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C-Cubed TV Review: “Birds Of Prey” (Part 3)

Hello, my friends.  The darkest hour is about to fall upon New Gotham, but our trio of street-tough heroines are looking to protects its streets through their exquisite combination of sharp intellect and physical fighting prowess.  As such, I welcome you to the final chapter of my series overview concerning the short-lived series known as…
Our Title Card!

Because we’ve hit the final home stretch, I recommend that you check out the first two parts of my full review in order to get the full scope of what I’ve experienced throughout this quaint narrative.  In terms of a brief summary for those who’re staying put, here’s what’s transpired.  Once upon a time, New Gotham was protected by Batman.  Although he ultimately defeated the Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime still got the last laugh through the murder of his true love Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman and the permanent crippling of Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Batgirl.  As such, the Dark Knight had left the city.  Seven years later, Babs has now become the tech-savvy Oracle who’s taken in Selina’s daughter named Helena Kyle, whom he never knew about.  Because of her half-human/half-metahuman genetic make-up, she fights against the city’s criminal scumbags as Huntress and has recently crossed paths with a detective named Jesse Reese.  Although she’s been somewhat mysterious with him about who she really is, they’ve developed a complicated working relationship between each other as they learn to trust one another, where he’s even acquired his own contact ring in order to get in touch with the team.  Also, Gordon and Kyle have taken in a metahuman runaway named Dinah who’s mother was the famous heroine known as Black Canary.  During her time with the team, she’s developed metahuman powers of her own, mainly mental-based.  She’s able to read specific thoughts of those whose hand she touches, has precognitive dreams and even telekinesis.  Not only that, but her teammates have even trained her into becoming adept in hand-to-hand and short-range weapons combat.  Together, they’ve tackled several human and metahuman threats to New Gotham, some of whom have been under the employ of Helena’s psychiatrist named Dr. Harleen Quinzel, better known as the Joker’s girlfriend herself: Harley Quinn.  Her ultimate endgoal is to take control of the entire city in order to get revenge for the permanent arrest of her “puddin’”.  While being very active and present through the first half of the series, she’s been laying low for a while in preparation for her ultimate strike.  Before we get there however, we need to cover a few more moments of personal development for the team.  As such, let the hunt for criminal scumbags resume.

Episode 11 (“Reunion”) opens at Kyle’s regular job (finally known as the Dark Horse Bar) as a group of guys are celebrating their good ol’ days from New Gotham High, led by a young man named Joey Norvillino (played by Corporal Hawkins, Stefan Bekowsky and Gabe himself, Sean McGowan).  Suddenly, he’s accidentally bumped into by another former classmate of his named Cameron Anderson (played by Dr. Dustin Crenshaw himself, J.P. Manoux).  Cam says that he remembers being his tutor in Trigonometry, but Joey casually discards him.  Helena and Gibson observe this incident from afar as she exclaims that former classmates like him are a huge reason why she doesn’t want to go to their upcoming five-year reunion.  However, Kafka sees this as his chance to make an impression upon his former schoolmates, especially if Helena goes with him, to which she refuses.  Just then, Joey comes over and orders another round of beer.  Kyle notices his drunken nature and tells him that he’s had enough, especially since he called her “baby”.  Her boss named Leonard (played by Bob Clendenin) then comes in and tells her not to cause any hassle with their customers.  After she refills his beer pitcher, Joey starts to drunkenly hit on her before his feeble efforts are stopped by another former classmate named Jack Barrett (played by Christopher Wiehl) who tells him to get lost.  Helena then thanks him before he takes his leave as she mentions to Gibson that he doesn’t even know her name.  Kafka says that attending the reunion would be the perfect opportunity for them to get properly acquainted.  Despite that offer, she’s still not up for it.

Later than night, Joey and his friends make their way through New Gotham Park as they drunkenly sing their school’s fight song.  He decides to stop for a moment in order to open up another bottle of beer while his friends continue to wobble on by.  Suddenly, he hears someone telling him that it’s a twist-off.  This easily distracts Joey as a near-invisible fiend manages to strangle him to death.

Following the opening credits, we shift over to a restaurant as Barbara is having dinner with Wade and his parents.  After a brief discussion about Wade’s decision to become a teacher, the focus is then shifted over to Babs’ fake job of an online gourmet baker.  Just then, Dinah contacts her about the Delphi System detecting  “a suspicious death” as Gordon excuses herself.  Redmond informs her about Joey’s body being discovered and that he was in town for the New Gotham High Reunion.  As Barbara informs her that she’s on her way, she overhears Wade’s mother telling her son about her serious doubts with his relationship, even describing her as “not normal”.

Birds Of Prey-From Dates To High School To Our Present Murder!

We then cut to the next day at the clock tower as Gordon briefly mentions about her recent date to Kyle before informing her about Joey’s death being ruled by the police an an “alcohol-related accident”, with the report saying that he slipped and broke his neck on a rock.  As Babs prepares to investigate the report, she shifts the conversation over to the upcoming high school reunion, to which Helena still hasn’t changed her mind on.  Barbara then tells her that she liked her high school days, to which Redmond enjoyingly learns that her teammate used to be a Pep Squad Captain.  Alfred then comes in and says that she must be curious in learning what her classmates have been up to over the past five years, to which Kyle says that it would mean having to explain what she does as well.  In that vein, she only wants the outside world to know her a bartender.  Dinah then asks her why that is since she’s Bruce Wayne’s heir, to which Helena simply states that she has “Dad Issues” and thus wants nothing to do with him.  Afterwards, Babs has come across a discovery in the report.  Joey’s trachea was snapped in two, making it highly unlikely that it was caused accidentally and that they should investigate.  She then asks Kyle if anything else happened following Joey’s feeble attempt to hit on her, to which she says that Jack chased him off.  Helena then says that while she have some romantic feelings for him, he didn’t really remember her.  Despite that, she doesn’t think that he could be the killer since she remembers him as honorable.  From there, the scene ends with Gordon telling her to get in contact with Det. Reese while she looks over Joey’s background in order to find any connective motive with someone from his past.

Later, Barbara is out on a stroll with Wade as he gives her some flowers.  He then tells her that he stopped by her classroom and noticed that she wasn’t there, to which she says that she’s had lots of work to deal with.  He notes her busy nature by mentioning that he tried to call her up to no avail.  As such, he asks her out to dinner tonight now that his parents have taken their leave, to which she politely declines.  He then asks why, especially if it stems to something about himself that he can change, to which she simply says “It’s complicated”, yet he says that it’s part of what he likes about her.

That night, Huntress meets up with Jesse and asks about the recent murder at New Gotham Park.  He says that the District Attorney ruled it as an accidental death, with even witness accounts reporting nothing out of the ordinary despite the group being drunk.  Outside of the report, he doesn’t mention anything significant except for the fact that the victim was visiting from Central City for a high school reunion.  In fact, all that he has to go on was that Joey came from the Dark Horse Bar.  After she pretends to have never heard of the establishment, he says that he’s going to head over there as he asks her to join him.

We then immediately cut over to the bar as Helena asks her boss for a single night off.  However, Leonard mentions that she’s already taken several nights off before mentioning his intent to improve the establishment’s image, especially when it comes to “service with a smile” since he would like her to be more friendly with their patrons.  Unbeknownst to her, another former classmate named Stuart Thomsen (played by Alex Scarlis) is with Jack while leering at her from afar.  Back with Kyle, she promises to become “the friendlist waitress in the history of customer service”.  In the end, Leonard accepts her request on the grounds that she works double-shifts every Saturday for the next two months.

Afterwards, she’s immediately met upon by Cameron who reveals that he’s found his own successful company.  However, every single one of his classmates (except for her) knows him as “Klutzy Cam”.  Just as she’s about to take her leave, he asks if she’ll be attending the reunion tonight, to which she says that she’ll “find” him if she does.  Just then, they’re met upon by Stuart who immediately acts like a jerk to Cameron and causes him to spill his drink upon himself before chasing him off.  He then tries to hit on her before Jack steps in to intervene, yet Helena says that it’s OK since she’ll just do what her fellow female classmates did when they were met upon by Thomsen: “Ignore Him”.

After Stuart gets chased off, Barrett begins to have a conversation with her.  However, she then notices Det. Reese talking with her boss from afar as she tells Jack that she has to go.

Later, Kyle arrives back at the clock tower as she shares with her teammates that Jesse only linked Joey with the bar and the reunion.  Barbara reveals that she’s discovered that Joey had gambling ties in both Central City and New Gotham as Helena exclaims that they can “follow up with his bookies” in order to prevent Det. Reese from figuring out her secret identity.  Redmond exclaims that she’s taking that concept way too seriously since she doesn’t even disguise her face when she goes out to fight crime.  As Alfred comes in, she asks if Kyle does have a secret identity, to which he says that she technically doesn’t, yet she’s more than capable of maintaining one.  Dinah then asks why she’s even hiding from Jesse since he only knows her as Huntress, to which Helena exclaims that being an effective superhero requires her to have a “total separation of identities”.  However, Babs counterargues with the fact that it’s not an absolute law, especially since she’s shared the knowledge of her Batgirl identity with her teammates.  Pennyworth joins in by stating that Bruce Wayne shared his Batman identity with him as a means of “psychological relief”.  As such, Gordon exclaims that it’s OK for her teammate to tell Det. Reese if she trusts him enough.  Despite that, the scene ends with Kyle getting the team back on track in order to stop a murderer.

Meanwhile, Stuart is on the phone with his agent as he informs him about an inside source letting him know about Gussies Pharmaceuticals going public and thus, he needs to get 10,000 shares and keep this knowledge a secret.  From there, he reaches his car before he’s met upon by the mysterious fiend who tells him to be “a little nicer to people” as he smashes the guy’s face into the window before twisting his neck and killing him.  From there, he finds the invitation to the reunion and uses the tip that he overheard to buy up the necessary shares.

Some time later, the police are on the scene as Huntress asks Jesse about what they’ve found.  He says that it was a particular “hotshot Wall Street guy from Metropolis” as she learns that it was Stuart Thomsen that just got murdered.  She’s initially stunned by the fact that another familiar classmate was just slayed, but simply says that she doesn’t know him.  Det. Reese says that any kind of personal information will remain between them, but that she has to let him know if she has any vital details.  As such, she said that Joey had a gambling debt and that she was just going through a list of bookies for any possible connection.  However, Jesse then reveals Stuart’s invitation to tonight’s New Gotham High class reunion as she feigns on it meaning nothing to her before vanishing upon her first chance.

Later, she makes it back to the clock tower as Barbara playfully calls her out on running away from Det. Reese in order to avoid revealing her secret identity to him and thus, make a major development in their relationship.  Helena tries to argue with the fact that she didn’t lie to him, but Babs exclaims that she still withheld some information, especially since the recent murders are connected to her reunion.  Despite Kyle’s effort to prevent Reese from knowing her dual persona, Gordon says that she now has to attend as she informs Redmond that they’re going.  Helena then says that she’s connected to the recent killings since both guys tried to hit on her at the Dark Horse Bar and both of them were called off by Jack Barrett.  Barbara says that the neck snap is usually the end result of a certain kill technique that members of the Delta Force use.  Not only that, but Jack was in the armed forces.  However, his military records are encryptically classified, so until she’s able to find a way to access them, they’ll have to flush the murderer out by pairing her up with another guy who’s remotely into her.

As such, we cut over to New Gotham High as Kyle arrives at the reunion alongside Kafka where she stops him from giving her a name tag before they head inside.  From there, Oracle informs her that she set up a remote link to their main base and that she’ll soon have her list of potential suspects ready.  With her set up inside an empty classroom, Barbara tells Dinah to go on patrol in order to prevent their murderer from striking within seclusion.

Meanwhile, Helena & Gibson take their spot as they oversee the main hall and see Jack mingling within the crowd.  Suddenly, she feels someone touching her butt and immediately calls out Kakfa for his perverted move.  However, he says that he didn’t do it before he notices a nearby shimmer.  Despite informing her, she doesn’t see it in time and simply drags him off by his tie.

From there, they meet up with Barrett before Oracle informs Kyle that she’s just decrypted the Delta list and that Jack isn’t the killer since he’s not on it.  As Helena sends Gibson over to get her a drink, Babs tells her that she’s going to check the Delta List alongside her classmates.  As such, Kyle gets to talking with Barrett as he informs her that he’s been working in advertising.  After receiving her drink, Jack decides to ask Helena what she’s been up to since high school, to which she simply exclaims that she’s a bartender.  Gordon then chimes in and says that there’s no matches between both lists as Kyle excuses herself.  Afterwards, she finally notices the shimmer as she and Kafka take their leave.

They ultimately meet up with Barbara as they deduce that they’re dealing with a metahuman who can camouflage himself and when the fiend moves, it’s creating a shimmer effect.  Gibson then mentions how this ability is bound to have side-effects on the being’s human form, to which Babs says that the constant use would affect the cerebellum and cause the user to wind up with “impaired motor controls”.  With that revelation, Kyle realizes who the murderer is and who the next victim is going to be.

Jesse Reese-I Have A Few Questions To Ask!

While Jesse arrives at the school in order to ask some particular questions concerning the alumni…

…Barrett is making his way through a secluded part of the school before the murderer gets the drop on Jack and knocks him out.  Fortunately, Helena comes in to intervene as the true culprit is revealed to be Cam.  Not only is he able to blend into his surroundings, but he’s also very swift while he’s cloaked.  As he constantly evades her strikes which end up damaging various parts of school property, he admits that he was in love with her during their high school days.  However, he was too timid to tell her, especially with all of the guys who were able to date her.  As such, he’s spent the next several years honing his abilities in order to prove himself to her.  She tells him that because he’s been harboring a psychotic obsession, she’ll never accept his love.  However, he plans on seeing her again on his own terms before slipping away.

From there, she checks up on Barrett and tells him that he was attacked by vandals, even stating that she’s informed security about it.  As Jack invites her back to the party for a drink, Barbara tells her to report back to the classroom for a debrief.  As such, Kyle says that she can’t, but assures him that she’s not having serious alcohol problems.  She then tells him that she’s just starting to connect with him, but right now isn’t a good time.  With Barrett getting assured that they have a chance with each other, Helena proceeds to takes her leave.

Back with Det. Reese, he interrogates Mr. Finn who drunkenly mourns the death of his friend Joey.  He then tells Jesse that neither he nor his deceased comrade were friends with Stuart before believing that everyone he sees will wind up dead.  He then mentions that the last time he saw the “dorky young Republican” was over at the Dark Horse Bar to drink in memory of Joey, before bringing up that they have “totally hot bartenders” and that one of them is attending this special gathering.  Stunned by the realization of a current bartender being an present alum, Det. Reese is then told that her name is Helena Kyle.

Meanwhile, the group discusses about Cam not only being able to camouflage himself like a chameleon, but he’s also acquired the proportional speed and strength as well.  Helena then mentions that with their killer still on the loose, Jack is presently in danger.  Fortunately, Babs says that Dinah is currently keeping an eye on him, to which Redmond confirms.  Kyle then mentions that Cameron told her how they would meet again “on his terms”, to which Gordon exclaims that this is his way of gaining control.  From there, Helena heads out to patrol the halls while Kafka stays put for his safety.

We then have a brief scene where Dinah is following Barrett from a safe distance before informing Oracle that he’s heading into the men’s restroom.  Babs tells her that the murderer is still roaming the halls and that they can’t take any chances.  As such, Redmond reluctantly heads in.

Meanwhile, Jesse finds the class yearbook and decides to look up Helena’s school picture.  To his disappointment however, she managed to evade picture day back then as her photo isn’t in it.  In the meantime, nothing bad happened to Jack while he was in the men’s room as Dinah continues her surveillance.

Back over to Kyle, she continues her search for Cam.  Gordon assures her that she’s creating a device that’ll disable his camouflaging power and make him permanently visible.  During her search, Helena comes across the drunken Mr. Finn as he attempts to not look at her in order to keep her alive in his mind.  Fortunately, she tells him to make his way back to the party.

Suddenly, Cam reappears right to next to her and delivers a surprising kiss before taking off.  Kyle lets Babs know that he’s reappeared as she pursues him.  Due to him being evasive to the naked eye, he proceeds to lure her down a vacant hallway.  Just then, she arrives at a classroom and notices an active device as she informs Oracle about it.  Before she gets a chance to intervene, she’s sudden hit towards a wall.  Cameron then strangles her as he explains that once the timer runs out, it’ll unleash “an aggressively corrosive toxin” and they’ll end up dying together, with her adding that it’ll also fatally harm anyone who wanders towards them.

While Huntress struggles to fend him off, Barbara summons Redmond back to the classroom.  Because of his swift camouflage skills, Cam is able to prevent Helena from attempting to disarm the impending chemical reaction.  Just then, Dinah comes in and slides a specific device into the room, unleashing a bright light as it disables Cameron’s power and allows Huntress to respond with a fierce strike.  However, she soon finds out that the device is set to activate in about 10 seconds as Oracle tells her teammates to get out.  As such, Helena kicks him away before making a dash for the door.  Cam tries to flee as well, but his clumsiness kicks in at the worst possible moment as he slips and falls over a book.  Shortly after Kyle and Redmond close the door, the timer runs out and the chemicals mix to become a lethal vapor as Cameron ends up disintegrated.  Shortly afterwards, Barbara and Gibson come in to see the aftermath as she explains that the lethal gas affected “his metabolic mutation” and turned him into dust.  With their mission accomplished, Helena decides to head out.  Dinah tells her that she should celebrate, to which Babs adds onto the fact that she shouldn’t take too much stock into what others say about her and that someone back at the party would like to hang out with “Helena Kyle, Bartender Extraordinaire”.

As such, Kyle makes her way back to the party and meets up with Barrett.  He says that not only have vandals been lurking around the school, but he’s also heard of a recent gas leak, to which she casually mentions them as things that’re part of a “public school”. From there, Jack says that he’s moving back to New Gotham and he would like to meet up with her.  However, she notices Det. Reese afar and thus decides on a personal choice.  She tells Barrett that she hasn’t been entirely honest with him and that there’s someone else in her life.  She apologizes for disappointing him, but she did enjoy seeing him again.  As such, Jack understands her and takes his leave.

From there, she heads over to talk to Jesse and says that she stopped the killer.  When she mentions that he was after “a girl”, Det. Reese correctly guesses Helena Kyle and wonders who she is.  At that moment, she makes the bold choice by revealing to him that she’s the one.  As he’s rightfully amazed by this discovery, he then asks why she’s telling him this now.  She exclaims that him telling her “nice work” meant a lot and that his opinion is the only one that matters to her, as she then reveals that this is her class reunion by taking out her name tag.  And so, Episode 11 ends with him placing it on her shirt and asking about what she’s been up to for the last five years, to which she says that she’s a “mega-vigilante by night” and “a really good bartender” by day.

Episode 12 (“Feat Of Clay”) begins at Dr. Quinzel’s office as Helena expresses how things have been on a positive upswing for her recently, especially since she decided to talk to a familiar police officer and instill some trust with him.  When Harleen asks her about what she’s sharing with him, Kyle is hesitant to explain.  Dr. Quinzel says that the only way she can help her deal with these “unresolved issues” is to open herself up, to which Helena says that while she is grateful for the therapy, she feels that they’ve gone as far as they can go and would like to conclude their sessions.  As such, she thanks her therapist for everything before Harleen asks her for one last visit in order to “tie up loose ends”.

We then shift over to New Gotham Chemicals as a guy breaks in and reaches a particular toxin,  As he opens it up, the intruder alarm goes off as he’s suddenly approached by a guard.  He then proceeds to drink the chemical and is immediately bummed that nothing happened.  When the guard grabs his hand, he feels a strange reaction and is ultimately encased in clay as the fiend is delighted by what he can do.

Following the opening credits, we cut to sometime later as Huntress and Jesse look over the encased sentry.  She scans the guy’s body and sends her findings off to Oracle as Det. Resse wonders who could have possibly done this.  Helena explains that years ago, there was a criminal that wound up with “a weird reaction” to the similarly stolen compound and that he ultimately became known as Clayface.  She then mentions that he’s not behind this since he’s been imprisoned within Arkham Asylum for a long time now.  Not only that, he’s not able to turn others into clay as his main ability resides in changing his physical identity.  Just then, Babs tells her to get the man’s body back to their headquarters.

Shortly after Kyle returned to the clock tower with the encased guard, she & Redmond learn from Gordon that the man’s vital signs are present and that he can be saved.  However, they’ll have to act as soon as possible.  As Barbara searches for all of Clayface’s former associates, Redmond mentions that this sudden event will cause Babs to cancel her upcoming Bahamas trip with Wade.  Gordon ultimately finds the lone associate who’s neither deceased or in jail: Dr. Will Kroner (played by Patrick Fischler).  From there, Kyle heads out to meet up with him.

Huntress-Tell Me About A Pilfered Chemical, Doc!

Later, Huntress comes across Dr. Kroner and informs him that a compound that he created was just stolen. As such, she would like to know all about it, especially since a guard has just become encased in clay as a result.  Will says that it’s not possible since the formula was destroyed and it was never meant to have that effect upon anyone.  However, he then realizes that it was ingested as he exclaims that he used to work for Clayface and he’s put that former employment behind him.  When she demands to know who’s currently behind this incident, he says that the compound has “a unique reaction to Clayface’s DNA” and that it would kill anyone else who would drink it.  Exhausting all that she can from him, Huntress then tells him to contact Det. Jesse Reese before taking her leave.

Later on at the clock tower, Alfred informs Babs that he came across a particular piece of mail over at Wayne Manor, which happens to be an invitation to the New Gotham fashion show benefit.  As he mentions that she could take Brixton to it, she brushes it off by mentioning that she doesn’t “have time for this”.  Pennyworth then mentions that Wade has tried several times to get in contact about her cancellation of their Bahamas venture, to which she simply says that this isn’t a good time to bring that up.  He then brings up a “thought” about Bruce Wayne’s own regret of never finding someone to share his life with before taking his leave and high-fiving Helena as she comes in (Yes, seriously!).  From there, she informs Gordon that Dr. Kroner went straight following his time with Clayface and his mention of how the compound would kill anyone but him who consumed it, mainly stemming from its reaction to his “unique DNA”.  As such, Kyle decides to go visit him.  Barbara tells her that it wouldn’t be a good idea, but Helena shoots that down by saying that Jesse can get her in.

Later, Huntress arrives at Arkham Asylum as she approaches the cell containing a particular Clayface named Cassius Payne (played by Kirk Baltz) who recognizes her.  She tells him that his chemical compound got stolen by someone who’s encased a guy within clay and would like to know how to reverse its effects in order to save him.  Cassius says that he’ll tell her, but only if she poses for him since he wants some “inspiration” for his clay-molding project.  As such, he asks her for an anguished look and even wants her to recall the night her mother was murdered in order for him to help her out.  She reluctantly agrees & says that “it happened so fast” and that it ultimately left her “cold”.  After a while, she demands for him to deliver the key piece of information.  As such, he tells her to inform Oracle that she can use Calcium Sulfate.  Despite Helena detecting that he knows who’s behind the current incident, he withholds that information and simply tells her to go save the guy.

Meanwhile, the youthful fiend is at his railway-based hangout when he’s then met upon a devious guard who’s come for his pay.  Despite the chemical thief exclaiming that “a much bigger payday” will come if he waits, the guy isn’t willing to do so.  As such, the young man decides to hand over his payment.  However, he grabs the guy’s hand and intentionally encases him within clay.

Back over at the clock tower, Babs prepares to give the helpful injection as she tells Helena that Kroner’s compound creates a volatile reaction upon the epidermis.  As such, the fiend that ingested it can now turn anyone into clay through skin-to-skin contact.  When asked about her visit with Clayface, Kyle mentions that he constantly brought up her mother.  Gordon worriedly acknowledges it before injecting the imprisoned guard with Calcium Sulfate, which frees the man from his clay-based prison as he passes out, to which Oracle tells Helena to get him to a hospital.

Later, Alfred comes in and asks Barbara about her recently-canceled plans with Wade.  Just as he’s about to suggest “a sincerely-worded note of apology” to her, a new discovery allows her to sidestep that.  Because Will mentioned that Clayface’s reaction to his chemical was unique to the fiend’s DNA, whoever ingested it has a similar reaction to it.  As such, the two guys are closely connected.  After digging through past hospital records and court papers, she found out that Clayface has a son named Chris Cassius (played by Ian Reed Kesler).  Just then, Det. Reese has sent out a signal as Oracle tells Helena to meet up with him.

As such, Huntress arrives as Jesse shows her another victim encased in clay.  Fortunately, she came prepared with some Calcium Sulfate as she injects the man.  Unbeknownst to them, Chris is observing this from an adjacent scaffolding.  To his shock, the guy that he recently attacked is cured.  As such, he calls up Dr. Kroner and tells him that they need to talk since his compound has just disappointed him.

Later, Helena returns to Arkham Asylum as she tells Clayface that she’s aware of the fact that he has a son and would like to know where she can find him.  However, he initially refuses to tell her since he mentions that his own kin has “become too powerful now”.  As such, she offers to give him some more “inspiration” if he talks to her about Chris.  He proceeds to explain that because he hasn’t been a good father to him over the years, he assumes that his son is going to show him up by accomplishing a massive scheme that he couldn’t do.  From there, Clayface gets his turn as they revisit Selena’s murder.  Suddenly, he mentions about them being “in front of this big department store”.  From there, Huntress finally recalls the tragic night from her past as he shifts his face into a more familiar look, thus revealing that he was the one whom the Joker hired to kill Catwoman with a switchblade.  He then says that his only regret was not staying put long enough to view her “pain” and “suffering”.  This enrages her as she begins to hit and kick away at his cell.  After a while, she calms down and sees that this is giving him some self-enjoyment as she takes her leave.  Unbeknownst to her however, her anger-filled strikes have caused some slight damage to his cell.

Will Kroner-I'm Ready To Talk, Det. Reese!

Following a quick scene where Will decides to make a crucial phone call to Det. Reese…

…we cut back to Helena in the clock tower who’s still emotionally distraught over the recent revelation.  Babs tells her that he’s spending the rest of his life in the asylum and that she regrets allowing her to see him.  Kyle soon discovers that Oracle knew in some capacity about her mother’s murderer as she demands to know why this piece of information was kept from her for all these years.  Barbara explains that the rumors came around when she was still “too young” and that by the time Clayface was arrested & placed in Arkham Asylum, she saw no point in telling her.  Helena argues by saying that there was a point in knowing her mother’s murderer, to which Babs says that she kept that detail hidden from her so that she wouldn’t have gone off on a revenge quest.  From there, the scene ends with Kyle exclaiming how Gordon doesn’t know her before taking her leave.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kroner meets up with Chris in order to give him a more perfected chemical compound.  The young Cassius keeps him around in order to make sure that it works as he consumes the toxic solution.  From there, Chris looks to test out his newly-enhanced ability as he decides to touch Will and encase him within clay.

Over on the streets of New Gotham, Huntress is out on patrol as she gets contacted by Oracle about Dr. Kroner’s call to Jesse and that he mentioned the location of Chris’ hideout.  Helena is grateful to hear that since she’s itching to take her frustration out on him.  When Babs warns her about avoiding skin-to-skin contact with the young Cassius, Kyle assures her that she’ll be OK and that they’ll have the antidote just in case before heading out.

Later, she smashes into his hideout and confidently exclaims that she has the cure to his deadly touch.  Just then, she notices a newly-formed clay figure (unaware that it’s Dr. Will Kroner) as Chris throws a mug at him, resulting in the guy violently exploding upon impact.

Huntress contacts Oracle about this newest revelation as Barbara tells her to retreat.  From there, Chris slowly walks over and taunts her while attempting to make one fatal touch, even mentioning how they both “live in the shadows” of their own dads.  Babs warns her teammate to not do anything reckless, to which Helena says that she’s waiting for one opportunity to strike.  However, Gordon tells her that it’s too dangerous and that she needs to retreat.  As such, Kyle is able to escape.

We then cut to the next day at the clock tower as Helena regrets not taking Chris out, to which Barbara says that they don’t do revenge and that it was wrong for Kyle to confront him without the proper protection.  When Dinah asks what they’re going to do now and Babs exclaims that they’ll go after him after some preparation, Helena brings up how Chris told her that they were “living in the shadows of our fathers” and assumes that he’s attempting to out-do his dad on a grand public scale.  Gordon then recalls how Clayface attempted a particular takedown upon New Gotham’s power elite several years ago during a fundraising event, which turned out to have been the New Gotham charity fashion show.  Thankfully, Alfred had kept the invitation as she sees that the event is taking place tonight, which only gives them several hours to neutralize Chris’ newly lethal power.

Sometime later, Pennyworth approaches Barbara with the intent of discussing about her relationship with Wade.  Despite her attempt to deflect said topic again, he says that he’s aware of her deep feelings for Brixton.  As such, he decided to make a judgment call and reveals to her that he’s brought Wade into their headquarters before taking his leave.  From there, Brixton is shocked to finally learn about his girlfriend’s crime-fighting venture and feels like he hardly knows her.  Babs says that they’ll absolutely talk about this, but she has to stop a guy who’s “turning people into clay”.  He asks if this is a joke, but she assures him that it isn’t.  As such, he says that this is too much for him to take in for now and that he needs to think this through as he takes his leave.  Just then, her teammates come in and are surprised to discover that Wade was just in their headquarters.  Redmond says that they should be discussing about this major development, but Gordon exclaims that they need to drop it and focus on the mission.  She proceeds to explain that she’ll be looking over the event through the security cameras and that Helena will be going undercover.  From there, Kyle is given a pair of gas-dispersing pellets for her to toss at Chris, which will unleash an inhalable latex for him to breath in and negate his own power.  Helena then comments how this will finally allow her to take him down, but Barbara reminds her to stick with their moral code: “We Don’t Kill”.

From there, the charity fashion show is in full swing.  Dinah proceeds to walk through the crowd as she keeps her eyes peeled for the young Cassius, but hasn’t found him yet.  Unbeknownst to our heroines, Dr. Quinzel is also in attendance.  Meanwhile, Helena is backstage and all dressed up, especially since she’s taking part in the show.  After telling Oracle that she hasn’t found “anything unusual” yet, she’s approached by another model who tells her that it’s their turn on the runway.  As such, she heads out to take part in the show, unaware that Chris was hiding nearby.

As she poses for the crowd, Kyle is also looking for their suspect.  Back at the clock tower, Babs comments about her dress before continuing her observation over the general area.  After finishing her set, Helena is met upon by Det. Reese who’s also present here to check the perimeter.  He then asks her if she’s up for going on their “first date” following the banquet, but she tells him that he may not want to when she ultimately finishes her mission.  Oracle then contacts her and says that Redmond has just finished her observation sweep.  As such, they need to meet up backstage as Kyle takes her leave.

Meanwhile, Wade has returned to the clock tower with some food in hand as a peace offering.  He begins to explain how he’s given some thought to this newfound revelation, but Barbara is unable to look at him due to being on security detail.  Ultimately, she decides to buck up and talk with him.

In that precise moment, Chris proceeds to carry out his hostile takeover of the fashion show as certain models turn out to be on his side with semi-automatic guns being revealed and drawn upon the crowd.  With his team covering the exits, Cassius proceeds to list his demands, specifically a TV crew so that his father can watch him accomplish a devious feat that he couldn’t.  To everyone’s surprise however, Clayface reveals himself among the attendees due to him escaping through the newly-formed crack in his cell.  From there, he proceeds to scold his son for his complete disrespect towards his own dad.

Back at the clock tower, Brixton talks to Barbara about how important their relationship is to him.  Suddenly, he notices the security footage and sees the hostile takeover as Babs informs her teammates about this grave development.  As they prepare to deal with this dire situation, Dinah says that they need a plan.  Just as Helena states that the plan is for him to be killed, one of Chris’ henchwomen comes in and proceeds to hold them along with the rest of the backstage models up at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, Clayface continues to berate his kin for only going through on a major scheme just to upstage his own dad.  Chris says that he’s younger and in control, but the elder Cassius says that nobody is allowed to overshadow him, especially his son.

Back with Kyle and Redmond, they proceed to carry out a “plan” as Dinah distracts the henchwoman with some dismissive comments about her teammate before Helena takes advantage and knocks her out.  They soon learn from Oracle that they need to take out the thugs guarding the exits before they allow Jesse to help the patrons evacuate.

As such, Clayface officially takes over his son’s plans.  Meanwhile, the henchmen guarding the exits are taken care of as Redmond and Det. Reese proceed to help the hostages flee.

Just then, Chris notices and tells his remaining goons to open fire as Huntress is forced to take cover behind the bar.  Fortunately, she ultimately defeats the thugs before finally confronting the young Cassius again.  She then proceeds to throw the smoke pellets at him, releasing the inhalable latex.  This disorients him for a brief moment, but he ultimately manage to head over and touch her.  To his surprise however, his new power has been completely nullified and Helena takes him out by throwing him into the adjacent fountain.

From there, she confronts Clayface as he takes out the same switchblade knife that he used to kill her mother.  As such, they proceed to tussle as she evades his various slashes.  However, he ultimately gets the drop on her with a swift kick to her gut before preparing to finish her off in poetic fashion.  Fortunately, she recovers and ultimately flips him onto the ground.  With his knife in her hand, she pins him down as a struggle unfolds with her attempt to slay him with the familiar blade.  As Clayface takes joy in seeing her “rage”, Oracle tells her that he’s trying to turn her into a killer and that she must resist the tempting urge.  Fortunately, Huntress knows better as she discards the knife and knocks him out with a swift punch to his face, exclaiming that she did like “seeing him squirm”.

Afterwards, Harleen approaches her after seeing the struggle from afar.  After commending Helena for her work, she then states how she now understands this part of her patient’s life and why she was hesitant to discuss it.  From there, Kyle takes up her offer to continue their therapy sessions.  Back at the clock tower, Barbara and Wade oversee this as she assures him that all of this is over for now.

Afterwards, she tells him that he’s the first boyfriend of hers to ever be inside her team’s headquarters.  He then says that it was quite overwhelming at first when he learned that his girlfriend wasn’t just “a mild-mannered schoolteacher”, but also “a high-tech crime fighter”.  Thankfully, they’ve become even more smitten with each other now that her big secret is known to him as they cap off the scene with a kiss.

Later, Clayface, Chris and his thugs are arrested as Jesse decides to take Helena up on their dinner date.  She then suggests that they should “go straight to dessert” as Episode 12 ends with them embracing each other in a passionate kissing session.

Episode 13 (“Devil’s Eyes”) opens within Dr. Quinzel’s office as Kyle exclaims that she feels reborn.  Harleen says that because she’s inadvertently revealed her secret identity to her, she’s now free to be her true self.  From there, Dr. Quinzel decides to perform an exercise where she has Helena close her eyes and answer a series of questions, regardless of whether she answers them as her civilian self or as Huntress.  From there, Harleen begins by mentioning to her that sooner or later, her secret identity will ultimately be exposed.  Kyle exclaims that in order to fight crime, only a select few can truly know who she is.  As such, she brings up Barbara and the Wayne Family butler Alfred.  Outside of that select group, Helena then mentions that only they and Dinah are aware of her secret identity.  She then brings up Gordon’s boyfriend & fellow New Gotham High staff member named Wade Brixton and exclaims that Babs has ultimately informed him of their operation as well, especially because she loves him.  Afterwards, Dr. Quinzel tells her that secrets can be draining to anyone and that she wouldn’t be an effective psychiatrist if she didn’t help relieve her of such a massive burden.  With their session now over, the scene ends with the ladies thanking each other, but most especially Harleen who mentions how “this is every bit as satisfying for me as it is for you”.

That night, she meets up with Dr. Franklin Rominic (played by Kenny Bania himself, Steve Hytner) as she’s prepared to take part in the operation of his Metahuman Transfer Machine.  However, he’s highly doubtful that his invention is properly ready.  Ultimately, she convinces him to start it already.  As such, he turns the device on as its specialized machinations kick in.  After a while, it gives out as Dr. Rominic discovers that not only has his invention broken down, but the initial test subject has wound up dead as a result.  However, Dr. Quinzel says that it won’t matter if the machine still performed its job.  It turns out that the newly-deceased metahuman had hypnosis as she uses her new ability on Franklin & makes him pat his own head, hop up-&-down and then just jump out the window to his death to her ecstatic delight.

Later, the police investigate the area as Det. Reese informs Huntress about the newly-deceased scientist along with an unidentifiable being found upon a chair “with his eye sockets all burned out”.  He also mentions that there wasn’t any “sign of struggle”, or at the very least, nothing that proved that Dr. Rominic was pushed out the window nor was there any cause of death upon the other man.  As they proceed to engage each other in upbeat conversation, Jesse mentions that there’s an ATM across the street that has its own surveillance camera facing the only entrance into said building.  Because it could take the District Attorney’s office a whole day just to acquire a proper warrant for the footage, she can go take it and discover the answer much sooner.

Later, Helena makes it back to the clock tower with the security footage.  However, the direct view of the front door was blocked by a plumber’s van.  Fortunately, Barbara says that she’ll extract an image off of the truck’s mirrors in order to reconstruct the scene and find out who was behind the incident.  From there, Helena asks her if she knew Dr. Romanek.  Gordon exclaims that she’s heard of him and that he was working on a device that transferred metahuman powers from one person to another.  However, his ambitious idea ultimately felt like “a pipe dream”.  Just as she’s about to indulge on whom the second deceased guy was, Wade comes in and awkwardly interrupts their conversation as he gives his girlfriend a morning smooch.  Shortly afterwards, Dinah shows up as he heads out to drive her to school as Babs assures Kyle that this is something they’ll get used to.

We then shift over to the metahuman hangout beneath No Man’s Land Collectibles where Gibson is surprisingly met upon by Harleen as they learn about their connection with Helena.  Because he’s never seen her here before, she says that she recently became a metahuman.  From there, she uses her hypnosis on him, allows him to call her Harley and then orders him to bark like a dog.  After he does so, she then tells him to lose his mind as he proceeds to freak out on top of the bar.

Later, Helena is at her regular job over at the Dark Horse Bar when she’s contacted by Oracle and is informed of the Delphi System picking up a disturbance over at No Man’s Land with the police calling it a riot.  With the underground bar not mentioned, Kyle agrees to head over and find out.  Later, Huntress arrives just as somebody ends up smashing out through the front window.

After arriving at the underground bar, she finds it as a trashed and messy ruin before finding Kafka babbling about random things.  Kyle contacts Gordon about this present situation as Oracle tells her to get him to a hospital.  However, Huntress has a different idea in mind.

Later, they arrive at Dr. Quinzel’s office in order for her to acquire some necessary help for Kafka.  However, they discover that she’s not there as as Helena tells him that they’ll head back to the clock tower.  Just then, Harleen arrives back as Kyle tells her that Gibson is in dire need of her services.

Later on, Huntress arrives back at the clock tower and discovers that the central hub is completely empty.  As such, she searches the desk for a particular item.  Just then, Barbara arrives back as Helena tells her that she left Kafka with Dr. Quinzel.  After Babs says that she’s sent Redmond over to the underground bar at No Man’s Land in order to investigate alongside Jesse, she then proceeds to share a recent discovery about the recently-deceased guy with “burned-out eye sockets”.  Because the coroner was able to find out who he was, she searched the man’s name in her database and found out that he was a metahuman who possessed hypnosis.  As a means of connecting this to Dr. Romanek’s machine, she did find a suitable angle of the suspect’s image from the ATM footage and is currently enhancing the image.  After telling Kyle that Brixton isn’t going to affect their crime-fighting operation, the image enhancement process is complete as she discovers the culprit to be Harleen.  Just then, she gets blindsided as Helena punches her in a face, revealing that she’s been hypnotized.

Eventually, Kyle makes it back to Quinzel’s office as she tells the not-so-good doctor that Gordon has just found out about her puppeteer’s recent murder.  From there, Helena proceeds to give her what she’s just acquired: a disc containing every single detail about her team’s headquarters within the clock tower.  Harleen then asks why she didn’t kill Barbara, to which Kyle assumes that she wasn’t ordered to do so.  As such, Quinzel assures her that she’ll rectify that oversight next time.

Back at the clock tower, Alfred gives Babs some smelling salt as she wakes up and tells him that things have just gotten very serious for them.  From there, she contacts Dinah and tells her to return to base since Huntress has been compromised.  Afterwards, Redmond tells Det. Reese that something bad has happened to Helena and that she has to get back to the clock tower.  Suddenly, they’re met upon by Huntress as they attempt to escape via the elevator.  However, she kicks at the controls and makes the lift inoperable before she begins to punch through the wooden door in an attempt to harm them.

With Dinah and Jesse in serious trouble, Barbara decides to take matters into her own hands as she takes out the neural-response coupler.  Even though she’s made some improvements upon it since the last time she wore it, Pennyworth warns her that she would be tempting fate with both her spinal cord & her nervous system and that she’ll wind up dead either by the device or out in the field.  Gordon says that while she’s aware of the risks, she doesn’t have any other options.  Meanwhile, Harleen proceeds to carry out her plan as she approaches a group of cops and hypnotizes them into becoming her own armada.