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Marvel Anime (Part 2): Wolverine

Hello, my friends.  In honor of Hugh Jackman’s final hurrah as everyone’s favorite Canucklehead hitting theaters this month, the timing seems perfect for us to dig into another entry of…

Marvel Anime!

Last time, we saw our Armored Avenger try to install an Arc Reactor plant in Japan while having to fend off an evil organization that looked to throw him under a bad sign.  As shown during that entry, a particular character showed up during one episode.  Now, it’s time for him to shine as we focus this review on…

Our Title Card!.jpg

Originally debuting on January 7 to March 25, 2011 on Japan’s Animax channel and July 23 to October 14, 2011 on America’s G4 channel before seeing a DVD release on July 31, 2012, this marks the second anime series between Marvel Entertainment and the Japanese animation studio known as Madhouse.  What exactly brought everyone’s favorite mutant to the land of the rising sun?  Let’s dive in and find out.

Logan & Mariko-Lovers Forever!.png

We begin with Episode 1 “Mariko” as the series presents its lone pre-title scene.  As we open in New York City at night, two lovers share a tender moment with each other as James Howlett a.k.a. Logan a.k.a. Wolverine (voiced by Milo Ventimiglia) expresses his love to his Japanese sweetheart Mariko Yashida (voiced by Gwedoline Yeo).

A.I.M.-Surprise!A.I.M.-Fire Away!

Suddenly, a trio of A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) agents rise up out of the water.  Just as Logan shields Mariko, they fire away as he gets pelted by a barrage of bullets.

Wolverine-You're Gonna Get It!Wolverine-Slice 'N Dice!

Fortunately, his Healing Factor kicks in as his wounds completely vanish.  From there, he leaps towards the agents as he unsheathes his adamantium claws in order to unleash his attack.

Tesshin Asano-Hunted Down!A.I.M.-We Have You Now!

Following the title sequence, we cut to one year later where Agent Tesshin Asano (voiced by Crispin Freeman) is getting pursued on the NYC rooftops by another group of A.I.M. agents who make their presence known by de-cloaking themselves in front of him.

He tries firing his gun at them, but they were equipped with a force field that blocks his shots.  From there, they fire a hi-tech device at him with causes him to keel over in pain.  If that wasn’t enough, the weapon’s sonic disruptions are powerful enough to shatter his gun, his glasses, his watch and even his own badge.

Fortunately for him, a can of beer falls into the line of fire as it explodes its foam onto the villainous agents.  After they call off their attack, they discover Wolverine standing just above them as he assures Asano that he’ll take care of these “pansies”.

Wolverine-Feel My Steel!A.I.M.-We Must Hide!

From there, he proceeds to effortlessly slash two opposing agents as the remaining three foes are forced into cloaking themselves.

Wolverine-Gotcha!A.I.M.-Nowhere To Hide!

Unfortunately for them, Logan uses his heightened sense of smell to find and stab two more A.I.M. agents.

However, the remaining felon managed to grab Asano as the two of them struggle against each other before they slip and fall off the side of the building.  As such, Wolverine jumps down to save his friend.

Shortly after Asano frees himself from the A.I.M. agent, Logan catches up and grabs onto his arm.  From there, James proceeds to jab his claws into the building in order to ease their descent.  As such, they stop mere inches from the ground as they arrive next to the newly-deceased A.I.M. agent’s corpse.

A short time later, Logan and Asano meet up in a basement pub where Tesshin proceeds to explain why Mariko was taken from our hero.  He tells of a crime organization called the Kuzuryu (named after a nine-headed dragon from Japanese legend & folklore), which happens to be the biggest and most vicious criminal federation within the entire Yakuza.  They’re also financed by A.I.M., who uses them to send out money and weapons throughout the entirety of Asia.  Logan then learns about the Kuzuryu’s leader, Shingen Yashida (voiced by Fred Tatasciore), father of Mariko.

Shingen Yashida-My Metal Is As Vicious As My Mind!.png

Unlike most crime bosses who sit around and run their operations from behind closed doors, Shingen isn’t afraid of engaging others in combat since he’s a master swordsman.  Asano also explains that he and the Public Intelligence Security Agency has been tracking the crime lord’s activities in order to gather enough evidence for an arrest and bring the Kuzuryu crashing down.

Hideki Kurohagi-I Want Mariko's Hand In Holy Matrimony!.png

Logan also learns that Mariko is getting forced into marriage.  It turns out that she’s engaged to a guy named Hideki Kurohagi (voiced by Vic Mignogna of Fullmetal Alchemist & Star Trek Continues fame).  He inherited his criminal empire after his father died from “suspicious circumstances” (to the point where Asano explains of a widely-spread belief that Hideki may have been response for his dad’s demise) and runs it on an island called Madripoor (which is also a sovereign state) as the spit of land has become a hotbed for criminal activities.  He lives there within a skyscraper that towers above the whole land.  Hideki’s marriage to Mariko would allow Shingen to have a brand new base of operations while Kurohagi gets properly funded.  After learning that Mariko has been taken to her father’s Tokyo base, the scene ends with Logan heading out to get her back.

Logan & Mariko-We Need Each Other!Logan & Mariko-Lovers Entwined!

We then have a quick flashback where Logan and Mariko tell each other how relived they feel by the fact that they have each other to confide in before it ends with them embracing each other.

Wolverine-I'm Coming To Save You, Mariko!.png

Back in the present, we have a quick scene where Logan is taking a flight to Japan as he promises Mariko that he’ll find her and that they’ll be together again.

Wolverine-Helpful Eyes On Me!Tesshin Asano-Logan's Calling The Shots For Now, People!

Sometime later, Logan arrives in Tokyo.  With Shigen’s compound surrounded by security cameras and guards, he casually walks by the front gate.  Hiding out across the street is Agent Machida (voiced by Roger Craig Smith of Batman and Sonic The Hedgehog fame) who wonders why James is strolling past the main gate.  Watching close by from a surveillance van is Asano, who’s alongside Agent Takagi (also voiced by Vic Mignogna) and Agent Tsukino (voiced by Stephanie Sheh of Sailor Moon and Naruto fame).  He proceeds to tell his fellow agents that for now, Wolverine is calling the shots.  Just as he turns the corner, James manages to elude Machida and proceeds to enter the compound.

He proceeds to stealthily make his way thorough the trees and hides out at a fair distance from the building as Logan sees Mariko emerge from within.  However, Shingen senses a disturbance as he grabs his katana blade and heads outside.

Just as he confronts his daughter and his fellow guards, Shingen demonstrates how “a clear mind sees all” as he throws his blade out towards the garden.  Fortunately, Logan dodges in time as he’s forced to make his presence known, especially to Mariko’s surprise.  He’s then surrounded by Shingen’s guards as they aim their guns at him while Asano and company watch via the security cameras that his team hacked into.

Wolverine-Don't Make Me Laugh!Wolverine-That Was Easy!

Logan announces his intention to take Mariko back home since he treats her like an actual person while her father had to kidnap his own daughter just to make her perform a “duty to her family”.  As such, Shingen gives the order to kill Wolverine.  Fortunately, our hero manages to effortlessly defeat the guards without even needing to use his claws.

Shingen Yashida-We Shall Duel, Logan!.png

Shingen then challenges Logan to a duel as the rest of the guards surround him.  James learns that if he wins, Mariko will be allowed to leave with him.  As Wolverine accepts and heads inside, Asano and company are not able to watch since there’s no security camera within the building.

Wolverine-Let's Duel!Shingen Yashida-Feel My Razor Wind!

Armed with wooden swords, the two of them begin their duel.  During the fight, Shingen lives up his swordsmanship as he constantly lands vicious hits onto James, even swinging his weapon hard enough to create a Razor Wind which strikes Wolverine hard enough to make him bleed across his chest and abs.  Fortunately, his Healing Factor helps him quickly recover from his injuries.

Despite taking his lumps, Logan’s finally able to get into a standoff with Shingen as he starts to gain the upper edge.  Unfortunately, a dart flies in and injects him with a toxin as he falls to the ground and is unable to move.  He soon discovers that it came from Hideki as he explains that it was developed from A.I.M.’s chemical warfare division and it causes the victim’s nervous system to become paralyzed very quickly.

Wolverine-I Will Fight Through This!.png

Despite his Healing Factor struggling to combat the toxin, Episode 1 ends with Wolverine unleashing his claws as he prepares to fight back.

Wolverine-Fighting Through Adversity!Wolverine-No! Not Now!

We begin Episode 2 “Yukio” as Logan tries to fight Shingen while his body deals with the paralyzing toxin.  Wolverine manages to slice through Master Yashida’s wooden sword with his claws and is about to finish him off.  Unfortunately, the toxin finally takes hold as James’ final strike comes within mere inches of Shingen.  With him unable to move, he ends up falling to the floor.

Wolverine-Helpless!Shingen Yashida-I Shall Spare You For Now!

After acknowledging his guards to escort his daughter out of the room, Shingen prepares to finish off Logan.  Fortunately, he changes his mind and instead uses his shattered wooden sword to knock his foe unconscious.  Because Hideki interfered with the fight, there would be no earned honor in killing his foe.  However, Shingen does leave our fallen hero in Kurohagi’s hands.

Hideki Kurohagi-Let's Take Care Of Him!Wolverine-In Trouble!

Shortly afterwards, Hideki’s men emerge with Wolverine tied up and placed into the trunk of their car as they prepare to drive off with Asano & company seeing this via the security system.

Hideki Kurohagi-Start Dreaming Of Our Marriage!.png

Back inside, Mariko asks Hideki what will happen to Logan.  He proceeds to lie and says that Wolverine is getting sent back to America.

Afterwards, Hideki and his men drive off to take care of Logan.  Shortly upon seeing this, Asano tells his fellow agents to keep a sharp eye on Shingen while he goes to save their Canadian comrade since he’s personally responsible for putting Wolverine in his current dilemma.  As such, he gets into his car and heads out to save his friend.

Agent Machida-Let's Follow Asano!.png

A short time later however, Agent Machida is informed by his fellow agents on what just happened.  Believing that there’s no further activity from Shingen, he convinces his fellow agents that they should go after Asano in order to have his back.  As such, he leaves his post in order to rejoin his fellow agents.

After getting a reasonable enough distance from Tokyo, Hideki and company reach the train tracks.  Unbeknownst to them, Asano arrives on the opposite side as he sees the horror unfold.  He sees Hideki’s men carry Logan down to the tracks and pour alcohol onto his face in order to make it look like he drunkenly stumbled onto the tracks before getting run over.  With the train starting to bear down, Kurohagi’s thugs start to take their leave.

As Asano races down to save his friend, he’s suddenly confronted by a swift figure who proceeds to kick him into submission.  Shortly afterwards, Hideki’s men are suddenly attacked as they’re killed right in front of him.  Fearing for his life, he hops back into his car as his driver helps him get away.

With the train bearing down on Wolverine, the swift figure manages to reach him in time.  By the time Asano recovers and tries to reach his friend, it’s too late as the locomotive rumbles on through.  After it makes its way past, Tesshin gets worried as the scene ends with him yelling for his friend.

Machida & Tsukino-It's Just Us!Tesshin Asano-Getting Informed!

As he continues his search for Logan, Asano is suddenly met upon by Agents Machida and Tsukino as he wonders why they left their post.  However, Machida tells him that their reason will have to wait.

Tesshin Asano-How Did These Men Get Slaughtered!Tesshin Asano-Planning Our Next Move!

As Machida shows him the slain bodies, Asano wonders who was responsible for this.  After Tsukino lets him know that she’s informed headquarters on what happened, Takagi wonders what Logan’s next move will be now that he’s somehow on the loose.

Later, Asano arrives back at his apartment as he works on his digital device.  Suddenly, he hears his door opening slightly as the lights abruptly go out.  From there, the scene ends with him getting approached by an unknown assailant.

Wolverine-That's My Healing Factor For You!.png

As the sun rises, Logan’s savior makes it back to the Tokyo-based apartment and witnesses his Healing Factor take care of a head wound.

Hideki Kurohagi-Logan Got Away!.png

Back at the compound, Mariko is concerned since she overheard her father trying to find out if James had been taken care of.  As if a response to her question, Hideki comes in and tells Shingen that Wolverine has escaped, but his men are working on rectifying it.

Yukio-I Respect Your Healing Factor!Wolverine-Meeting His Workmate!

Meanwhile, Logan wakes up and thinks that he’s in Mariko’s company.  However, the sunlight played with him as he sees a different woman and aims his claws at her, demanding to know who she is.  He learns that the lady named Yukio (voiced by Sailor Mercury herself, Kate Higgins) is the one who saved him from the train and that she respects the fact that he lived through the paralyzing toxin via his Healing Factor.  Afterwards, she says that she can help him rescue Mariko.  As she wraps some bandages around James’ arms, she tells him that Shingen is their common enemy since he killed her parents.

During a flashback, Yukio explains that her mother worked for Shingen as a top-tier assassin.  However, the one man that she couldn’t bring herself to kill was the one whom she ended up falling in love with.  After being chased to a cliff, she tries to fight back with a retractable circular blade.  However, Shingen’s lethal swordsmanship brought her to a permanent end.

Wolverine-I Need To Reach Asano!.png

Afterwards, Logan uses his digital device in order to locate Agent Asano’s apartment as he asks Yukio to help him get there.

Our two heroes ultimately make it to Asano’s abode, but they don’t get a response despite ringing his door bell a few times.  With his heightened sense of smell picking up some blood, Wolverine uses his claws to shred the lock and get inside.  He then notices Asano sitting motionless at his desk, but he horrifyingly discovers that his friend has a bloodied stab wound and is now dead.  As Asano’s badge falls out and snaps in half, Yukio believes that someone stabbed the agent through his heart (and even through his badge with enough force).

Wolverine-We've Been Set Up!Wolverine-Let's Get Outta Here!

Just then, a pair of police officers proceed to confront our heroes.  Seeing that someone has set him and Yukio up into making the cops think that they killed Asano, Wolverine motions his hand with enough force to smack a desk lamp into one of the officers.  After Yukio takes care of the other official, they begin their escape attempt.

Wolverine-Slice 'N Dice Time!Yukio-That's Some Sexy Slicing!

After taking out another pair of cops in the hallway, our heroes are then confronted by the “goon squad”.  Wolverine and Yukio proceed to easily take care of the suited men as they make their way out of the building.

Wolverine-That's How You Make A Cool Landing!Wolverine-How Did We Get Set Up!

After getting outside, James wonders how the cops and the suited men knew that they would be at Asano’s apartment, to which Yukio thinks that it was arranged by the same person who murdered the agent.

Just then, they’re confronted by a man in robes.  Yukio recognizes him as Kikyo Mikage (voiced by Steven Blum), a top-tier assassin who works for Shingen.  Logan soon discovers that this guy is able to retract katana blades from his upper arms.  And so, Episode 2 ends with Kikyo jumping down to engage Wolverine in combat.

Wolverine-Time To Clash!Wolverine-We're Street Fighting Men!

We begin Episode 3 “Kikyo” with our two men proceeding to fight each other as their duel moves them out of the parking lot and into the vacant streets.

After a brief chase, our two combatants fight their way up to a building’s rooftop as Yukio watches from afar.  Logan finds out that Kikyo is also able to attack with a Razor Wind as he’s forced to withstand the strike.

Fortunately, James is able to stand through the blow as only his sleeves took any real damage.  Yukio tries to attack, but Kikyo deflects her circular blade back to her.

As our two combatants resume their fight, it turns out that the police’s armored division has arrived on the scene.  During the tussle, Logan notices that Kikyo’s blade was capable of delivering Agent Asano’s fatal wound.

Ultimately, their tussle causes them to fall off the building.  Fortunately, James managed to leap towards an adjacent building (and cause some minor grief to two women who were talking about Tony Stark, tee-hee!) while Kikyo uses his blade to save himself as he leaps towards a ledge.  As Wolverine reaches the window, he notices the imprint that Kikyo’s sword made on the nearby building.  Noticing that it has a similar shape to the fatal wound that claimed his friend’s life, James accuses Kikyo for killing Agent Asano.

Police-We'll Shoot To Kill If Necessary!Yukio-That'll Disorient The Fuzz!

However, their brawl gets interrupted by the police as they’re told to surrender or else they’ll open fire on them.  Fortunately, Yukio uses her circular blade to disorient the officials in order for her and Logan to escape.

Kikyo Mikage-Logan Is Most Impressive!.png

Before he slips away, Kikyo thinks to himself about how Wolverine has become a worthy challenge for him to one day take care of.

Wolverine-Solidifying A Partnership!.png

As Logan and Yukio escape from the police, he says that he’ll take care of Kikyo despite some moments that said otherwise.  As Yukio becomes convinced, she says that she’s more than willing to help him out to the end.  With the two of them locked in on their daunting task, the scene ends with their partnership fully solidified.

Hideki Kurohagi-Your Gift From Madripoor Arrives Tonight, Mariko!.png

Over at the Yashida compound, Mariko overhears Hideki’s phone call as he learns that Wolverine managed to avert his assassination.  He then confronts her and lets her know that a dowry is arriving from Madripoor this evening.

After arriving back at Yukio’s apartment, Logan explains how important Agent Asano was to him, since he only saw James as a regular guy and they shared a respected level of trust.  After he swears to avenge his death by getting both Kikyo and Shingen in addition to rescuing Mariko, Yukio uses Asano’s digital device (which she took during their investigation) and explains that a dowry is arriving by boat from Madripoor tonight.  She also states that Hideki will present this as a wedding gift to Shingen, which she believes contains a drug shipment worth several billion yen.

Hideki Kurohagi-Time For A Seaside Wedding Gift Pick-Up!Machida, Tsukino & Takagi-We've Got Hideki Now!

That night, Hideki and his men take their leave from the Yashida compound in order to acquire their late-night shipment. Over in the nearby surveillance van, Agents Machida, Tsukino and Takagi take notice as they prepare to alert their squad down at the docks to get ready.

A short time later, Hideki and his men arrive just as the ship pulls in from its journey from Madripoor.  As he waits in his car, Kurohagi tells his henchman to have the crewmen load the shipment into their vehicles.

Suddenly, the ship gets pelted by a barrage of Molotov Cocktails.  It turns out that they’re coming from a nearby building as Yukio lights them up while Wolverine uses his strength to throw them onto the boat.

Shipmates-Gotta Stop This Blaze!Agent Machida-Let's Move In!

While the shipmates desperately try to get the blaze under control, Machida leads his fellow agents in order to bust up the drug deal.

Hideki Kurohagi-There You Are!Wolverine-I'm Back, Bub!

Just then, Hideki finally notices Wolverine over on the adjacent rooftop as our hero calmly stands by with his renewed confidence.

Docks-Seaside Shoot-Out!Wolverine-Time To Join The Fun!

While a shootout erupts between our heroic agents and Hideki’s men, Logan jumps into the fray, withstands some of the henchmen’s gunfire (thanks to his Healing Factor) and takes some of them out off-screen.

Wolverine-I Finally Have You, Bub!.png

Hideki orders his driver to get him out of here, but they’re immediately stopped since Wolverine is standing in their way.  As Kurohagi gets out and tries to defend himself, Logan manages to disarm him and finally has him at his mercy.

Wolverine-A Surprise Return From An Old Foe!Omega Red-I'm Back!

Suddenly, a pair of metallic tentacles emerge from the blaze and wraps Logan in their grasp.  As such, Episode 3 ends with him discovering that illegal drugs weren’t the only things on the boat.  It turns out that there’s also a Russian mutant that he used to tangle with named Arkady Rossovich a.k.a. Omega Red (voiced by J.B. Blanc of Naruto fame).

Wolverine-Losing Some Life!Omega Red-May I Suck Your Life Away!

We begin Episode 4 “Omega Red” with the titular villain using his retractable tentacles to cause some harm to Wolverine.  Logan asks him how he’s even here to begin with, but all that we learn from Arkady is that he’s looking to get revenge for a moment from their past in which James did some harm to him.

Wolverine-Reduced To A Ragdoll!Wolverine-Let's Rumble, Russian!

After getting slammed into various cars, Logan is then tossed into another vehicle.  Omega Red tells him that he’ll only kill him after he begs for mercy, but Wolverine proceeds to fight back.

Wolverine-Mission Briefing!Omega Red-Russia's Super Soldier!

We then cut to a flashback when Logan was getting briefed for an upcoming mission.  As he learns from a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Arkady Rossovich was a Russian serial killer who was ultimately gunned down during an arrest attempt.  Shortly afterwards, the KGB took his body, brought him back to life and implanted Carbonadium tentacles into him as part of the Soviet Super Soldier Project.

Wolverine-Constantly Tossed Around!.png

As Wolverine continues to get flung around the vicinity, the flashback continues with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent explaining that the material that makes up Omega Red’s tentacles was purposely made by Soviet scientists in order to serve as an equivalent to the nearly-indestructible metal known as Adamantium.  Even worse, the material allows Arkady’s death spores to drain the life force of whomever his tentacles are wrapped around.  As such, Omega Red throws James onto the burning ship and continues to zap him of his energy.

Wolverine-Bring On The Backdraft!Wolverine-Help From A Fireball!

With his Healing Factor struggling to keep him alive, Wolverine notices that he’s near a door with a developing blaze inside.  As such, he kicks it open and creates a massive backdraft which causes all of Hideki’s men to get blown onto the ground.

Wolverine-Take This, Arkady!.png

He then proceeds to use the explosion in order to propel himself towards his foe as he slashes Omega Red with enough force to get freed from his tentacles.

Wolverine-Metal vs. Metal!Omega Red-I'm Still Standing!

Logan confronts Arkady as they get into a struggle, but Omega Red prevails as he flings James back towards the warehouses where he smacks into the side of a loading platform.

From there, we head into another flashback where Wolverine breaks into a Russian facility and takes a canister out of its chamber.  Because it was an unauthorized retrieval, the alarm goes off as he makes a dash for the exit.  As he dodges the gunfire and fights his way through the opposing soldiers, we learn from the briefing as to what it is that he’s stealing.  Because of Carbonadium’s radioactive nature, a Synthesizer is needed for those who’re getting implanted with said metal in order to prevent it from deteriorating, or else its user will suffer from mental instability & intense pain.  It turns out that Logan is stealing the Synthesizer and placing it into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody in order to put a monkey wrench into the “Soviet Agenda”.

Omega Red-Give That Canister Back, Thief!Omega Red-I'll Do The 'Taking' Around Here!

From there, the flashback comes to a temporary end as James runs into Arkady and they proceed to clash with each other.

Back in the present, Wolverine charges into Omega Red as they crash into a warehouse.  With the ship going up in flames, Agent Tsukino manages to fight her way through Hideki’s thugs in order to save one piece of the dowry in order to have enough evidence to bring about Shingen’s arrest.

Back at the Yashida compound, Mariko is awoken as two of Hideki’s henchmen have returned from the docks.  Unfortunately for them, they have the misfortune of letting Shingen know that Logan interfered and that the dowry was incinerated, as well as Omega Red’s sudden appearance.  Furious by the recent events, Shingen swings his katana with enough force to send out a shockwave.  The henchmen duck in time before it ends up destroying a nearby wall.

Back at the docks, Wolverine and Omega Red continue their fight while Yukio watches from afar.  During the tussle, Arkady says that he’s been through intense and burning pain due to not having the Synthesizer at hand in order to help ease his Carbonadium.

From there, we head into our last flashback as Omega Red pursues Logan through the fierce snow while starting to feel the intense pain from his own Carbonadium tentacles.  As he averts his foe, James suddenly falls down a crevasse.  Fortunately, he uses his claws to save himself.  However, the flashback ends with a massive amount of snow pouring in, causing him to drop the Synthesizer as it gets buried under the white powder.  Because Arkday didn’t see him lose it, he still think that his foe still has it.

As Omega Red throws Wolverine around the warehouse, several propane tanks fall towards the ground.  Logan brings the fight to an end by tossing one of them towards his foe.  Arkady defends himself by striking it, resulting in a massive explosion.

Wolverine-We're Getting Outta Here!.png

Fortunately, James and Yukio dodged the blast and managed to make their way out.  However, they get into a brief argument where she’s only trying to help, but Logan exclaims that he doesn’t really need any.

Hideki Kurohagi-Follow Them, My Henchman!.png

Unbeknownst to them however, Hideki managed to catch up as he sends his henchman after them.

Wolverine-I Take My Lumps With The Best Of Them!.png

The following morning at Yukio’s apartment, Logan is getting treated since Omega Red’s Carbonadium tentacles has been messing up his Healing Factor.  She expresses her doubt about their mission since he struggled against Omega Red.  However, James says that anyone can have a low point and that he’s the kind of guy who’ll persevere since he’s “got nothing to lose”.

Wolverine-We're Not Alone!Henchman-Gotcha!

Just then, his heightened sense of smell picks up an intruder.  It turns out the be Hideki’s henchman who looks to finish James and Yukio off with a surprise bomb.

Wolverine-You're Busted, Bub!Henchman-Eternally Screwed!

Fortunately, our heroes evaded the blast as Wolverine initially confronts the thug while Yukio slices his gun with her circular blade.  As the henchman tries to escape, Logan slices a section of the staircase that he’s on.  It ends up breaking off as the thug falls several stories to the ground.  With the location of their safe house exposed, James says that they should launch an unexpected strike on the Yashida compound tonight, to which Yukio agrees.

Omega Red-Oh, Yeah!Wolverine-Ready For Round Two!

Suddenly, they find themselves caught by a different surprise attack as Omega Red bursts through the wall and confronts Logan.  With Yukio baffled as to how Arkady found out where they lived, Wolverine confidently gets ready for Round 2.

Yukio tries to help out, but Omega Red deflects her circular blade before smacking her with his tentacle and knocks her out.  James tries to make his way to her, but Arkady wraps his tentacles around him as he explains that he managed to locate him via his death spores (Apparently, they were somehow injected into Logan during their fight) before slamming him around the staircase.  From there, Episode 4 ends with Omega Red pinning Wolverine to the wall as he begins to drain his life force.

As we begin Episode 5 “Asano” with Logan fighting for his life, he notices a glass shard at his feet.  He kicks it towards Arkady, which flies by him, but it causes enough of a distraction for James to leap towards him as the two combatants crash through the wall.  Afterwards, Yukio regains consciousness as she wearily tries to catch up.

Wolverine-Going Down!Wolverine-Rumble Out On The Public Streets!

Meanwhile, Wolverine and Omega Red proceed to fight and slide down the sides of adjacent buildings before their clash works its way out onto the streets as citizens flee for their lives.

Wolverine-The Stuggle Continues!Omega Red-Starting To Run Low!

As the struggle continues, Omega Red’s power box begins blinking and buzzing as Wolverine realizes that his foe’s starting to run out of energy.

Omega Red-She Tempts Me!Wolverine-A Critical Boot To The Head!

Just as the fight works its way into a nearby alley, Yukio manages to catch up as she throws her circular blade.  Even though Omega Red manages to deflect it, it circles back and jams itself into the wall.  Wolverine takes this moment as he delivers a swift kick that sends Arkady into the wall.

It’s then revealed that Omega Red was hit towards the wall with enough force for Yukio’s circular blade to get jammed into his arm.  With his foe’s power running low, Wolverine manages to continually ram Arkady’s right arm into the wall as the blade ultimately cuts off his limb.

From there, James delivers the final shot by slicing Omega Red’s power box as his foe becomes motionless and falls unceremoniously to the ground.  Afterwards, Yukio retrieves her circular blade as Logan tells her that he’s warmed up and ready to face Shingen.

Henchman-Shingen & Mariko Have Already Left!Wolverine-There's No Surprise Attack Tonight!

However, the fallen henchman grabs his leg and uses his last moments to tell him to not even bother, since Shingen and his daughter have already left.  As such, James and Yukio dash off.

We soon find out that the henchman’s words were true as he, his own guards, Hideki and Mariko are on his private aircraft as they depart from Tokyo.

Wolverine-We're Coming, Mariko!Wolverine-I'm Gonna Need Some Friendly Help!

As Logan and Yukio run as fast as they can, he gets out a special device in order to contact a certain friend of his.

Agents-Focus On Shingen First!.png

Meanwhile, Agents Takagi, Tsukino and Machida pick up an A.P.B. involving Wolverine’s defeat over an “unidentified assailant”.  With them still under the impression that Logan killed Agent Asano, they decide to put the hunt for James off to the side since they’re focused on arresting Shingen and bringing his crime syndicate to an end.

A.I.M.-We've Got You, Omega Red!A.I.M.-We're Outta Here!

Back at the crime scene, a hi-tech plane suddenly appears as A.I.M. agents manage to recover Omega Red’s body and lift him onto their aircraft before cloaking themselves in order to take their leave.

Wolverine-No Mariko Or Shingen!Kikyo Mikage-Hi Again, Logan!

Meanwhile, Wolverine and Yukio manage to reach the Yashida compound as he easily defeats the few guards that were left behind.  To their dismay, they find the building completely empty.  However, Logan discovers that someone was waiting for him in the main room.  It turns out to be Kikyo who’s been waiting for his rematch.

Omega Red-Getting The A.I.M. Treatment!.png

Meanwhile, a group of A.I.M. scientists proceed to work on Omega Red.  It turns out that they’re giving him a new regulator device, but it’s not a proper substitute for the Synthesizer and will only serve as “a quick fix”.

Wolverine-Prelude To A Rematch!.png

Back at the Yashida compound, Wolverine and Kikyo are moments away from fighting each other again.  Before they begin, James asks his opponent if he killed Agent Asano.  However, Kikyo says that he didn’t since he wouldn’t commit himself to “a trivial deed”.

Wolverine-It's A Rematch!.png

Despite the police bearing down on the compound, our two combatants proceed to fight each other again.  After discovering that he’s got a Healing Factor as well, Logan asks his opponent about his origins.  However, Kikyo doesn’t know since his memories have been “fractured”, yet he’s fully aware that he’s a mutant, just like James.  Afterwards, they continue to fight before they ultimately end up outside.

Meanwhile, Agents Tsukino and Takagi lead one group of officers into arresting Shingen’s guards while Agent Machida leads another group through the compound in order to find the crime lord himself.  Just then, he notices Wolverine and Kikyo running across the landscape as they make their way out of the vicinity.

Wolverine-Ready To Resume!Wolverine-Rooftop Clash!

After a brief chase, our two combatants ultimately reach a rooftop helipad as Yukio also arrives to see them resume their duel.

Back at the Yashida compound, Tsukino informs her fellow agents that Shingen had already left on his private jet and is on his way to Madripoor, which is outside of their jurisdiction.  Just then, Takagi gets a call as he gets the results of Asano’s autopsy.  He says that while the stab wound is what killed their comrade, there was also a key piece of evidence in his teeth.  It turns out that Asano used his final moments to bite off a piece of his killer’s hair, which the agents soon discover that those strands don’t belong to Logan.  As such, the scene ends with them realizing that he and Asano were good friends and that James is only here to help out.

Wolverine-The Rematch Continues!Omega Red-I'm Back! Again!

Back on the rooftop helipad, Wolverine and Kikyo continue their duel.  Suddenly, their fight gets interrupted as Omega Red returns to finally settle the score with James.  Logan tries to convince him that there’s no point in their brawl, since Shingen and A.I.M. ultimately prevail in this conflict.  However, none of that matters to Arkady since all he wants is to kill Wolverine.  As such, Kikyo steps off to the side and joins Yukio to watch the fight.

However, this rematch is short-lived as Logan pins one of Omega Red’s tentacles with a slab on concrete before he slashes the control box and brings a permanent end to his Russian adversary.

Kikyo Mikage-Our Duel Can Wait!.png

With Omega Red out of the way, James says that he’s ready to resume the previous fight.  However, Kikyo sees that he’s exhausted.  Seeing that there wouldn’t be any honor in defeating a weary adversary, he takes his leave and exclaims that they’ll battle again once he’s fully recovered.

Wolverine-My Friend Is Here!Cyclops-Hi, Logan!

From there, Episode 5 ends with Logan’s earlier call finally getting answered.  With the arrival of the familiar Blackbird Jet, it turns out that he was contacting the X-Men’s field leader, Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops (voiced by Scott Porter of Friday Night Lights and Hart Of Dixie fame).

After Episode 6 “Min” opens with the Blackbird landing on the helipad, Wolverine and Yukio step inside and take their seats.  Despite being somewhat reluctant due to his past history with his teammate, Cyclops proceeds to help out as the three of them take off towards Madripoor.

Wolverine-There's Out Destination!Hideki Kurohagi-Our Prime Suspect!

After Scott activates the jet’s cloaking device, Yukio proceeds to inform Wolverine about their destination.  The island of Madripoor is self-governed, but it’s rampant with street gangs.  While the rich live the fancy life in luxury condos, the majority of its citizens live in the poverty-stricken slums.  She also explains that Hideki has been running the island since his father’s death.

Madripoor-Our Final Destination!Wolverine-So Long, Scott!

A short time later, our heroes arrive within striking distance of Madripoor.  Yukio says that if they land as normal, then the island’s radar system will detect them.  As such, she says that she and Logan should get dropped off over at a lagoon over on the North end of the island.  Cyclops casually mentions how she seems knowledgeable about the corrupt island, to which she states that she knows “enough to get by”.  After reaching the lagoon, James and Yukio depart as Cyclops flies off into the distance.

As our two heroes begin their walk towards Madripoor, Yukio explains that she used to live here with her parents.  However, she doesn’t delve into further details since she doesn’t prefer to discuss about her past.  As such, they proceed to head out.

Wolverine-So Much For Our Cover!Wolverine-We're Free!

However, they’re quickly noticed by a local gang as they fire a pair of nets from a bazooka and trap our heroes while the thugs quickly surround them.  Fortunately, they use their own signature weapons to cut their way to freedom.

Afterwards, they proceed to slice through a good number of opposing brutes.  Eventually, they get separated as Yukio tells Logan to go ahead since she’ll eventually catch up.  From there, he dives into the water and begins swimming towards the main island.

Wolverine-Hello, Boys!Wolverine-More Quick Work!

By the time night falls, James finally arrives on the main land.  Despite another gang confronting him, he proceeds to effortlessly defeat them.

Wolverine-Start Talking, Bub!Wolverine-There Goes Some Intel!

He then confronts the lone surviving thug and demands to know who sent him and his cronies.  After learning that Hideki has placed Madripoor on lockdown,  Logan then asks where their island’s ruler can be found.  However, the thug gets taken out with a spear.

Just then, Wolverine is confronted by another unruly group who toss a barrage of spears at him.  While Logan uses his claws to fend them off, a chain is suddenly wrapped around his leg as he gets dragged off by a pair of goons on a motorcycle.

He gets pulled through the desolate streets before ending up in the center of town where he ends up hanging on a pole.  Fortunately, he slices the chain from his leg, takes the thugs’ motorcycle and beats them up before riding off.

Unbeknownst to him, he’s being secretly watched over by an old man as he tells a young girl that Wolverine’s presence will put their plans into motion sooner than expected.

Shortly after reaching some stairs, Logan ditches the motorcycle and starts heading up.  After taking care of a surprise attack from a pair of thugs, another goon squad begins to chase after him.  Fortunately, James gets some unexpected help as the same young girl from before appears and slays the oncoming gang with a barrage of kunais.

Wolverine-Helpful Information Is Now Mine!Hideki Kurohagi-My Luxury Home!

After reaching a safe spot, the young girl named Min (voiced by Danielle Judovits) explains that the majority of Madripoor’s citizens have given up their rights due to living under Hideki’s rule while she’s part of a resistance group that looks to one day overthrow Kurohagi.  Logan then asks where Hideki is, to which she says that he lives in the island’s lone skyscraper called the Dragon Palace.

Shingen Yashida-My Swordsmanship Is Unmatched!Shingen Yashida-To Hideki's Dad!

Inside the luxurious building, Shingen demonstrates his elite swordsmanship to the island’s rich citizens by using his katana to place seven candles onto their pedestals while blindfolded.  It turns out that they’re used to properly light a statue that he’s bestowed to Hideki in order to commemorate the memory of his deceased father.

Hideki Kurohagi-How Did Logan Reach Madripoor!.png

From there, the scene end with Kurohagi finding out from one of his guards that Logan has been spotted on the island.

Min-Your Destination Isn't Easily Reached, Wolverine!.png

Meanwhile, Min tells James that reaching the Dragon Palace is far from easy.  If the maze-like streets having several dead ends aren’t challenging enough, then there’s also Hideki’s army of guards who’re forced to loyally serve him without question (even if they don’t like him).

Hideki Kurohagi-Take Care Of Wolverine For Me!Vadhaka-I'm Awake!

Back at the Dragon Palace, Kurohagi makes his way towards a certain ground-level chamber in order to make sure that Wolverine never bothers him again.  As such, he sends out a being named Vadhaka (voiced by Jamieson Price) to take care of his foe.

Wolverine-I'll Find My Way By Myself!.png

Back in the slums, Min tries to offer her assistance to him since she can help guide him on the right path towards the Dragon Palace.  However, Logan turns it down since he feels that he can get there by himself.

Vadhaka-Time To Die, Wolverine!Wolverine-Hoo, Boy!

Just then, they feel a growing rumble as Episode 6 ends with Vadhaka arriving to proclaim that he’s caring out his order to kill Wolverine.

Wolverine-The Role Of 'The Hunted'!.png

We begin Episode 7 “Vadhaka” with the titular foe hunting our hero down.  After getting a reasonable enough distance from it, Wolverine wants to know what he’s up against.  Min explains that Vadhaka is a statue that stands guard at the Dragon Palace, but she doesn’t know what it’s doing here since he never moves from his post unless its seal is broken.  As they take their leave, she deduces that Hideki has found out about Wolverine’s presence.

As if being pursued by a gigantic statue wasn’t enough of a hassle, Logan and Min are spotted by another gang as they’re chased down an alley before coming across a dead end.

Suddenly, another gang pops up from the sewers and attack the previous gang.  Our heroes use this random moment to escape as Min tells James that this is just a common occurrence on Madripoor.

Wolverine-Protection Through Abuse!.png

However, Vadhaka manages to catch up as he starts punching at them.  Wolverine uses himself to shield Min from the strikes, thanks to his Adamantium skeleton and his Healing Factor.

Wolverine-Bring It, Tough Guy!Min-Get Your Hands Off Me!

Logan gives Min the chance to escape before he engages Vadhaka.  Unfortunately, she immediately winds up in the hands of two goons who were watching from afar.

Min-I'm Safe!Yukio-Help Has Arrived!

Fortunately, she quickly finds herself saved as Yukio’s circular blade slays her captors before she heads off.

Wolverine-Reunited During A Conflict!Vadhaka-Boot To The Body!

Our two ladies ultimately catch up to Wolverine who’s exhausted from Vadhaka’s assaults.  As he and Yukio quickly talk, Min suddenly realizes her.  However, their conversation is interrupted as Vadhaka kicks Logan through the wall and down into the adjacent pit.

Our two combatants continue to trade punches before Vadhaka starts to get buried under a foreign substance.  James soon discovers that Yukio is covering the behemoth in quick-drying cement and that he better get out while he still can.  As such, Wolverine uses his claws to climb out as the cement quickly hardens around Vadhaka.  From there, Logan begins to head out on his rescue mission.

However, Vadhaka manages to break out of his cement-filled imprisonment as he smacks James away before punching Yukio with enough force to knock her out.

Min-I Ultimately Need You, Wolverine!Vadhaka-I Have You Now!

Just then, Min approaches him despite the looming threat and lets him know that she’s not leaving without him.  However, Logan is once again attacked as Vadhaka grabs him by the throat and prepare to finish him off.

Fortunately, Min comes to the rescue as she breaks a pipe full of hot steam.  Despite it singeing her hands, she manages to redirect the heated foam towards Vadhaka.  She’s even able to send the steam towards its eyes, causing it to get blinded.

Vadhaka-I Can't See!Yukio-Saved From Vadhaka's Blind Wrath!

With its vision impaired, Vadhaka ends up stumbling away from our heroes.  He even passes by an unconscious Yukio and only causes a light amount of debris to fall onto her.

Wolverine-Forced To Retreat!.png

Before James is able to check up on his fallen comrade, another gang pops up and start shooting at him.  As such, Min leads him away in order to avoid their gunfire.

Wolverine-No More Rough Rings Around My Neck!.png

They ultimately make their way down into the sewer as Logan exclaims that he has to regroup with Yukio while his Healing Factor cures his neck from the recent fight.

Wolverine-I Go Where I Wanna Go!.png

Just then, another group of people start to approach them.  However, Min assures James that they’re on her side.  She also exclaims that he’ll need her help in getting to the Dragon Palace.  However, Logan isn’t willing to accept her assistance as he starts to climb towards the surface.

Wolverine-I Won't Be Caught Off-Guard This Time!Koh-You Can Be A Worthy Ally To Our Cause!

Just then, a small spear appears and flies right towards him.  Fortunately, he catches it and throws it back to where it came from.  The person who originally threw it retracts the pointed blade as it turns out to be part of his cane.  He then makes himself known to Wolverine as the leader of this group.  The man named Koh (also voiced by J.B. Blanc) says that Logan’s mutant abilities would greatly help them against the tyranny that rages throughout Madripoor, but James isn’t willing be a weapon for other people.  As such, Koh decides to show him what his group is all about.

Vadhaka-Must Restore My Sight!.png

After a quick scene where Vadhaka managed to get back to the Dragon Palace and gets worked on in order to have its sight restored…

Kikyo Mikage-The Hunt For Logan Continues!.png

…we then head back to the slums where Kikyo has arrived on the island and is asking a small group of thugs if they happen to know where he can find Wolverine.  However, they’re more interested in fighting as they gang up on him.  Kikyo then proceeds to easily slay the group before heading on his way.


Meanwhile, Yukio finally regains her consciousness.  However, she immediately finds herself captured by a small group of guards.

Koh-Things Have Changed Since Your Arrival, Logan!.png

Back in the sewers, Koh explains to a reluctant Logan that they aim to reclaim control over Madripoor and place control over the land in good hands.  James isn’t convinced to work with them, since he has his own reasons for taking Hideki out.  However, Koh says that Kurohagi’s wedding will now take place sooner that expected.  He also tells Logan that their plans will benefit each other, since he’ll be properly organized on how to proceed while he helps to lead their assault on the Dragon Palace.

Koh-Welcome To Our Underground Lair!Koh-Hideki & Shingen Will Pay!

From there, Koh shows off the sub-level hub that serves as the resistance’s headquarters to James.  After displaying his team’s supply of weapons and ammunition, Koh says that he’s beyond eager to eliminate both Hideki and Shingen.  When Wolverine asks why he has as much of a personal vendetta against Japan’s top gangster as him, Koh says that his reasoning goes back many years earlier.

Koh-My Former Friend Named Juo!Shingen Yashida-I'm Your Personal Monkey Wrench, Koh!

From there, we proceed into his flashback where we meet Hideki’s father named Juo Kurohagi (voiced by Rick Hunter and Saba himself, Tony Oliver).  After going through a past conflict, they finally had “a delicate truce” until Shingen came along.  While Koh wanted no business with Master Yashida, Juo would betray him and form an alliance with Shingen.

After that, he made plans to eliminate Koh and hired one of Shingen’s assassins to carry out the bounty.  Ultimately, that job was given to a woman named Miyuki.

Fortunately, he was prepared with his own bodyguard named Kai, who was also his lone son.  They would fight each other, but ultimately wound up falling in love for one another.  What Koh didn’t know back then was that these two had violent pasts who managed to find consolation within each other’s arms.  Even though he didn’t approve of their actions, he still felt pity for them.  However, he knew that their lives would be threatened if anyone found out what they did.

As such, he kept them hidden for a long time until the day came when things seemed to cool down.  He would help them sneak out of Madripoor in order for them to live out their lives in peace.  Unfortunately, he spent so much time and effort in keeping them safe that he slacked off on his other duties.  As such, he became sloppy in trying to keep their affair a secret and Juo ultimately found out as he leads Shingen’s men after them.

Koh-Time To Fight!Juo Kurohagi-My Partner Would Like A Moment With You!

After getting chased towards a cliff, Koh, Miyugi and Kai are forced to fight back.  They manage to hold their own for a while, but things take a turn for the worse when Shingen and Juo show up.

Koh-Captured!Kai & Miyugi-Trapped!

It starts when Koh is ultimately overwhelmed and captured by Yashida’s men, leaving Kai and Miyugi to fend for themselves.

Because of Shingen’s zero tolerance policy for failure, he easily takes out both Kai and Miyugi as Koh can only watch in horror.

Juo then steps in and prepares to execute Koh.  Fortunately, Kai uses his last moment to save his father by throwing a kunai into Kurohagi’s arm before finally dying.

Koh takes his last opportunity and fights off the men who were holding him before he runs off.  However, Juo managed to slash the back of his leg with his katana.  Fortunately, the flashback ends with Koh diving off the cliff and into the water below as he eludes Shingen’s men.

Wolverine-Fully Informed!.png

He then tells Logan that he was ultimately forced underground while Juo managed to claim rulership over Madripoor.  It also turns out that Kurohagi was furious in the fact that he was denied his chance to kill off his past rival, blaming Shingen in his anger as their alliance ultimately fell.  Koh then mentions one last detail in that Kai and Miyugi gave birth to a child that he ended up raising.

Just then, they receive a transmission from Hideki.  With Yukio as his prisoner, he tells Wolverine to “come out of hiding”.  As James swears to make Kurohagi pay, Episode 7 ends on a huge reveal.  In his realization, it turns out that Yukio is the daughter of Kai & Miyugi and that she’s also Koh’s granddaughter.

As Episode 8 “Koh” begins, Logan, Koh, and Min continue to learn about Yukio’s kidnapping.  Hideki explains that she’s being kept in a derelict warehouse within a junkyard and he eagerly awaits Wolverine’s arrival.

Thugs-No Way Is Wolverine Getting In Here!Thugs-She's Got Quite A Weapon!

We then cut to the warehouse as a trio of Kurohagi’s men are keeping a watchful eye on Yukio.  As one of them tests out her circular blade, we find out that they’re in a room surrounded by Vibranium-plated walls with 5 meters (or just over 3 feet) of concrete in order to prevent Logan from slashing his way in.

Thugs-Armed & Ready!Thugs-We've Got Eyes Around The Yard!

If that wasn’t enough, the warehouse is also protected by a series of Gatling Guns mounted on top of a series of towers and they’re also equipped with security cameras.  They’re controlled by one of the thugs on a computer inside of the armored cell as he tests one out on a pile of junk.

Wolverine-Yukio Must Be Saved!Koh-Stick With The Bigger Picture!

Back at the underground headquarters, James starts to head out in order to save Yukio.  However, Koh doesn’t want him to leave since he’s more interested in taking down Kurohagi.  Wolverine is surprised to hear that Koh isn’t too concerned about saving his own granddaughter, who’s also the only family member that he has left.  Despite agreeing that even Yukio once called his goals absurd, Koh tells Min to retrieve the map.

Hell Road-Short, But Far From Sweet!Koh-My Battle Plan!

He proceeds to inform Logan about a direct shortcut that leads right to the Dragon Palace called Hell Road.  Koh explains that he’s sent several men down this path, but not one of them came back alive.  He also states that the infamous path is a reminder of Madripoor’s grim history.  Due to several criminals arriving on the island over the course of several years, they formed their own gangs within certain quadrants.  Because the path goes through these sectors, each part of the route is looked over by those gangs and will mutilate anyone who enters their district.  Because of Logan’s Healing Factor, Koh plans on sending him in first in order to distract the gangs while he leads his team afterwards.

Min-Here's Our Underground Shortcut!Wolverine-I'll Do It, But Only After Yukio Is Saved!

Min then places a second layer onto the map as Koh explains that they’ve spent the past several years digging a path towards the Dragon Palace.  Despite knowing that he’s being used as “bait” and he’s only meant to lure the enemy fire away from the group while they sneak in, the scene ends with him going off to save Yukio before he goes through with their plan.

Thugs-Sleeping On The Job!Yukio-Gotta Get Outta Here!

Back at the Vibranium cell, the three thugs are all taking a nap.  Yukio uses this to her advantage as he quietly pushes her chair back towards the wall, since her circular blade is sticking out from there.

Yukio-Break Those Chains!Yukio-I'm Free!

After getting into position, she leaps up at just the right angle for her weapon to slice through the chains and free herself from her bonds.

Yukio-A Freedom That Was Short-Lived!Hideki Kurohagi-Good Thing That I Dropped By!

Just as she’s about to strike back against her captors however, she’s suddenly hit by a paralyzing dart as she collapses onto the floor.  It turns out that Hideki arrived with his specialized gun as he stands over her and says that Logan will be coming.  After reloading it, he then aims it at her.

Thug-Killed For Insubordinace!Hideki Kurohagi-Logan Is Now Screwed!

Just then, he quickly re-aims his shot and fires it at one of his men.  As a result, the unfortunately insubordinate is injected with a toxin that causes them to become a withered corpse and die.  It turns out that Hideki has been supplied by A.I.M. with a poison that could give Wolverine’s Healing Factor some trouble.

Hideki Kurohagi-You'll Be Joining Your Parents Soon, My Dear!.png

He then confronts Yukio and exclaims how she’ll be joining her parents in death fairly soon and that he’ll personally finish the job that his father started.  From there, he takes his leave in order to prep for his wedding.

Shingen Yashida-Logan Has Sealed His Fate By Coming Here!.png

Back at the Dragon Palace, Mariko is getting fitted in her wedding gown.  She’s then approached by her father as Shingen exclaims that even though Logan has made it to Madripoor, he’s not getting out alive.

Back at the warehouse, Yukio is bound and hanging from the ceiling while the two remaining thugs are keeping a lookout.  Just then, their security camera picks up Wolverine who’s approaching the compound on a motorcycle.

Wolverine-Incoming Garbage!Wolverine-Slash That Trash!

As such, James begins to go through the various trials that the junkyard has in store for him.  First, several pieces of metal junk begin to fall towards him.  Fortunately, he slashes through them with ease.

Wolverine-You Cowards!Wolverine-Mightier Than The Machine!

He’s then confronted by a pair of construction vehicles, but he easily maneuvers around them and causes them to destroy each other.

Thugs-Fire Away!Wolverine-Battling Through The Bulletstorm!

Finally, Logan reaches the warehouse’s outer perimeter.  As the thugs use their Gatling Guns, he manages to weave his way through the barrage of bullets.

Wolverine-These Are My Guns!Thugs-No More Weapons!

From there, he uses his claws to lift up pieces of concrete and throws them at the guns.  Ultimately, every last chain gun gets taken out as the thugs only have their cell wall to protect them.

Meanwhile, James gets inside the warehouse and scratches his claws along the cell’s Vibranium hull as he ponders how he’ll get inside.  After discovering the footprints that head towards its entrance, he then sees one of the Gatling Guns that he took out as he finally has his solution.

Wolverine-Here Comes A Surprise!Wolverine-I'm Coming In!

After taking the ammunition out of the weapon, he hangs the bullets up in a specific way before holding onto the last bullet in order to set his entry plan into motion.

Wolverine-Light 'Em Up!Wolverine-Here's My Bulletstorm!

Using one of his claws, he strikes the back of a bullet which fires itself onto the string of ammunition and causes an explosion.

This manages to weaken the Vibranium door as he’s now able to slice it open and kicks it with enough force to smack both thugs into unconsciousness.

Afterwards, Wolverine slashes at Yukio’s chains as he sets her free.  With their hardest task still ahead of them (and Yukio reluctantly thanking Logan for his help), our two heroes ride off to deal with it.

Wolverine-Off To Hell Road We Go!.png

A short time later, Logan tells Yukio that they’re heading towards the infamous shortcut to the Dragon Palace called Hell Road.  After exclaiming that he learned about it from her grandfather Koh after Min led him to the elderly resistance leader, Yukio then heads into her troubled history with her former guardian.  After the death of her parents, she was raised by Koh who trained her with her combat skills.

In a quick flashback, we see the vicious training that Koh put Yukio through as a child.  She went through a grueling process as she’s forced to dodge several Kunais and his constant sword strikes.  As we cut back to the present, she explains that Koh became so obsessed with getting back at Kurohagi that he became consumed by revenge.  As such, she ultimately left him and dedicated herself to avenging her own parents.

Over at the Dragon Palace, Hideki is getting fitted for his tuxedo.  However, one of his men has the misfortune of informing him that Wolverine is still alive.  Furious at the news, he picks up a flower vase and smashes it into the mirror.

Resistance-Wolverine Is Alive!Koh-Let's Move Out!

Back at the underground base, Koh is informed that Wolverine was successful in rescuing his granddaughter.  With the two of them making their way to Hell Road, his plan starts coming together as he orders his team to move out.

Hell Road-Enter If You Dare!Wolverine-No Going Back Now!

Meanwhile, Wolverine and Yukio arrive at the entrance to Hell Road.  After exclaiming that she’s heard about it for most of her life and that her grandfather would never let her go anywhere near it, Episode 8 ends with our two heroes beginning their trek up the infamous pathway.

As we open Episode 9 “Hell Road”, Yukio tells Logan why this titular route has a bloodied past.  It turns out that it’s the main avenue for moving drugs, so the various gangs do whatever it takes to guard and keep watch over each of its three main segments by setting up their own traps in order to slay anyone who enters their territory.  The various pitfalls became so effective that not even Hideki’s father, Juo, would dare set foot on the path.  In order to maintain his power over Madripoor, he would spread various lies to the gangs in order to continue their feuds with one another.  That way, no single gang would ever get strong enough to challenge Juo’s might.  In addition, the Dragon Palace was built next to a cliff and Hell Road is the only way to reach it on foot.  Afterwards, James quickly mentions about Koh’s plan to follow afterwards via their underground passage.

Hideki Kurohagi-The Only Way To Enter & Exit Madripoor!.png

Because of the perils that Hell Road provides, Hideki and his men have their own personal aircraft in order to enter into and exit from Madripoor.  Any unauthorized aircraft that comes near gets shot down.

Unbeknownst to our heroes, they then drive through a near-invisible tripwire.  Suddenly, one of the motorcycle’s rearview mirrors gets sliced off as they find out that it was caused by a makeshift spear.

Wolverine-Here's The Unfortunate Victims!.png

They soon discover that the road is filled with the bones of those who were unfortunate enough to meet their end from this particular pitfall.

As they drive on through the corpses, they also go through more tripwires as a barrage of spears comes hurdling towards them.  Fortunately, Wolverine uses his claws to shatter them into pieces.

Yukio-I Can Help Out!Yukio-Slicing Through The Spears!

Yukio isn’t willing to just sit back as she helps out with her circular blade, which slices through the spears with ease.

Wolverine-There Goes My Ride!Wolverine-An Explosive End That's Only The Beginning!

Even though the motorcycle’s front wheel gets hit, our two heroes fend off the pointed projectiles before abandoning their crippled vehicle (which ultimately explodes due to the various spears in it) in order to continue the trek on foot.

Wolverine-Out Of One Trap & Into Another!Hell Road-A Spike-Filled Death!

However, not too long after they made it through the first ploy do they immediately come upon the next peril as a piece of the road is revealed to be a trap door as Wolverine and Yukio begin falling towards a spike-laded pit.

Min-A Sense Of Dread!Koh-Useful Info Prior To A Rebellion!

Meanwhile, Koh and Min are leading their resistance group through the underground tunnel.  At that moment, Min gets a quick sense of dread, but quickly dismisses it.  Just then, Koh is informed that Wolverine has begun the trek up Hell Road.  He then tells Min that they had to mislead Logan since A. Their underground tunnel doesn’t lead towards the Dragon Palace & B. They wouldn’t have survived on Hell Road for too long.  However, he’s then informed that his granddaughter Yukio is alongside James.  He pauses for a brief moment before he sides with his long-standing goal of usurping Kurohagi in order to reclaim control over Madripoor and is willing to risk losing what remains of his family in order to reach his objective.

Wolverine-Averting A Spike-Filled Death!Hell Road-Don't Consider Yourself Safe Yet!

Back at the pit, our heroes managed to save themselves as Wolverine jabs one of his claws into the wall while using his other claws to hold onto Yukio via her circular blade.  However, the first Hell Road gang overlooks our heroes from ground level.

With the trap door slowly closing, James helps Yukio out of the pit as she easily defeats the thugs.  Just as one lone brute is about to slay her from behind, Logan makes it out of the pit and strikes him down as they reach the gate and enter the next segment of Hell Road.

Wolverine-Hell Road Doesn't Disappoint!.png

This time, they’re confronted by a giant cart filled with various logs that have been carved into massive spikes.

Vadhaka-Back In Place!Hideki Kurohagi-Don't Fail Me Once You Return From A.I.M.!

Back at the Dragon Palace, Vadhaka is placed back in his holding chamber as Hideki is disappointed in it for failing to kill Wolverine.  However, he’s going to send his repaired behemoth to A.I.M. in order to receive “improvements”.

Hideki Kurohagi-More Bad News!Hideki Kurohagi-How I Hate Thee, Logan!

Just then, he’s informed by one of his men that Logan has made it past the first part of Hell Road.  With our hero slowly making progress, Kurohagi decides to get his wedding started right away.

Wolverine-First, We Dodge!.png

Back on Hell Road, Wolverine and Yukio manage to leap out of harm’s way as they avoid the deadly logs.

From there, they use their signature weapons to cut the ropes and let the numerous pieces of wood fall off the cart.

Even when more carts filled with sharpened logs appear, our heroes easily dismantle them.  Unbeknownst to them, several members from the first gang have followed them in order to get revenge.  However, a lot of them meet their grisly end when the massive piles of wood falls on top of them.

Wolverine-Death Traps-A-Plenty!Thugs-The Deadly Toll To Survive Our Realm!

Meanwhile, our heroes run into another death trap as spike-ladened logs are tossed down onto them.  Fortunately, Wolverine and Yukio are able to maneuver their way through the pitfall.

Thugs-Overlooking The Carnage!Thugs-Gang War!

From there, the surviving members of the first gang arrive to see several of their maimed colleagues.  Shortly afterwards, the second gang jumps down to engage them as James and Yukio quickly look back at the erupting gang war.

Koh-On The Move!Resistance-Concern For Logan!

After a quick scene where Koh and Min continue to lead their resistance down the tunnel while murmurings stir among its members about Logan and Yukio…

…we cut back to our heroes where they’ve just entered the final stretch and have the Dragon Palace in their sights.  However, the toughest trap awaits them as their feet gets stuck in wet cement while the third gang arrive to unveil a series of pendulums.  From there, they cut the ropes and send the swinging blades towards our heroes.

Meanwhile, the resistance finally reaches the staircase that leads towards Hell Road.  After a few members move a hidden slab, Koh, Min and their group reach the surface and continue on their trek.

Resistance-Marching On!Min-Seeing The Cruel Fate Of Past Members!

As they enter the now-unguarded first segment, Min finally sees the cruel fate that fell onto every single resistance member who unsuccessfully dared to enter the path.

Meanwhile, Logan and Yukio are forced to lie low in order to avoid the swinging pendulums.  However, the third gang has them on cranes and are able to slowly lower them.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, the cement has dried just enough that our heroes aren’t able to dodge.  Fortunately, Wolverine comes up with a clever way to escape as he uses his claws to protect himself from a pendulum.  The swinging force begins to pull him out of the cement, but it’s the second pendulum that James also blocks that’s able to lift him out.  Fortunately, Yukio grabs onto him as they free themselves from the death trap.

Wolverine-I Don't Need My Jacket To Slay You!Yukio-This'll Teach You!

They then use the pendulum in order to swing over to the base and strike back at their attackers.

Thugs-Fight For Control!Thugs-A Three-Way Gang War!

From there, the surviving members of the first two gangs arrive as the spike-shaped logs are used to traverse over the cement and allow a three-way fight between the groups to erupt.

Resistance-Unleashing Our Fury!Koh & Min-Striking Hard!

With nothing standing in their way, the resistance manage to reach the final part of Hell Road with ease.  From there, they begin attacking the remaining gang members as James sees Koh and Min fighting alongside.  He then realizes that their underground tunnel didn’t lead to the Dragon Palace and that they used him in order to make their journey easier.  Despite that, he and Yukio ultimately head out.

Wolverine-Not Now!Kikyo Mikage-I'm Back!

With Hell Road behind them, our two heroes finally reach the outskirts of the Dragon Palace.  However, Episode 9 ends with them getting a rude awakening as Kikyo returns in order to settle the score.

Wolverine-I'll Fight You, But Not Right Now!.png

We begin Episode 10 “Shingen” with Kikyo ready to finally tussle against Logan.  However, Wolverine says that he’s not to up it since he’s in the middle of rescuing Mariko.  Kikyo sympathizes with him since he feels that his opponent would become too distracted and not focus on the fight.  As such, he once again postpones their duel.

As James starts to head up the stairs, Hideki flies out on a hovering platform to confront him as Koh watches from afar.

Kurohagi tells James that he’ll never get past the Dragon Palace’s defenses, but Logan exclaims that he didn’t come to fight him.  He then pulls out a paralyzing dart that he picked up when he rescued Yukio and throws it at Hideki.  However, he’s protected by the platform’s force field as the dart shatters upon impact.  He then asks Kikyo why he’s not carrying out his assassination on Wolverine like he was hired to do.  Mikage explains that there’s currently no personal honor in killing his target at this moment.

Hideki Kurohagi-It's Time For Round 2, Vadhaka!Vadhaka-Back For My Rematch!

As such, Hideki summons Vadhaka and has him fight Logan again while he heads back inside.

Koh-Fueled With A Grudge!Min-Wait For Me!

Just as Koh and Min continue to fight their way through the final gate in order to reach our heroes…

Wolverine-Round 2 With A Rock Is On!Vadhaka-I Won't Be Defeated So Easily Again!

…Wolverine and Vadhaka proceed to battle each other again.  James tries to bring the brawl to an early end by striking his foe’s eyes.  However, A.I.M.’s repairs are made aware of as Vadhaka’s sight is protected by a visor.

Wolverine-Smacked Down!Vadhaka-Laying The Foot Down!

They proceed to tussle before James gets smacked into the stairs.  Because he’s unable to regain enough consciousness in time, Vadhaka proceeds to crush him with his foot.

Guard-There's No Need To Panic!.png

The resulting impact creates a rumble that’s felt by everyone inside the Dragon Palace, causing one of Hideki’s men to assure the guests that there’s nothing to worry about and that the wedding will still be happening.

Fortunately, Logan survived the impact as he attempts to force Vadhaka’s foot off of him.  He uses his claws to get an added boost as he applies more than enough strength to force his gigantic foe off, causing Vadhaka to slam near Hell Road’s front gate.

The towering behemoth then strikes back by firing his shoulder spikes.  Wolverine manages to defend himself with his claws, but the force was strong enough to send him back to the wall where Vadhaka rams right into him.  The impact is able to damage the front gate enough to have the structure start to collapse.  As such, Koh, Min and their resistance team is forced to flee to safety.

Hideki Kurohagi-My Wedding Is Still On!.png

Meanwhile, Hidki is getting fitted for his wedding robe as the outside rumblings make his female assistants hesitant.  Despite the ruckus, he furiously states that the wedding is still on.

Back outside, Koh and Min managed to avoid the crumbling gate.  From there, they gather their remaining resistance and start to head towards the Dragon Palace.  Just then, they’re confronted by Yukio as she and Koh share a silent reunion after many years.

Hideki Kurohagi-Koh's Alive!Hideki Kurohagi-Get Out Here & Kill Our Intruders!

Just then, Hideki comes out on his hovering platform to see if Vadhaka has taken care of Wolverine.  However, he’s surprised to see Koh among the masses at ground level.  As such, he orders his men to kill them at once.

Almost immediately, Hideki’s men arrive and proceed to fire away with their guns as Koh & Min are forced to take cover.

Min-Foolish Rescue!Min-Foolish Girl!

Just then, one of their resistance members gets hit.  Despite the maelstrom of bullets, Min rushes out to help her comrade.  As such, Yukio rushes out to protect Min.

Guards-My Gun!Kikyo Mikage-How Dare To Try To Gun Down A Child!

Just then, the guards discover that their guns have been sliced off.  It turns out that Kikyo stepped in and disarmed them since he disapproves of them firing upon a defenseless girl.

Yukio-This'll Stop You!Guards-Sliced Down!

Shortly afterwards, more guards arrive wielding guns.  Yukio uses her circular blades to take care of a few of them.

Yukio-Saved Again!Wolverine-You're Welcome, Yukio!

After that, three pieces of stone fly in to save Yukio from a trio of guards.  To her relief, she sees that it came from Wolverine as his Healing Factor proceeds to take care of his wounds.

Vadhaka-I'm Still Standing!Koh-Here I Come, Hideki!

However, Vadhaka is also still standing as the two of them resume their fight while Koh begins to head towards the Dragon Palace with Min following suit.

Wolverine-Smacked Towards Allies!Min-Dangerous Protection!

Meanwhile, Logan continues his brawl against Vadhaka.  However, he ends up getting smacked past Koh and Min.  As Vadhaka walks towards his foe, he approaches Koh (who’s been knocked to the ground by the battered James) as Min stands in front of the towering behemoth and yells at it to leave her elderly leader alone.

Vadhaka-Not Even Children Are Safe From My Wrath!Yukio-I've Got You, Min!

Unfortunately, that would be prove to be a fatal mistake as Vadhaka violently smacks her away.  Fortunately, Yukio is able to catch her now-injured body.

Wolverine-She Was Only A Kid, You Monster!Kikyo-You Must Pay For Your Violence Towards Kids!

After seeing what just happened, Wolverine reengages Vadhaka.  Just then, Kikyo steps in to help since he still disapproves of violence towards defenseless children.

Wolverine-My Foe Loves His Spikes Way Too Much!.png

From there, Vadhaka begins firing massive spears from its head as Logan continues to dodge the attacks.

Meanwhile, Yukio and Koh look over a battered Min.  With her dying breath, she tells him to forgive his granddaughter.  As Koh makes that promise, the vicious hit finally takes its toll as Min passes on. Despite their fight with Vadhaka, Wolverine and Kikyo notice her death from afar.

Kikyo-Ride The Razor Wind, Monster!Vadhaka-Your Technique Is Nothing To Me!

Back in the battle, Kikyo uses his Razor Wind attack.  However, his powerful strike fails to make any damaging impact on Vadhaka.

Wolverine-Perfect Distraction!Kikyo Mikage-Now Let's Really Cut Loose!

Shortly afterwards, James hides behind a slab of rubble and yells at his towering foe in order to cause a distraction.  This allows Kikyo to unsheathe his second sword from his arm and allow him to unleash his true power.

Kikyo Mikage-Double Razor Wind!Vadhaka-Dead!

From there, they combine their efforts as one with Kikyo unleashing a double Razor Wind.  This forces Vadhaka to lean back while Wolverine (having already grabbed one of his foe’s head spears) manages to jump up and deliver the death blow as he drives the spear into Vadhaka’s mouth and out the back of its head.  With the nearly-impossible finally accomplished, the stone behemoth falls unceremoniously to the ground afterwards.

Wolverine-That's My Kind Of Art!Hideki Kurohagi-How Is This Possible!

And so, Episode 10 ends with Hideki shocked and stunned as he sees his own giant protector get badly defeated.