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DC Universe Animated Original Movies (Part 38): Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Hello, my friends.  For every start, there is a finish.  For every beginning, there is a end.  For every Alpha, there is an Omega.  On that note, it’s time that I talk about the climactic clash of a particular string of films that originally began back when everything changed in a flash.  As such, I once again welcome you to another sprawling entry of…

Over the span of just under seven years, the DCUAOM did its own take on a shared cinematic universe.  During the time that was created by a speedster’s fateful choice, we’ve seen different kinds of invasions fended off, the Caped Crusader gaining a crime-fighting son who ends up harnessing his own skills within the growing Bat-Family & among a youthful superhero team, spellcasters of all sorts magically suppressing different kinds of ancient evils, super criminals embarking on their own venture, a Man of Steel experience his own death & resurrection, the Dark Knight briefly having his own romantic endeavor with a feline fatale and the Amazing Amazon embarking on her own quest in the name of family.  Throughout those 14 films (15 if you count a certain British bloke’s online-woven spinoff tale set within La-La Land) and two sets of tie-in comics, this universe has seen its own share of superheroes, anti-heroes and villains.  Now, a certain entity is eager to make his vengeful return and he’s ready to strike back hard.  With all of that in mind, we’ve reached this particular capstone called…

Originally released for Digital Download on May 5, 2020 before coming out on DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray on May 19, this particular tale is loosely based on Geoff Johns’ Justice League story arc from 2015 & 2016 called “Darkseid War”.  Because I don’t have a copy of that particular tale (at the time of this article, anyway), I’m going to simply judge the movie on its own merits.  So how will the entirety of this World’s Greatest Heroes fare against the universe’s grandest evil?  Let’s take to the stars and find out.

After opening on a familiar quote that was notably uttered by Nora Allen…

…we truly begin with the murmuring of a certain word “Rebmemer”.  From there, we transition to two superhero lovers waking up from a comfortable sleep.  It turns out to be the Hellblazer himself, John Constantine (voiced by Matt Ryan) and Zatanna Zatara (voiced by Camilla Luddington).  Not only that, but they’re on board the Justice League Watchtower as team members where John admits that he joined for her before they attempt to lean in for a kiss.  Suddenly, a call goes out for all team members to assemble.

With the entire Justice League assembled, the meeting gets underway as Clark Kent a.k.a. Kal-El a.k.a. Superman (voiced by Jerry O’Connell) informs the group about the hostile planet of Apokolips and its ruler who previously attempted to invade Earth on two past occasions.  During this explanation, we cut over to Titans Tower as the Teen Titans have also been patched into this briefing.  Suddenly, Rachel Roth a.k.a. Raven (voiced by Taissa Farmiga) gets an abrupt headache as Damian Wayne a.k.a. Robin (voiced by Stuart Allan) asks her what’s wrong, to which she exclaims that it’s nothing.

Back at the Watchtower, Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman (voiced by Jason O’Mara) shows a recent image of Apokolips briefly phasing into the edge of their solar system before Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman (voiced by Rosario Dawson) says that the enemy planet temporarily popped in to deploy stealth drones before retreating.  Superman then steps in and says that their foe is looking to invade again in order to finally conquer Earth.  Afterwards, Barry Allen a.k.a. Flash (voiced by Christopher Gorham) asks whether the fiend is looking to immediately strike or wait a long time before proceeding with his plan.  From there, Kal-El shows images of previously-conquered worlds as the alien citizens lay ravaged throughout before informing the team that their foe has sent out “his elite guard & the Furies to act as an occupying force” in order to wipe out any and all resistance.  As such, he says that they have to make the first move while the action is still calm.

Victor Stone a.k.a. Cyborg (voiced by Shemar Moore) says that it won’t be easy due to the opposing Parademons, to which Batman says that they’ve previously fought them and know what their weak points are.  As Superman says that their combined effort will give them their best chance and that he’ll ultimately “do what needs to be done”, Lex Luthor (voiced by Rainn Wilson) exclaims that they could possibly make a deal with their enemy and suggests sending an envoy to Apokolips.  However, Kal-El immediately slams that idea down as he says that their foe was responsible for Doomsday’s creation and that humanity wouldn’t survive long past that notion.  Flash then warns him & the team that they’ll run the risk of unintentionally bringing this intergalactic war to Earth and put everyone they love in grave danger, especially since it’s a vision that he had during the Flashpoint.  After Constantine steps in and agrees with him, Superman exclaims that they don’t have any other choice and that their enemy must be permanently stopped.

From there, Wonder Woman proceeds to inform the team about their infiltration strategy, which will see them taking advantage of the Furies being off-world and only have the Parademons for them to contend with along the way.  Unbeknownst to them however, Uxas a.k.a. Darkseid (voiced by Tony Todd) is discreetly overseeing this through Cyborg.

Before the team heads out, Kal-El contacts Lois Lane (voiced by Rebecca Romijn) and tells her to hold up in a safe spot.  Though she promises to be careful, she says that he shouldn’t overly worry about her own safety, since she’s still a reporter and that she can still cover the story.  With the Teen Titans staying put as a last resort, the entire Justice League board a trio of Javelin jets and head out on their mission.  From there, Cyborg accesses the controls and opens up a Boom Tube for the team to enter.

Shortly afterwards, they arrive on Apokolips.  Suddenly, their sensors detect incoming lifeforms, but Batman exclaims that “they’re too big to be Parademons”.  As such, these newfound creatures quickly approach our incoming heroes and attack.

Following the title card, we shift over to Earth two years later as the entire planet has been ravaged, the Watchtower has fallen and Darkseid has completely conquered Earth.  Within the shattered remains of London, John is drinking away at a pub within the presence of a lone figure.  Suddenly, a pair of familiar heroes have arrived as it turns out to be Superman and Raven.

Despite his drunken nature however, Constantine decides to punch Kal-El in the face.  Rachel retaliates by kicking him before Clark steps in to break up their scuffle.

Unfortunately, it attracted a small group of Parademons to their presence.  Raven prepares to fight back, but is suddenly racked by psychic pain as she and John get hit.  Constantine tells Superman to smite their foes, but Clark says that he’s unable to.  As such, John proceeds to fight back before telling the unconscious patron to help out.  This being turns out to be Etrigan The Demon (voiced by Ray Chase) who finishes his beer before incinerating a Parademon with a fiery belch.

Afterwards, Constantine is approached by another Parademon. Thankfully, he reclaims a mystical artifact and manages to reduce the foul beast into an ashy remain.

With the Parademons vanquished, John notices a green tainted Superman symbol on Kal-El’s chest, to which he explains that it’s Liquid Kryptonite and that it prevents him from being a legit threat to Darkseid again.   From there, the attention gets shifted over to Rachel who’s still getting psychically assaulted.  Constantine examines her and discovers her entrapped demonic father swearing to carry out “exact vengeance” and demanding to be released.  As such, Superman finally learns why this has been happening to her, even causing her own healing magic to not work.

Afterwards, John begins to walk off after refusing Kal-El’s offer to set things right.  Raven calls him a coward before Constantine chastises Clark for his initial plan of attack.  Rachel then says that at least Zatanna bravely fought to the bitter end, but he was unable to.  Just as John attempts to take his leave again, Superman stops him and exclaims that Zatanna would want him to hear them out.  As such, Constantine reluctantly agrees.  However, they have to head out in order to avoid more Parademon encounters.  As such, the entire group (including Etrigan) take their leave.

Later, they arrive at the remains of Elizabeth Tower (a.k.a. the famous clock tower that holds Big Ben), which now serves as John’s hideout.  As Etrigan grabs a bottle of alcohol, Constantine explains that he’s been mopey ever since “a friend” (most likely Jason Blood, his longtime host) died.  It even got to the point where he no longer does his signature rhyming.  From there, John demands for a recounting of their failed mission.

As such, Superman begins by saying that Darkseid knew their plan from the get-go and was prepared with newly-formed creatures that were “half Parademon, half Doomsday”.  From there, the Justice League began to fall in battle, starting with Hal Jordan’s bloody end and Barry’s defeat.

It only got worse as Hawkman’s wings were shattered, Aquaman was brutally sliced by Darkseid’s Omega Beams, Shazam got his right leg ripped off, Martian Manhunter was incinerated and Mera got mutilated.

Thankfully, Cyborg was able to help the wounded Shazam escape with a Boom Tube.  Unfortunately, Darkseid personally ripped his cybernetic arms off.

Even Wonder Woman wasn’t sparred from this savage onslaught as her left arm was ripped off, while both Batman and Superman were overwhelmed by the vicious beings.  In the end, Diana, Clark, Bruce, Victor and Barry were among those who were left alive for Darkseid’s plans.  This included Batman getting mentally broken by the Morbius chair, while Superman got injected with Liquid Kryptonite.

Raven then steps in and explains that within only a few days later, the “Paradooms” were sent to Earth and easily ravaged the planet.  Constantine then takes a little pleasure in Kal-El’s eternal pain before Rachel says that Superman is still willing to fight back without his powers before chastising the Hellblazer for not even trying.

From there, John thinks back to the confrontation on Apokolips.  Despite her best effort, Zatanna gets overtaken by a large group of Paradooms.  Constantine gets rattled and ends up retreating back to Earth.  As the flashback ends, he says that he doesn’t know why he ran away, especially since he’s gone up against some towering foes in the past.  He then asks why they need his services, to which Superman says that they need a locator spell.  After a brief chuckle, John agrees to help before heading out to get the proper tools.

Meanwhile, a devious construct has taken off from Apokolips and uses a Boom Tube to travel towards Earth.  From there, it slams into the ground before it begins to drill away into the planet’s core.

Back on Apokolips, Darkseid is informed that his third planet reaper has begun its devious harvesting process.  Uxas exclaims how this kind of artillery will make the Guardians of the Universe over on Oa bow to him, thus allowing him to take control over their space sector.  In fact, the only reason why that planet wasn’t conquered already was due to the Justice League managing to damage Apokolips’ reactor during their failed attack.  As such, he’s informed that the new reactor is providing new power, but not at the same rate as before.  Informing him of all of this is then revealed to be a mind-controlled Batman who tells his master that he’s still loyal to the cause, as opposed to Luthor who’s still alive and trying to undermine him in order to save “his own skin”.  From there, the scene ends with Darkseid exclaiming that he won’t accept any further delays.

Back in London, Superman gets in contact with Lois who tells him that due to a planet reaver operating in China, they must take their teams and meet up in a different location.  Shortly after exclaiming that she’s unsure what the devious device is trying to do, the transmission gets cut off.  Afterwards, John arrives back with a globe and a pin before asking whom the group is attempting to locate, to which Superman tells him that it’s Damian.  Despite being puzzled on how the Boy Wonder will play a factor in stopping Darkseid, Constantine proceeds to cast the locator spell.  Shortly after it finds their target, John says that he’s going to need a lengthy amount of time in order to properly transport the group to their destination.  Fortunately, Raven decides to magically do the work herself against Superman’s wishes.  As such, the entire group ends up teleporting out.

Back at LexCorp Tower within the closed-off remains of Metropolis, Lex gets confronted by Batman about his attempt to undercut the Dark Knight’s efforts towards Darkseid’s cause.  From there, Luthor informs him that Earth’s resources are about to get transported to Apokolips before asking if their “Lordship” plans on keeping him alive and include him for future schemes, to which Batman says that he’s only concerned with making sure that their master’s plans get carried out.  In addition, he tells Lex to only worry about following his orders before concluding his transmission.

Meanwhile, our heroes have arrived at a base for the League of Assassins (now the League of Shadows, apparently).  However, they’re suddenly approached by several armed assailants as Lady Shiva (voiced by Sachie Alessio) orders her men to attack.  While Constantine manages to fend their foes off and even saves Superman at one point, Etrigan has no trouble in defeating the opposing assassins with little ease as he even subdues Shiva herself.

Just as an assailant is about to attack a weary Rachel, he gets ordered to stop as Damian emerges alongside his dog Ace.  Upon seeing Kal-El, the young Wayne’s anger begins to grow as he intends to slay him for the failed attack.  Just as Raven tells him to listen to Superman, she passes out as Damian catches her before Clark says that he understands his present hatred towards him, but he’s here for a good reason.  From there, the young Wayne tells Superman that he’ll spare him before carrying Rachel inside.

Later on, our group is in the sleeping chamber.  While in a dreamlike state, she’s met by her imprisoned father Trigon (voiced by John DiMaggio) who tells her that he’ll eventually break out.  She tells him that it won’t happen before magically reinforcing a severed restraint.  He then says that he’ll be forever trapped here if she dies and says that if he’s not let go, then he’ll “kill the boy”.

Back in reality, Damian asks John if Rachel can be cured.  Constantine says that releasing Trigon would do it, but the young Wayne knows that he would lay waste to the world as a result.  Afterwards, Raven wakes up as Damian tells her and Superman to come with him.

As they walk down a corridor, the young assassin exclaims that he felt that Kal-El’s tactic was doomed to fail, despite his father believing in the plan.  After exclaiming that it cost him his dad, we then shift into a flashback where the majority of the Teen Titans were viciously slaughtered by the Paradooms.  Robin was about to be attacked by one particular being before Nightwing arrived to help him out.  However, he wound up getting fatally stabbed before Damian got smacked into the water.

Back in the present, he takes Rachel and Clark to a holding cell where he reveals Dick Grayson to be alive.  However, he’s not mentally sound as Raven realizes that Damian brought him back with the Lazarus Pit, even though he promised her that he wouldn’t commit such an act.  Wayne explains that he took that chance, since Nightwing was a brother to him.  Superman says that they won’t let their fallen comrades die in vain before asking Damian to help them out.  Specifically, he can help Batman break free from his mind-controlled state.  Wayne initially refuses before Rachel says that she relates to him since “even awful parents care about their kids”.  Kal-El then exclaims that he was with Bruce when he learned about Dick’s death and how “it affected him”.  After remembering that his dad did overcome his mom’s brainwashing efforts, Damian ultimately agrees to help them out in order to save his father.  He then says that the only way they can get to Apokolips is through a Boom Tube generator that’s located at LexCorp as the scene ends with him asking Clark how they’re going to reach it.

We then shift over to Stryker’s Island Penitentiary as Superman, Raven, John, Etrigan, Robin and Shiva arrive via Rachel’s teleportation magic.  As they head inside, Kal-El exclaims that Lois is already here and is negotiating with the compound’s leader.  Upon entering the main hall however, they soon discover that those talks are about to take place in a boxing ring that’s crowded by several thugs.  For the “negotiation”, Lois is fighting Dr. Harleen Quinzel a.k.a. Harley Quinn (voiced by Hynden Walch).  As our main group make their way towards the ring, they come across George “Digger” Harkness a.k.a. Captain Boomerang (voiced by Liam McIntyre).

From there, the brawl proceeds for a bit before Harley takes out some electrified gauntlets.  The fight lasts for a while before Lane wins by shocking Quinn with her own weapon.  Afterwards, Captain Boomerang steps in to announce Lois as the winner.  From there, Harley agrees to Lane’s deal before announcing to her fellow Suicide Squad-mates that they’re going to prep for their assault on LexCorp Tower in order to liberate Earth.

After Superman and Lois get reunited, Rachel learns that Constantine used to date Quinn as they see her alongside Nanaue a.k.a. King Shark (also voiced by John DiMaggio).  From there, Robin asks how Amanda Waller would ever let her become the Suicide Squad’s leader, to which Quinn explains that she was ultimately done in by her terminal illness a.k.a. cancer.  She then says that one week after that happened, Joker was axed off by the mind-controlled Batman.  As such, she and her fellow delinquents became a freelance team as Captain Boomerang says that they’ve been pilfering Lex’s supply runs ever since Darkseid’s invasion.  Afterwards, Lois asks for a private room in order for them to look over some vital information.  Suddenly, Raven get psychically assaulted by her father again as Damian requests for a place for her to rest.

While the rest of the combined group heads out with Lane and Quinn, Cheetah escorts Raven and Robin to the infirmary.  After getting her father under control again, she says that it’s gotten to the point where she actually has to talk to Trigon in order to keep him at bay.  After Damian assures her that she’s “one of the strongest people” he’s ever met, he asks how she crossed paths with Clark.

In a flashback, she explains that after he left following the major slaughter of their fellow Teen Titans, she actually considered committing suicide by stabbing herself with a sharp piece of rebar.  Fortunately, Superman arrived in time to stop her foolishly fatal act before comforting her in his arms.

After Rachel apologizes for not initially leaving with him, Robin says that his original offer of leading the League of Assassins alongside him wasn’t made out of respect towards her as “a good fighter”, but because he had genuine feelings for her.  Raven then says that she only left because her father is eager to kill him, thus she didn’t want to put Damian in grave danger.  From there, the scene ends with him taking her hand out of admiration.

Later, they rejoin the group as Lois begins her briefing.  She explains that Darkseid’s planet reapers are already active in the Congo, China and just off England’s coastline, as those devious machines have been harvesting Earth’s magma and teleporting it towards Apokolips.  Lady Shiva exclaims that they’ll have to destroy the constructs, but Lane says that it’ll only be a brief resolution to their growing problem as they must blow up the enemy planet.  She also explains that it won’t be easy, due to the vast armada of Paradooms that were created by “Parademons upgraded with Superman’s DNA”, similar to how Doomsday was formed.  As such, Lois says that the Paradooms must be lured away from Apokolips in order for their plan to have any chance of succeeding.  In order to do so, they’ll attack two planet reapers.  Robin asks why they can’t just go after all three, to which Lane says that they don’t have enough super allies remaining.  After saying that it should be sufficient, she goes on to explain that the Boom Tube gate towards Apokolips is located in LexCorp Tower.  Once they reach it, they’ll send a strike team out there in order to overload the planet’s “power generator” and reverse the Boom Tubes to recall the Paradooms before evacuating in time for Darkseid’s homeworld to explode.  However, John points out Uxas himself as the fatal flaw in their plan, to which Captain Boomerang agrees since none of them are able to remotely challenge him.  Fortunately, Lois says that she learned from “Sleeper” (an inside source who’s been informing her for the past several months) that Darkseid is about to leave for Oa and that they’ll only set their scheme in motion once he’s gone, even shutting down the portal in order to prevent him from returning.  However, Robin calls her out since it’s possible that either Darkseid or Batman is leading them on, to which Superman says that her source is what helped them achieve their minor victories since the invasion.  Lane then chimes in with the fact that Earth’s core will be completely excised in only a week and that they don’t have any other options.  From there, the scene ends with Etrigan wanting to forego the rallying speech cliché and exclaims that they should just do it.

From there, the plan gets underway as a LexCorp transport gets stopped by Harley who manages to distract the two officials long enough for King Shark to vicious eat them.  Afterwards, Captain Boomerang & Quinn don their uniforms before driving up to the front gate, where George fabricates how he and his comrade were attacked by a group of thugs and that he has to get his fatally-wounded partner some medical attention.  Despite the questionable delivery of his excuse, the guard allows him to enter.

Over at Apokolips, Batman informs Darkseid that the majority of the Green Lantern Corps has fallen to the hands of the Paradooms.  From there, a Boom Tube gets summoned as Uxas heads out to conquer Oa, even informing Bruce to not disturb him.

Back at the base of LexCorp Tower, the resistance team has been successfully sneaked in as Harley, Captain Boomerang, King Shark, Bane, Black Manta and Cheetah head inside to do their part.  Meanwhile inside the truck, Lois gets informed by Sleeper that Darkseid has taken his leave.  As such, she sends out a signal for the remaining heroes to begin their assault on the planet reapers.  Over in China, Shazam, Steel and Superboy begin their attack.  Meanwhile, Black Orchid leads her squad over in the North Sea as she proceeds to ram the House of Mystery into the reaper.

Joining her in the attack are Batwing, Batwoman and Batgirl.  However, the Paradooms immediately begin to assert their might as they manage to take out both Batwing and Batwoman.

Back at LexCorp Tower, Luthor gets contacted by Batman who demands an explanation for why the rebels have been able to attack the reapers.  Lex says that he’s not in charge of Earth-based security before getting ordered to unleash their entire Paradoom armada upon the planet.  Back with the main resistance team, Lois isn’t able to get a proper reading that the Paradooms are en route to Earth.  After she blames herself for not waiting long enough to gather enough individuals for a third strike team, Constantine decides to help her with that conundrum.

As such, he magically makes it to the Congo before calling out to a familiar figure.  Suddenly, a green fist is formed and attempts to punch him, but John’s aura is thankfully unharmed.  From there, he’s confronted by Dr. Alec Holland a.k.a. Swamp Thing (voiced by Roger R. Cross) as Constantine tells him that the nearby planet reaper is a threat to “The Green”.  After being convinced that it’s getting unfairly axed off just like the human race, Swamp Thing grows his own wings and proceeds to attack the planet reaper.  Suddenly, a legion of Paradooms arrive to intervene as John takes his leave.  After getting a notice that the third reaper is getting attacked, she orders Harley and her team to move in before telling her fellow rebels to do the same.

As such, the resistance is able to fend off LexCorp’s armed officials.

Through various means of weaponry & brute force, the group manages to leave a brutal and bloody body count in their wake.

As they continue their assault however, the main group suffers its first fatality as Lady Shiva gets shot in the head.  With Constantine providing a magical barrier and Rachel taking care of the gunman, Damian reaches his fallen comrade and closes her eyes for a proper rest before they head upward.

Meanwhile, Luthor discovers that the Paradooms aren’t just going after the heroes, but the LexCorp officials that they’re supposed to be helping as well.  Afterwards, his security cameras spot the resistance making their way up the stairs.  As they continue to fight off the armed soldiers, one of them manages to gun down Cheetah before Superman subdues him.  Lois then discovers that they’re only one floor away from reaching the Boom Tube generator, but there’s no stairwell access to it.  As such, Kal-El tells the team to keep moving.

Suddenly, they’re approached by Lex who engages them within his mechsuit.  Robin tries to plunge his sword into it, but he ends up striking an electrified security detail and gets thrown off.  Out of worry for her friend, Raven begins to let Trigon take the wheel as she accesses his demonic power.  As such, she easily tears through Luthor’s mechsuit and holds Lex up as she begins to crush him.  Superman tells her to “stay in control”, to which she fortunately manages to do so.  Damian then holds Luthor at bladepoint as he and Captain Boomerang wish to execute him for turning his back on them, but Clark says that they need him.  Lex then explains that once their initial attack backfired, he had no choice but to agree to work for Darkseid.  Fortunately, he’s been discreetly helping Lois as it’s revealed that he was the inside informant named “Sleeper”.  Robin still doesn’t trust him and believes that he’ll sell the resistance out, but Luthor assures him that they’ll need his help.

Back in the Congo, Swamp Thing continues his assault on the planet reaper.  However, the Paradooms are beginning to overwhelm him.  Fortunately, he’s able to crush the device and sacrifices himself as it ultimately blows up.

Back on Apokolips, Batman orders the remaining Paradooms to defend the Chinese and North Sea-based planet reapers.  From there, our heroes begin to fall by the wayside as Batgirl, Black Orchid and Superboy meet their fatal ends.  Shazam even gets overwhelmed by the numerous Paradooms, to the point where he’s forced to sacrifice himself by calling out his magical lightning bolt to strike him and the monstrous fiends down.

Back at LexCorp Tower, Damian and Lex are prepping the Boom Tube generator for launch.  Meanwhile, Raven tells John that she wants him to kill her in both body & soul should Trigon free himself and take control.  As such, he summons the Dagger of Ostova as she says that it’ll do.  Afterwards, Superman emerges wearing one of Luthor’s warsuits as Lex informs him that it’s armed with “Kryptonite-infused missiles and high-explosive rounds”.  From there, Luthor brings up the rest of his Kryptonite-laced armory as Robin choose the Kryptonite Blade.  As such, Lex prepares the Boom Tube generator as Lois tells Clark that she’s stay put in order to protect the way home.  After assuring him that they’re in this together, they proceed to share a kiss before the strike team gets transported to Apokolips.

Shortly after the group arrives, Constantine takes out a pair of sunglasses and uses them to summon a cloaking spell.  With the entire group having turned invisible, they proceed to head towards Darkseid’s palace.

Back on Earth, Lex gets contacted by Batman about an “unauthorized use” of the Boom Tube generator.  Luthor feigns about a “power surge”, but Bruce sees through his lie and discovers that he’s turned his back on Darkseid before signing off.

Over on Oa, nearly the entire Green Lantern Corps has been viciously slayed.  Fortunately, a particular member named John Stewart (also voiced by Roger R. Cross) managed to barely survive.  As the remaining corpsman attempt to attack Uxas to no avail (including Kilowog), he gets contacted by Batman and is informed about the unauthorized Boom Tube that came from LexCorp Tower.  As Stewart attempts to crawl over to the Central Power Battery and recharge his ring, Darkseid tells Bruce to send the Furies after their invaders.  Not only that, but he wants some of Earth’s magma sent to Oa as a sign of his tyranny.  As such, a Boom Tube opens and pours out some lava which manages to reach the Power Battery and cause it to explode, leaving Stewart as a withered corpse.

Back on Apokolips, John and company continue their march towards Darkseid’s palace.  Suddenly, they’re approached by the Furies as it’s revealed that they consist of a few captured and brainwashed heroes, such as Mera, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Starfire and Wonder Woman.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the Furies proceed to attack our main group as Constantine goes up against Diana, Damian proceeds to duel with J’onn J’onzz, Rachel to forced to tangle with Koriand’r, while Kal-El clashes with both Katar Hol and Mera.

During the massive scuffle, John’s magical defenses are getting smashed by Wonder Woman’s Amazonian might.  Just as she has him at her mercy and prepares to finish him off, Etrigan comes in with a timely save.  Seeing this as a worthy challenge, the heroic demon proceeds to duel with Diana.

During their fight, she uses her Omega Shield and delivers a distracting blow in order to take his sword.  Fortunately, he evades her strikes and distracts her with some fire breath in order to partially disarm her.  Even after she manages to cut his face, it only fills him with glee as he proceeds to deliver several punches onto his foe.

Unfortunately, Wonder Woman delivers the deathblow as she stabs him.  Having danced in one last glorious battle before his ultimate demise, Etrigan proceeds to deliver his last rhyme just as Diana kicks him off the platform and he perishes within the infernal blaze.

Afterwards, Wonder Woman makes her way towards Constantine.  Thankfully, he uses a spell to entrap her within her own Lasso of Truth.  As he adds his own magic touch, he’s able to help break Diana out of her mind-controlled state.

From there, Wonder Woman gets the Furies’ attention before telling our main group about a tunnel that’ll take them to the main power generator.  Afterwards, she proceeds to engage her brainwashed teammates in combat while our heroes resume their mission.

Back at LexCorp Tower, Lex and the Suicide Squad arm themselves with various Kryptonite-laced weapons.  Afterwards, Lois warns them that the remaining Paradooms are en route to their location.  She then tells the group that they must prevent those creatures from returning to Apokolips.  As such, the group prepares to make their last stand.

Over within Darkseid’s palace, the strike team finally reaches the power generator.  To their shock, it turns out that it’s powered by Flash who’s forced to continuously run on a Cosmic Treadmill.  Superman grabs onto a swaying gyro and causes the generator to fall apart.

After getting freed from the devious device, Barry wearily explains that he was phased by Darkseid’s Omega Beams into becoming a permanent replacement to Apokolips’ power generator.  Despite being freed, he’s unable to stop his erratic vibrations.  As such, John steps in to magically calm him down.  As he does so, he suddenly gets a quick flash of events from this universe before telling his teammates that Allen caused this reality to exist through the Flashpoint.  However, Robin and Raven exclaim that Flash was the planet’s main generator, so there isn’t one to blow up and prevent Uxas from returning.  As such, Constantine tells the group to press on before hinting at a plan that he has up his sleeves.

Meanwhile, Diana continues her fierce fight against the Furies, where she manages to fend off their attacks and keep them at bay.

Back on Earth, the Paradooms have broken into LexCorp Tower.  Fortunately, the Suicide Squad is able to slice, shoot and rip apart many of these foul beings as they can.

However, things start to take a turn for the worse as Bane gets ganged up and slaughtered, while Black Manta gets caught and ripped apart.  With the group starting to get overwhelmed, they hurriedly head over to the Boom Tube Generator as Luthor activates a Kryptonite shield, which manages to slice a Paradoom that attempted to get in.

Back beneath Darkseid’s palace, our main group attempt to make their way through a hallway that’s shooting off several lasers.  Damian gets hit by one, causing Rachel to create a magical barrier for him and her teammates.  However, the constant laser barrage begins to strain her.  Trigon then tells her to trust him and “let go”, which allows her to tap into his power.  As a result, she’s able to teleport the team out and into the central chamber.

Afterwards, Robin goes to check on Raven, to which Trigon communicates through her that he’ll kill him.  Fortunately, she’s able to regain control over herself.  Suddenly, they hear a robotic voice as it turns out to be Cyborg who’s been fully-integrated as Darkseid’s Source Wall.  From there, he exclaims that his master will keep them alive so that he can personally torture them.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman’s fight against the Furies takes a bad turn when she gets stabbed in the shoulder by Mera as the rest of the mind-controlled figures manage to surround her.

Back with our main heroes, Victor tells them to wait for Darkseid’s return.  Fortunately, John decides to cast some “Techno Magic” upon him as he uses it to break Cyborg from Uxas’ mental grasp.

As a result, it also frees the Furies from their mind-controlled states.  With her former Justice League teammates back on the side of good, Diana tells them to head out and reunite with our main group.

Afterwards, Superman tries to pull Victor from the Source Wall.  However, Cyborg says that it’s too late for him since he doesn’t have enough of his body to ever be completely free again.  Just as he begins to inform our heroes that Batman has stepped out to talk to Darkseid, they’re suddenly approached by the mind-controlled Dark Knight and his master.  Clark tries to attack, but Uxas stops his punch before tearing the warsuit apart with his Omega Beams.

After admitting that he knew Kal-El would return and that he didn’t anticipate Constantine to do so, Bruce goes on to tell Damian how Darkseid helped him see his boy not as a son, but as “a burden”.  Despite Rachel telling him that Darkseid is forcing Batman to say that, Robin is too angered to listen as he unsheathes his Kryptonite Sword and prepares to engage his father in vicious combat.  As Uxas sits on his throne to watch, Bruce has his Morbius Chair keep the rest of the group at bay.

From there, Robin & Batman proceed to fight each other.  Despite Damian’s best efforts, Bruce is able to land the successive blows and is even able to disarm his son before continuing his vicious beatdown through hand-to-hand combat.

Robin attempts to use some smoke pellets, but Batman quickly evades this diversion with a grappling hook.  From there, Bruce uses a Bat-Bola to tie his son up before using some electrified gauntlets and beat Damian into a bloodied pulp.  Afterwards, he acquires the Kryptonite Sword and prepares to execute his son.

Superman sees this from afar, but he’s unable to intervene due to the Morbius Chair.  As such, Batman proceeds to stab Robin in the leg before Darkseid orders him to deliver the killing blow.

Fortunately, the image of his son staring him down with a weapon in his face brings up the tragic night of his parents’ death via gunshot by Joe Chill.

This in turns allows Bruce to break out of his mind-controlled state as he manages to throw the blade at Uxas, which stabs him in the eye.  However, all this surprise attack did was infuriate Darkseid as he prepares to attack Batman with his Omega Beams.

Suddenly, Damian recovers and steps in the way as he sacrifices himself and saves his father.  With Raven seeing this traumatic act, Trigon takes advantage of her mentally-weakened state and finally breaks free, thus allowing him to take control of his daughter.

With her last ounce of self-control, she tells John to kill her off.  From there, he summons the Dagger of Ostova.  In a surprise move, he uses it to dislodge the shard from Rachel’s face.  From there, he acquires the demonic gem and uses another spell to free Trigon’s essence from it.  Constantine then offers himself up as a host for the dark being in order for them to take on Darkseid.

However, Trigon has someone else in mind as he proceeds to take control of Superman.  While this does eradicate the Liquid Kryptonite from his new vessel, he then uses it to kill John before confronting Uxas.  They proceed with their demonic duel by firing their respective eye beams before the Trigon-Possessing Superman overpowers and overtakes the opposing Omega Beams.  From there, they proceed to engage each other in vicious fisticuffs.

Meanwhile, Batman is with his badly-burned son as Robin thanks his dad for taking him in and teaching him “a better way”.  After exclaiming the creed that he’s been instilled with (“Justice, Not Vengeance”), he tells his father to save their friends and especially Raven before the Omega Beams’ damage ultimately takes its toll as Damian dies in Bruce’s arms.

Suddenly, he hears Lois attempting to contact her husband via the warsuit’s video communicator.  With the possessed Superman still locked in a brutal clash with Uxas, Batman heads over to talk with Lane.

Back at LexCorp, Luthor has activated the building’s self-destruct sequence.  With the Paradooms threatening to break through the Kryptonite shield, Lois tells Bruce that she has to talk with Clark.

As such, Batman tells Cyborg to transmit Lane’s message to Kal-El’s still-functioning warsuit.  With Darkseid at his mercy, the possessed Superman receives Lois’ transmission as she says that due to present circumstances, they won’t be able to remain together.  Thankfully, Clark begins to mentally break through as Trigon begins to lose his control.