blade (voiced by Jennifer Carpenter).

Johnny is then met upon by Baraka as he’s stunned to realize that the mutant fiend survived their last fight.  Thankfully, Cage is able to kick his foe away.  However, Jade manages to get the drop on him and easily subdue him.  Fortunately, Sonya arrives and rams her sniper into Jade’s face before kicking her into Reiko.

Shortly after Lt. Blade tells Johnny that she’s not his girlfriend, Kitana tells them to surrender since they won’t be able to stop Outworld’s army.  Fortunately, they smugly agree before Liu Kang (voiced by Jordan Rodrigues) and Raiden arrive.

From there, both sides proceeds to clash.  During their scuffle, Liu asks Kitana why she’s “still on the wrong side” before she tells him that she doesn’t have a choice on that matter.  Meanwhile, Kintaro rips a tree from the ground and tries to attack Raiden with it.  Fortunately, he uses his lightning to blast through it before zapping the four-armed foe.

Just as our heroes get surrounded, a portal opens up as a massive figure emerges from it, which turns out to be Outworld’s emperor himself: Shao Kahn (voiced by Fred Tatasciore).  Just as Raiden approaches him, Kang manages to attack the fiendish emperor.  However, Shao Kahn is able to block an incoming kick before grabbing Liu’s leg and throwing him into a tree.  Before he’s able to resume his strike against Kang, Raiden intervenes and tells his comrade to stand down.  Shao Kahn then says that he didn’t come here to fight and instead, he offers a way for their bloody conflict to finally end.  He wants Raiden to come with him to see the Elder Gods and request for one last Mortal Kombat.

To his comrades’ collected surprise, the Thunder God agrees.  Sonya tells him that they’re close to winning their current battle, but Raiden says that it would only be a temporary victory since Shao Kahn has access to limitless resources within Outworld and that he would eventually strike again.  By agreeing to this proposal, they would have a chance to finally end this vicious cycle and prevent future generations of Earthrealm fighters from being forced to endure this never-ending conflict.  With his mind made up, Raiden joins Shao Kahn as they take their leave through a portal.

Meanwhile, Hanzo Hasashi (voiced by Patrick Seitz) makes it back to his home village with his son Satoshi before they also come across his wife Harumi.  Suddenly, he starts burning up as his family and the surrounding area slowly get engulfed within flames.  He wearily falls over and tries to crawl to his family, but he’s unable to reach them as they wither away.

Suddenly, Scorpion wakes up to find himself back in the NeatherRealm following his climactic fight from the previous film.  With him surrounded by various demons, he’s soon met upon the corrupted Elder God himself: Shinnok (also voiced by Robin Atkin Downes).  He tells Hanzo that despite smiting his servant Quan Chi, this realm still has a claim to his soul.  Not only that, but the key that he previously acquired has now been bounded to his soul (presumably caused by the destruction of Shang Tsung’s island).  As such, Shinnok tells him that his demons will take him to an Earthrealm-based island where the Temple of Elements is located.  In particular, he needs Hasashi to open its gate and retrieve a particular item that will help him achieve a devious scheme that he has in store for the Elder Gods.  Shinnok then essentially tells him that he has no choice in whether he would be willing to take part of this expedition, to which Scorpion responds by successfully escaping through a portal.  Shinnok then tells his demons to go after him, but one of them says that he’s previously eluded them.  As such, he tells them to locate anyone who could help them.  From there, the scene ends with him looking forward to summoning a terrible being in order to smite every last realm.

We then shift over to the Lin Kuei Temple as Kuai Liang (voiced by Bayardo De Murguia) takes part in a practice bout with a fellow comrade named Smoke (also voiced by Matthew Mercer).  Following their brief tussle, Smoke tells him that despite being tough with himself on how skilled he’s gotten, he still praises his comrade for being “a great fighter”.  He then tells Kuai that with Outworld already attacking Earthrealm and with two of their fellow allies missing, it’s time for him to finally assume the mantle of Sub-Zero.  However, Liang doesn’t want to take his fallen brother’s title yet.  Afterwards, a fellow Lin Kuei ninja tells him that their master would like to speak to them.

From there, they reach the main temple where the Lin Kuei Grandmaster (voiced by Paul Nakauchi) tells them that they’ve been hired to find the Shirai Ryu’s lone surviving ninja: Scorpion.  Kuai instantly recognizes him as the man who killed his older brother Bi-Han before he looks to get some vengeance, but the Grandmaster tells him that Hanzo must be left alive.  He then tells them that in order to capture Hasashi, they must become “faster & better” than ever before.  In order to do so however, they’ll have to undergo some “experimentation”.  From there, their two comrades (whom were just mentioned as having gone missing) emerge as Liang and Smoke are shocked to discover that Sektor (also voiced by Dave B. Mitchell) & Cyrax (voiced by Artt Butler) have been turned into cyborgs.  The Grandmaster then mentions that he sees a regular human body as “fragile” and “weak”, thus requiring them to become enhanced by technology in order to become “the perfect warrior”.

Kuai & Smoke essentially agree that the proposed process is monstrous, but the Grandmaster refuses to budge on his stance as Sektor and Cyrax begin to approach them with the intent of forcing them into the devious process.  Smoke then uses his power to create a smokescreen in order for him and Liang to escape, but Sektor uses his sensor to locate them as he and Cyrax pursue them.

Sektor manages to tie up Kuai’s legs with some bolo cables before Smoke proceeds to engage him.  Meanwhile, Liang manages to free himself before he fights Cyrax.  However, Cyrax proves his technological might as he knocks Kuai out with a homing missile before heading in to capture him.  Smoke manages to hold his own against Sektor before he heads over to save Liang.  Unfortunately, Cyrax teams up with Sektor as they proceed to beat Smoke down before the latter subdues him within an electrified cable.

Kuai manages to recover and tries to intervene, but Cyrax counters with some chest missiles.  Although Liang was able to freeze them, they still explode the moment he tries to run past them as he gets blasted out of the temple.  With the explosion having caused some damage to the building, Kuai is unable to get past the massive amount of rubble as he can only helplessly watch Smoke begin to get cybernetically converted by Cyrax.  With his comrade telling him to run, Liang is then forced to go on the run.

Meanwhile, Raiden & Shao Kahn manage to reach the Elder Gods and proceed to ask them for one last Mortal Kombat in order for their millennia-spanning conflict to finally come to a close.  Ultimately, the Elder Gods accept their request as Shao Kahn prepares to head out.  However, Raiden puts in one final request.  In particular, he would like to take part in the competition and fight for EarthRealm.  Shao Kahn reminds him that only mortals can take part in the contest, but Raiden says that he’s willing to relinquish his Thunder God status in order to officially compete.  From there, the Elder Gods strip him of his immortal title and turn him into a regular human.  Afterwards, Shao Kahn tells him that he’ll regret his action before they proceed to take their leave.

Back at the Shaolin Temple, the Outworld army is calmly waiting outside while our main EarthRealm heroes also wait it out within the main walls.  Suddenly, Kurtis notices that several portals are opening up and that every single Outworld demon is retreating into those entryways.  With the whole group observing this, Raiden arrives and informs them that the tournament is now set.  He also tells them that this final contest will carry the fate of every single realm.  In addition, he’ll be joining them in combat as Liu and Kung realize what he’s done in order to fight alongside them.  With Raiden completely willing to risk his life, a portal opens as our main group proceeds to head inside.

Just then, Raiden tells Scorpion that he knows that he’s discreetly watching.  Hanzo then emerges and informs him about the key that’s currently bound to his soul.  Raiden realizes that he’s the only person who can open the temple door that leads to the last Kamidogu before he explains that they’re the “remnants of the One Being”.  He elaborates by mentioning how the Elder Gods spilt the devious being into six pieces and scattered each of them into different realms.  If Shinnok reunites all six pieces, then the One Being will return and annihilate every last realm.  Raiden then says that Shinnok is more than willing to bring this terrifying monstrosity back out of “revenge” and “insanity”.  Scorpion then requests for the key to be removed from him, but Raiden says that he can’t since he’s no longer the Thunder God.  He then tells Hanzo to run and hide in order to avoid getting captured, to which Hasashi considers just opening the temple door and getting it over with.  From there, Raiden tells him that he’s walked that fine line between good & evil and that it’s time for him to pick a side for his former family’s sake.  Afterwards, he heads into the portal before it disappears.

Meanwhile, our main group arrives in Outworld where they’re met upon by Shang Tsung (also voiced by Artt Butler) who proceeds to lead them into his emperor’s fortress.  Upon their arrival, Shao Kahn tells them that the contest will take place over the next two days.  Also, they’re allowed to roam around the entire compound, but not outside of it.

From there, the tournament gets underway with Johnny taking part in the initial fight as he goes up against the arachnid-humanoid named D’Vorah (voiced by Debra Wilson).  Right out of the gate however, he suffers an immediate hit to his groin.  Once they get into the thick of their dual, she ultimately defeats him before Sonya and Jax run out to go check on him.  Cage tries to admit needing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but Lt. Blade recognizes it as a shallow excuse to steal a kiss.  From there, Briggs warns him to knock it off with his antics.

As the competition plays out, several match-ups proceed to play out as Liu Kang defeats Jade, Kurtis takes down Baraka and Sonya ultimately triumphs over Li Mei.

Eventually, Jax goes up against Kintaro as the Shokan fighter manages to grab both of his bionic arms and attempts to rip them off.  Thankfully, Briggs manages to flip Kintaro over before he rips his foe’s upper arms from his body instead.  Afterwards, Shao Kahn announces that they’ll be taking a break before telling his guards to escort our main group to their sleeping quarters.

Back on Earthrealm, Scorpion is being pursued by Sektor and Cyrax over at the docks.  Once they reach a warehouse, they proceed to fight as Hanzo does all that he can to fend them off.  However, they prove to be worthy adversaries as Cyrax ultimately blasts him outside.

Just as they’re about to reach him again, they get swiftly frozen solid as Sub-Zero arrives and starts to attack Hasashi in order to seek his revenge.  Suddenly, a fully-cybernetically-converted Smoke arrives as he grabs their necks and throws them aside before he thaws his fellow cyborgs out.

Kuai soon finds himself up against his former comrade, but Smoke ultimately blasts him into the water.  Meanwhile, Scorpion gets beaten up by Sektor and Cyrax before he’s ultimately defeated.  With their target in their custody, all three cyborgs fly off to proceed with the next step of the grand plan.  Unbeknownst to them, Liang recovers and emerges from the water in order to see them take their aerial leave.

Back over in Outworld, the contest has resumed as Raiden proceeds to fight Reiko.  With him no longer having the immortal status of a Thunder God, he struggles a bit and feels the brutal strikes delivered from his opponent.  Despite having to endure some vicious hits, Raiden ultimately gets the win by grappling Reiko before slamming him to the ground.  Afterwards, a concerned Liu Kang approaches him, but Raiden assures him that he’s “fine”.

Meanwhile on Earthrealm, the three ninja cyborgs have arrived at the Temple of Elements.  From there, Scorpion gets ordered to place his hand upon the front gate.  Despite Hanzo essentially warning them of the grave danger that they’re helping to facilitate, Sektor and Cyrax manage to pin him onto the front gate before placing his hands upon it as well.  Through the key bounded within his soul, the door opens up before Sektor prepares to exterminate Hasashi with a trio of mini-rockets.

Suddenly, the projectiles get encased in ice as the explosion disorients the ninja cyborgs and Scorpion.  Sub-Zero then pops up and once again attempts to kill Hanzo, yet he’s able to kick Kuai away.  He then notices the ninja cyborgs chasing after him, to which Hasashi proceeds to run into the temple.  Liang then manages to freeze them before he heads inside to pursue his target.

Back on Outworld, the first day of the tournament has come to a close as our main group is back in their resting quarters.  Stryker manages to find a bedroom as he proceeds to head in and rest up for his next match.  Just as Sonya is about to head towards another bedroom, Johnny briefly stops her and asks if they could hang out, even trying to sneak in another kiss.  However, Lt. Blade simply heads inside and slams the door in his face.  Afterwards, Cage then wonders why he’s unable to romantically woo her, to which Jax tells him that he has to refrain from his ego-driven tactics and try to “pursue” her in a more proper way.

Meanwhile, Liu meets up with Raiden as he continues to express his own wariness towards the former Thunder God’s ability to survive this whole ordeal.  However, he simply tells Kang that he should be fine while he’s adjusting to his newfound status as a human.  From there, he decides to rest up for the first time in his life.

Meanwhile within the Earthrealm-based temple, Scorpion reaches a massive cavern filled with bridges intersecting at various angles.  Not only that, but it also has an occasional updraft.  Suddenly, he’s met upon by Sub-Zero who attempts to shoot him with a series of ice shards.  Hanzo apologizes for murdering his older brother and even explains that the Lin Kuei murdered his family & fellow villagers while being led by someone who was pretending to be Bi-Han.  Unfortunately, Liang doesn’t believe him before he ultimately uppercuts him down the shaft.

Thankfully, Hasashi gets saved by a timely updraft as he uses his speared chain to reach a higher platform.  Sub-Zero then proceeds to chase after him before they ultimately reach a particular platform and resume their fight.  Suddenly, their duel gets interrupted by a rocket blast as Sektor, Smoke and Cyrax have returned to pursue them.  After saving Kuai from some rubble, Scorpion tells him that they must join forces in order to get the cyber ninjas off their backs.  Ultimately, Liang agrees as he uses his freeze power to encase a platform’s support pillars within ice.  Hanzo then uses his chained spear to shatter the foundation and cause the structure to fall upon the cyborgs.

Afterwards, they reach the central chamber where the Kamidogu piece is being held.  However, Sub-Zero forms an ice dagger and attempts to stab Hanzo.  Fortunately, Hasashi notices in time as he pins Kuai down, swipes him of his chilling blade and holds it up to his neck.  He then tells Liang that they have to prevent the Kamidogu from falling into the wrong hands in order to prevent every realm from becoming doomed, thus making his vengeance quest utterly irrelevant.  Scorpion then says that he relates to being driven by revenge and how it can sickly consume anyone.  As he hands the ice dagger back in order to be killed, Hanzo wants Sub-Zero to promise him that he’ll keep the Kamidogu safe.  Kuai then charges into Hasashi and pins him down before plunging his chilling blade.  Fortunately, he purposefully misses as he ultimately decides to not go through with it.

Just as they make a mad dash for the Kamidogu, a heat beam suddenly strikes a nearby statue and pins Liang within the rubble.  Cyrax, Smoke and Sektor make their presence known as they defeat Hanzo by trapping him within a cybernetically-charged net.  Sub-Zero tries to tell Smoke that whoever hired them to retrieve the Kamidogu wants it for a evil purpose.  However, he tells Kuai that it’s their “objective” as they retrieve the artifact, blast open a hole within the roof and fly out.  As a result of the newly-formed hole, the whole room begins to collapse.