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I Was A Teenage Lycanthrope (Part 5): Night Wolf #6 & 7

Happy Halloween, my friends!  The full moon has reached its highest point within our spooky souls and the children of the night are running wild with various kinds of hunger stirring within them.  For one particular youth, his harrowing hunt to right some supernatural wrongs have barely begun.  On that note, I welcome you all to another chapter of my special review series known as…

Within the first five parts of this saga, we were introduced to Rodney “Rod” Marcelli, a high school student with a prosperous football career and a beautiful girlfriend named Jennifer Conway.  However, their simple school-based lives were interrupted when his own week-long string of nightmares and a series of local murders culminated in a bloody massacre at their Homecoming Dance as Janelle, Circe and their demonic boyfriends slaughtered their friends.  Even though our couple managed to escape their wrath, they were intervened by another fiendish foe named Black Wolf who captured Jennifer and fought Rod, the latter of whom made his initial transformation into a werewolf.  Unfortunately, Marcelli’s inexperience led to him getting roughed up, viciously wounded and placed in the hospital while Conway now found herself kidnapped.  Rod eventually woke up and discovered that most of his wounds have healed, but he overhears an incoming group of agents from the FBI’s Special Investigation Unit (led by Raymond Bokor) and believes that they’re here to arrest him for the large string of murders.  He manages to escape and get home, only to find his parents having met the same bloody fate before his fellow students confront him as werewolves & vampires.  Thankfully, he gets some help from a white-haired warrior woman named Cirilla “Cirray” MacKinlay a.k.a. Snow Paw as they slay the doomed youths before they ultimately pack up some supplies and flee towards a cave-based safe house in order for him to train and prepare to not just rescue his girlfriend, but to also smite the Dark Covenant.  Not only that, but they’re also being watched from afar by a skilled slayer named Raven a.k.a. Night Hunter and his mechanic/techie named Jessie as they’re also looking to smite the same devious group.  Meanwhile, Lord Malice is attempting to magically get Jennifer to love him, especially since she bears a striking resemblance to a past love of his.  With so many souls and conflicts stirring within this creepy cauldron, let’s close out the Season of the Witch with another double-feature review.

Released in March 2022, we once again have the creative team of Robert A. Multari (story, scripts & lettering), Carlos Herrera (cover & line art) and Gat Melvyn (colors) handling this entry.  As for how they brought our featured narrative to the populace, let’s resume our critical pursuit and find out.

Issue 6 begins deep within the Appalachian Mountains on a Wednesday evening as a group of armed FBI agents have arrived at the spot where Rod’s father’s vehicle has been parked.  As Raymond Bokor tells his fellow agents that he wants the entire area to be thoroughly searched, he gets told that the truck was completely combed over and that it doesn’t contain any of the weapons & ammo that were taken from the Marcelli household.  Raymond then tells his team that they should consider their suspects to be armed and dangerous before he learns that their search dogs have picked up a scent as they all proceed to head out.  Meanwhile and within a church, the wedding of Victor & Jennifer is underway.  As it plays out, Conway narrates how this doesn’t seem to feel right.  With her friends and family in attendance, they both accept their wedding vows before the priest asks the crowd if anyone has a reason why they shouldn’t get married.  Suddenly, he gets shot in the face as a pair of masked thugs have shown up to rob them.  They then proceed to open fire upon the guests as Jess also suffers a fatal headshot before Jennifer finds herself in tearful shock.  The male robber then holds her hostage as Victor tells him that he’ll give him whatever he demands as long as he lets her go.  The thug orders him to be quiet before Conway realizes that his voice sounds familiar.  As such, she manages to pull his mask off as she horrifyingly discovers that it’s Rodney.

Meanwhile at the Safe House, Rodney & Cirray are keeping warm by a campfire as he asks her how she knows about him and even how she knew where to find him.  She says that he came to her within a vision during her evening prayer, especially since Monoki werewolves are capable of having “slight foresight” that either warns them of danger or provides them with “a sense of direction”.  As he learns that these visions can sometimes occur within their dreams, he narrates how this explains the series of nightmares that he initially had.  She then tells him that while they’re not able to entirely control their visions, they’re actually able to make them a lot more focused during prayer and meditation, thus making it far-less chaotic than if it came within their dreams.  Just then, Marcelli gets hit by the evening chill of the mountain air as Snow Paw allows him to bundle up within her blanket.  Afterwards, he asks her how she acquired her tribal name since Night Hunter mentioned it during their recent encounter.  She explains that her mentor Silver Mane gave it to her, even mentioning that all Purebloods need a tribal name that fits their spirit and reminds them of who they are on the inside.  As such, he named her Snow Paw since he saw her heart as pure and that her paws are “white as the purest snow of his Nordic home”.  Rod mentions that they were very close to which Cirilla says that she misses her mentor and that Marcelli reminds her of him.  Rodney then says that even though he’s not a Pureblood, he asks her if he’s able to get his own tribal name.  She says that he’s kind-hearted and has good intentions, yet his soul is conflicted.  Not only that, but he has an inner anger that contains a dark side that’s attempting to get free.  Because she describes his werewolf pelt as similar to a Pureblood’s while also being “covered by the shadows of night”, she comes up with Night Wolf as Rod approves of it.  Just then, their close situation has her leaning in for a kiss as he gets startled by this.  She manages to compose herself before she tearfully says that she doesn’t know what came over her, even thinking to herself via narration on what compelled her to said action.  He tries to tell her that it wasn’t a big deal, but she says that she needs to be alone and get some air.  From there, she narrates about how much she badly misses Silver Mane and how despite her personal promise to help Rodney save his girlfriend, she can’t help it that her heart is yearning a lot and that it’s causing her to question her spirit.  Suddenly, she picks up Black Claw’s scent while Marcelli narrates how he may have accidentally pushed away the only one who could’ve helped him, completely understands him and is also the only friend that he has.  Suddenly, he hears someone ominously calling out to him.  Because he’s unsure if it’s Cirray doing it and that his enhanced smell is being affected by the campfire, he decides to sleep and assume that she’ll eventually return for his further training.

Meanwhile, Jennifer suddenly wakes up as she discovers herself in bed and wonders if everything that happened at the wedding was all a dream. Just then, Victor comes in to tell her that it all happened and that she passed out after unmasking the male thug.  Victor then mentions that this created enough of a distraction for him to disarm his foe and attempt to restrain the perp, but he and his accomplice were able to escape after threatening another guest.  From there, he tells her that the police know one of the perps’ identities and are pursuing them before also mentioning that her friend Jess didn’t survive.  However, Conway doesn’t entirely buy his explanation since everything felt bizarre to her and that she’s not able to entirely wrap her head around some important details that she can’t figure out.  She then mentions how the shooter feels very familiar to her and that there’s some kind of connection between them.  Victor tells her that she’s just been through a traumatic experience, but she mentions how this isn’t helping her ease her personal confusion.  Meanwhile, Snow Paw is tracking down Night Claw while in her wolf form before she ultimately turns back into her human form.  Suddenly, her foe comes in and tries to attack her with an axe.  Fortunately, she’s able to dodge his strike before throwing her dagger at the creature, cutting part of his face.

Meanwhile within the Safe House during the twilight hours of Thursday, Rod is awakened by a mysterious, red-cloaked figure as he discovers that Cirray hasn’t returned yet.  As he starts to drift off again, the same being attempts to reach out to him.  Thankfully, his enhanced sense of smell detects him of the intruder as he grabs her wrist and demands for her to explain who she is, along with what she’s doing her.  After she discards her hood, he realizes that she’s one of his ex-girlfriends named Ann Marie.  She then tries to seduce him, but he easily deflects her advances while he attempts to find out what happened to her over the past week.  However, she’s able to get her grasp upon him as she prepares to bite his neck and put him under her complete control.  Just then, he notices several man-sized bat creatures emerging as he manages to transform into a werewolf and forces the vampiric Ann Marie off of him with his energetic burst.

After she gets helped by her Blood Knights, Marcelli grabs some weapons in preparation for his fight.  From there, the Blood Knights send some accompanying werewolves after him.  A massive struggle breaks out as Night Wolf uses his sword and his father’s shotgun to fend off all of the opposing creatures.  During the fight, he realizes that they’re trying to corner him within the cave and that he has to get outside in order to gain some evasive space.  As he attempts to reach the exit, he wonders where Snow Paw is since he needs her help.  However, Ann Marie prevents him from escaping as she slashes him with her claws.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Victor are having dinner at an upscale restaurant.  He tries to talk to her about some new arrangements for their wedding, but all she can think about is how the last thing she remembered was him comforting her, yet now they’re suddenly here.  He tells her that she’s been quiet, to which she asks him how they got here and even what’s truly going on.  Over within the wooded areas of the Appalachian Mountains, Cirray is able to avoid Black Claw’s strikes while also slicing him up.  During this, she begins to realize that something is off about her foe.  Specifically, he hasn’t spoken at all, his reaction time is off and he’s also “lacking finesse”.  After slaying her foe, she smells the blood and realizes that it’s not Black Claw.  Instead, it’s one of his drones.  After realizing that she’s left Marcelli all by himself, she turns into a wolf and hurriedly dashes back to the safe house.  Meanwhile, the Blood Knights have subdued Night Wolf before they place him within some silver restraints.  Afterwards, Ann Marie taunts him just because “a girl” managed to defeat him.  Rod responds by telling her that she surprised him before her supernatural cohorts did all of the fierce work.  From there, Issue 6 ends with Ann Marie ordering her fellow werewolf to knock Marcelli out by striking his head with a sledgehammer.

As an added treat, I now give you an entry that I discovered while I was in the middle of this entire series.  Specifically, it was while I was working on my review for Issue 3 that I discovered that this chapter had been released during the calendar year.  Originally, I planned on covering the first four issues over the first four weeks before covering Issues 5 & 6 for Halloween.  After making my mini discovery, my minor tweak has now allowed me to include this particular entry within these festivities as well.  As such, let’s get to Issue 7 where Multari continues to work on the story, script and lettering duties.  Carlos Herrea handles the line art and while Gat Melvyn is still in charge of the colors, he worked on the cover with Brazilian artist Fábio Simão.  With our hero trapped within his current predicament, let’s prowl back in and see how things play out.

Issue 7 opens with a captured Night Wolf at Ann Marie’s mercy as she tells her werewolf cohort to knock him out before they place him within some “obedience training”.  Just as the fiendish Lycan is about to strike with a sledgehammer, it suddenly gets struck in the head by a dagger as Snow Paw managed to return in time.  Ann Marie then sends her Blood Knights after her, but Cirray manages to defeat them before she reaches Rodney and frees him from his shackles.  As he takes notice of her newly formed wisecracks (most likely because of his influence), his Healing Factor kicks in after being freed.  Afterwards, he informs his comrade that Ann Marie was one of his ex-girlfriends who previously went missing.  From there, they proceed to fight their foes.  Cirilla engages the undead armada while Marcelli takes on his former lover.  He tries to convince her that this horrid side isn’t who she is, but Ann Marie tells him that Lord Malice has freed her into what she sees as her true form.  During this conversation, she manages to scratch him across the chest and draw some of his blood before licking it as she mentions how she’ll be “beautiful and vibrant forever”.  As she beats him up, Night Wolf narrates how his life now has him fighting in a vast supernatural war that he’s just found out about and has gotten both him along with every single person that he’s ever known involved in some capacity.  As he wonders if his other two ex-girlfriends and his current lover Jennifer have fallen into the same fate, he notices his sword planted nearby from him.  As Ann Marie tells him that she’ll drain his blood before she does the same thing to Conway in order to become Lord Malice’s true right-hand lady, Rod narrates how he has to stay focused in order to save his true love as well as possibly his other two former girlfriends from a similar horrid fate.  Seeing how Ann Marie is beyond saving from Lord Malice’s control, he’s able to acquire his sword and protect himself as she leaps towards him.  He manages to plunge his blade within her heart in order to free her soul before he apologizes for her terrible fate and promises to make both Lord Malice & the Dark Covenant pay for what they did.

Afterwards, Night Wolf and Snow Paw retreat into a supply closet.  However, Cirray notices some Blood Knights approaching as Rod tells her that he thought that they were entering a secret passageway.  She then gives him Silver Mane’s old armor that’s been modified to his specifications before they equip themselves with as many weapons that they possible can.  As for why they’re doing so, she tells him that the Dark Covenant now knows where they are, and they’ll continue to send their undead minions after them.  As such, it’s time that they take the fight to the devious group themselves.  Meanwhile, a small troop of Blood Knights are right outside the storage closet as they proceed to use some flamethrowers to draw them out.

Meanwhile, Jennifer keeps demanding for Victor to tell her what’s actually going on.  She elaborates by mentioning how she’s been trying to piece things together but keeps realizing that there’s too many key gaps.  She then specifically says that she doesn’t remember their first meeting, their first date, their first kiss or even when he proposed to her.  She goes on to mention how this all feels like a dream that she’s not able to wake up from, even though her body feels wide awake.  Not only that, but she somehow feels more for a criminal who stormed into their wedding and murdered her friend than for her actual fiancé.  Victor then tells her that there’s no easy answer for him to give her before he’s ultimately convinced as he reveals that they’re not in a fancy restaurant, but within a castle before he tells her to follow him since he’ll explain everything.

Back at the Safe House, Night Wolf and Snow Paw see some smoke billowing in as they realize that their foes are trying to force them out.  Fortunately, they’re fully-armed and ready to engage the enemy agents.  From there, they burst through the door and proceed to slaughter the opposing Blood Knights before Cirray notices the flames pouring into the storage closet.  With the intense heat surrounding the explosives that were stored in there, our heroes proceed to run out of the cave before it gets consumed within a powerful explosion.  Afterwards, she mentions that this safe house is compromised and that the blast will lure any nearby humans towards their location.  As such, they’ll need to follow the vampiric scent back towards their nest.  Just then, Rod is able to both smell and see a demonic looking “fuzzy trail” as Cirilla realizes that it’s the “Scent of the Supernatural”.  She explains that Lycanthropes are born with a special ability called Birthright and she thought that his transformative energy bursts were exclusively his, but he also has the same ability that Silver Mane had.  As they head out, he asks her about her Birthright ability as she explains that it’s a Healing Touch.  She explains that it’s something that she doesn’t use unless it’s an emergency, since while it allows her to heal whoever she touches, it can potentially cause a major strain upon her body.  Meanwhile within a major distance from the safe house, the FBI agents are in the middle of their investigation.  Wyatt informs Raymond that it’s pitch black and that their search dogs have lost the scent, but Agent Bokor refuses to hear his excuses while demanding some results.  Agent Hammond then tells him that even though they’ve been searching for several days, they should make camp and resume their pursuit in the morning.  While Raymond is furious that his team has been unable to make any notable discoveries after all this time, they’re suddenly rocked by the distant explosion as Agent Bokor orders the group to head out towards the site.

Back over at his castle, Lord Malice takes Jennifer out onto a balcony before he finally delves into his backstory.  As far back as the 18th Century, he was born into an English Aristocratic family that lived in Boston during America’s Colonial Era.  Shortly before the Revolutionary War broke out, he fell in love with a beautiful woman named Elisabeth Cartwright who also came from a well-to-do family and that they were engaged to be married.  Sadly in 1770 (March 5 to be historically accurate), she was in the middle of the infamous Boston Massacre and got shot by British sentries.  After hearing about this, Victor hurried as fast as he could towards the State House only to find her bloodied corpse lying amongst the ravaged rubble.  After losing the love of his life, he began to sink into a depression as he spent his family’s fortune on numerous drinks.  During all of this, he even became a womanizer and intentionally insulted every single gentleman in the hopes that one of them would challenge him to a duel.  While he had initially hoped that one of those single-shot shootouts would be what ultimately ended his life, his pride refused to let him go out like that every single time.  Then on one particular evening, he was lying in an alley before he was met upon by a demonic woman named Malicia, who turned out to be a queen to a clan of pureblood vampires.  After being amused by his suffering, she decided to bite his neck and turn him into one of her vampires.  However, she made him an eternally serving servant to her.  Over time, he grew to hate her and longed to have the power to finally smite her.  As the 20th Century was about to come around, he was met upon by Lucifer himself and ended up agreeing to serve him in exchange for getting enough power to finally go up against Malicia.  He ultimately slaughtered her and drank her blood, thus giving him “all her knowledge and power” along with absolute control over her vampire clan in order to form his group called the Dark Covenant.  He then kept her amongst his company and adopted her name as his own, thus becoming Lord Malice.  Despite all that he’s built up for himself, it was unable to fill that which was deep inside of him.  Because he now serves Lucifer for eternity, not even the sun’s burning rays were able to end his life.  He then discovered that he’s different from other vampires since while the UV rays are capable of reducing him to a charred carcass, he gains a Healing Factor at night that allows him to regenerate.  From there, he takes Conway inside and says that he would give it all up to be with his true love before they reach her portrait as Jennifer is stunned to see how much she looks like her.  She then realizes that it all makes sense since she finally recalls the horrid series of events from the Homecoming Dance, even down to seeing Rod becoming a werewolf before he got hurt.  Lord Malice then says that he would never deliberately harm her and that all he wants is for her to become his queen in order for them to rule over the Dark Covenant.  However, she refuses before he asks her to follow him since he wishes to show something else to her.  Meanwhile, the FBI agents arrive at the burnt-out debris that was the safe house as their investigation has them discovering “scraps and charred remains”.  Raymond is then informed by Agent Hammond that their search hounds have picked up another scent that’s leading into the woods.  Agent Bokor then tells him to call up headquarters for a support drop and that they’ll need to have their supplies replenished, especially with some high-end weaponry for them to use, since he feels like they’re getting one step closer to their culprits.

We then shift over to the Metropol Night Club (located within Pittsburgh’s Strip District) as Night Hunter is fighting a trio of demonic ladies who all wield some kind of dark magic.  As one of them named Ivanette leaps towards him, he suddenly gets some unexpected help from a sword-wielding figure named Azure Star who manages to slice her head off.  It also turns out that he’s a vampire, but he claims to only drink the blood of evil people.  From there, the two guys manage to execute the remaining ladies named December & Courtney Rose before Jessie contacts Raven and informs him that she’s picked up Snow Paw & Rod’s location via the FBI Special Investigation Unit’s radio communication.  As such, she tells him to return to their garage since it could finally give them their chance to tear the Dark Covenant down for good.  Azure Star offers to join him, but Night Hunter refuse his help before they each head out.  Back with Rodney and Cirilla, he asks her if there’s other superpowers that could explain his unique energy bursts.  She tells him that his ability is “something else entirely” before explaining that it’s rare for a Lycanthrope to be sincere enough to be favored by a higher power and acquire “a very powerful gift”.  She goes on to say that God created the Celestials in order to serve him, but they didn’t like their position and proceeded to separate into three different sects.  The Pagans worship the “arrogant mythic Celestials”, due to those beings serving as “Gods to cultures across the world for centuries”.  As for Purebreds (like Snow Paw herself), they worship God and pray to the Seraphim Celestials, while the Mongrels are loyal to Lucifer and his Fallen Celestials.  After Night Wolf describes the Seraphim as angels and the Fallen as demons, he then apologizes to her for his action over at their campfire.  She assures him that she had let her loneliness get to her before he asks her how she lost her loved ones.  From there, she reveals her backstory where she was originally born and raised two centuries ago upon a small farm within the Scottish Highlands.  She was unwillingly engaged to a nobleman’s son and that their arranged marriage was meant to save her family’s farm.  On one fateful night, she returned home from a meet-up with her fiancé before she and her family were attacked by a group of Mongrel werewolves led by Black Claw’s predecessor named Grim Fang.  After being forced to watch him slaughter her parents, it ended up triggering her Lycanthropy before she attacked the Mongel drones.  However, Grim Fang was too much for her to handle as he picked her up by her throat.  Thankfully, she was saved by Silver Mane and Akileo as they forced him to retreat.  From there, Silver Mane carried her to safety in order for her to recover.  Rod then asks her who Akileo is, to which Snow Paw says that he was a Werelion who was part of her London-based adopted family, alongside a dwarf named Turrorlig and a dark elf named Elenalue.  And so, Issue 7 ends with Night Wolf asking her if she ever found Grim Fang, but she realizes where he’s going and warns him to not let revenge consume him, since it won’t fill his inner emptiness and she can’t bear to let him fall to “the lure of hatred”.

Overall, these issues provided some harrowing experiences while they also continued to flesh out certain characters.  Issue 6 provided a minor hiccup to Rod and Cirilla’s partnership due to him being somewhat similar to her deceased mentor Silver Mane and how much she badly misses him.  As such, it led to her succumbing to a moment of weakness before she got lured away by whom she thought was Black Claw and it led to her need for vengeance overcome her duty to look after her battle partner Marcelli.  As a result, it does a nice job in showing her own faults as this emotional baggage that she’s forced to carry has weighed on her over the years and felt very natural in how it was handled within this outing.  Plus, it effectively shows that despite her experience and skills upon the supernatural battlefield, there’s a reason as to why she’s been entrenched within this conflict combined with the emotionally wrenching moments that helped to fuel her personal fire.  As for Rodney, he’s finally met upon by someone whom the reader hasn’t seen ever since the first issue.  It’s nice that the series finally starts to bring up the cruel fates that befell upon his former girlfriends and it falls in line with the vampire attack that ultimately turned her into a creature of the night.  With her initial intention to place him within her twisted control and even her desire to slay Jennifer, it does seem to hint at a notion of jealousy and it can potentially set up a further exploration into his past, possibly exploring how his prior love lives have casted him within a not-so good light (maybe even some moments of unfaithfulness) before his failed romances ultimately led to him initially landing within a secure and heartfelt endeavor with Conway.  As for this encounter, it does a good job of showing how much he’s improved since his initial Lycan discovery and even how well his training has helped him thus far as a result.  However, his unfamiliarity with Ann Marie becoming a supernatural creature in her own right who’s even backed up by her own Blood Knight armada and him being briefly abandoned by Snow Paw at the worst possible time led to him getting overwhelmed and subdued.  In terms of a progressive narrative that can transition us into the next chapter, we have Jennifer continuing her mentally-sound rationing of trying to understand how she suddenly wound up in a relationship with Victor (a.k.a. Lord Malice).  Despite his attempts to convince her that they’ve always been a budding couple, she thankfully can’t shake those nagging notions of something being off about the realities that she’s somehow found herself in.  Thanks to her strong will, she’s able to convince him to tell her the truth before she learns about his tragic backstory and how he came to be in the first place.  Despite the emotional rollercoaster that she’s wound up in as his prisoner, I continue to admire her personal endurance and the logical progression that she goes through in discovering her possible connection to our featured baddie.  As such, she’s become a shining example of good writing for a female character from this series.  Moving on to Lord Malice, it finally comes full circle with the initial hint of his deceased loved one from the inaugural issue.  The explanation on how he became a vampiric leader of his own supernatural group does provide him with some sympathy, since Elisabeth was unfairly ripped from his life by an infamously historic event that led him towards a personal downward spiral before he wound up within a supernatural being’s control.  Though he ultimately managed to usurp her, it came at the cost of him compounding his initial mistake-filled bargain with another one that he makes with an even grander being of darkness.  There is a further hint about himself that he’s about to show Jennifer, but Lord Malice’s villain motivation felt nicely handled and manages to back up further information from prior issues that he’s “a” bad guy, but not “the” bad guy.  As for how he’ll factor into the eventual final fight, it kept me interested into seeing it all play out.  Meanwhile within the background, Raymond Bokor and his fellow agents continue to make some progress on attempting to frame Marcelli for all of the supernatural murders that’s been going on.  He’s still stuck in a misguided white whale-esque hunting form of determination, so it’s only a matter of time what he and his team will ultimately discover once they manage to catch up.  Moving on to Issue 7, its biggest contribution to the overall story does involve Lord Malice sharing his backstory to Jennifer.  Other than that, Night Wolf and Snow Paw get their first battle together as a properly trained unit.  They’re pretty effective in defeating Ann Marie and her Blood Knights before they’re forced to go on the run.  Afterwards, there’s a nice attempt to further expand the mythological lore of this world as it makes a philosophical explanation for how religious worship works within this plane of existence.  It presents a unique setting of good, neutral and evil that continues to present a grand feel to how its main supernatural factions operate within its own unique theological setup.  Because the forces of good and evil have felt like they’ve had the biggest series of clashes thus far, I can only imagine how the Pagan neutrals will affect the overall events.  Finally, there’s one more notable development in the form of Snow Paw’s backstory.  It manages to build upon what’s already established and display how she came across Black Claw in the first place, how Silver Mane brought her under his wing and even the hint of an otherworldly family that she was adopted into following the bloody murder of her original clan.  For the purposes of this narrative, it continues to be solid and makes its readers curiously into knowing the full lengths of her origins within the pages of her spinoff series.  Between both issues, the artwork continues to be rock solid as its firmly established art team continues to flex its muscles.  With no single-color gradient backgrounds between the two chapters, a nice attention to detail when it comes to the characters and an eye-pleasing palette of brightly color to marvelously moody, Herrera & Melvyn continue to be an artistic driving force within the independent comic book scene.  The pacing is also just as effective as the various plots get some time to make their key advancements.  It allows its readers to breathe in order to absorb its crucial plot details, while also providing them with some thrilling action at the proper time.  In addition, there didn’t seem to be any major plot holes that I was able to find within either issue’s story.  Maybe Snow Paw’s Celestial explanation could’ve been a bit more fleshed out in order to make it feel a bit more solidified into the world that’s already been established, but that’s pretty much all that I could find in terms of things that didn’t seem to fit right with me.  Finally, the action is minimal and relegated to our two heroic werewolves.  Even still, they’re still energetic enough and helped in moving the main story forward.  In the end, these two issues continue to make things compellingly interesting with its creation.  With compelling characters, neat action and engaging storylines, they succeed in advancing the overall narrative and leaves its readers in a state of sweet anticipation for what’s to come.  As such, these issues have made themselves worthy of a recommended read for all who’re interested in making the prowl.

Even though we’ve reached the end of the 2023 Halloween season, Rodney’s biggest fight still has yet to be fought.  Not only that, but there’s some lingering questions that have yet to be answered.  How will the villains Hecate, Black Claw, Janelle, Circe and Tartarus factor into the progressing narrative after being absent for a while?  How will Marcelli’s two remaining ex-girlfriends come back into play?  Aside from wanting Jennifer to be his new romantic replacement for Elisabeth, what grand plan does Lord Malice have in mind for Rodney?  What’s Night Hunter and Jessie’s full motivations for going after the Dark Covenant?  Finally, how will all of those various factions of heroes and supernatural agents that were briefly introduced towards the end of the second issue, along with the newly shown Azure Star, be handled within this ever-towering story?  Despite those nagging notions and the fact that Rod’s journey couldn’t be completed by the end of the month, it hasn’t deturbed me in the slightest.  As such, I look forward to covering his further adventures, as well as Snow Paw’s own spinoff mini-series.  Until then, may the moon shine bright upon all of your journeys.

Night Wolf (created by Robert A. Multari) is owned by Lone Wolf Media Entertainment, Inc.

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